(EXPIRED) Frontier Status Match: Match From Hotel Or Airline Programs (Promo Ends 12/31/21)


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When writing about the Alaska Airlines status match/challenge earlier, I realized that we’d never written about the Frontier status match promotion that’s been running for the past few weeks.

It ends on New Year’s Eve, so we wanted to highlight it now in case you’d missed this offer being mentioned elsewhere. While paying a fee for Frontier status isn’t something anyone would normally be too excited about, it should be available to pretty much everyone seeing as you can match from hotel programs and it could be possible to parlay your status to a different airline status in the future.

Frontier Status Match

The Deal

Key Terms

  • The offer will end at 11:59pm CST on the 31st December 2021.
  • Only 1 status match per person will be permitted under this campaign. No changes can be made after approval is given. It is the members responsibility to select the highest tier available to match from when applying.
  • The status match upgrade is valid until 31 December 2022 following approval.
  • All Status Match requests are handled by and are the responsibility of StatusMatch.com and not by Frontier or any of its affiliates. A one-time application fee of USD$49.00 applies and will show on members credit card statements as “FRONTIER STATUS MATCH”. Chargebacks will result in revoking of the elite status and account closure.
  • In addition to other eligibility requirements, a status match will only be granted to applicant’s (sic) who’s (sic) name matches what exists in the Frontier Miles program.
  • The Status Match offer is limited in number of matches and timeframe at the sole discretion of StatusMatch.com and Frontier. The offer may end, be limited in some way, price changed or any other terms changed at the discretion of Frontier and StatusMatch.com at any time.
  • StatusMatch.com members that recently matched into any other airline, cannot use their new elite status to match into Frontier. All non-matched status tier members are eligible.
  • Both the status match applicant (the person doing the application and/or payment), and elite status beneficiary (account holder) must be residents in North, Central, or South America.

Quick Thoughts

Frontier’s status match opportunity is somewhat innovative in that they’re allowing you to match from hotel loyalty programs in addition to the traditional method of matching from other airlines. That means most people reading this post will be eligible for a status match seeing as even Hilton Silver status received from a no annual fee Amex card will get you Frontier 20k status.

You can find the full list of eligible airline and hotel programs here, along with how the different status levels will map across. When this offer was launched several weeks ago it was possible to match from some top-tier hotel status levels to Frontier Elite 100k status. They presumably soon discovered how many people hold a Hilton Aspire card because on December 7 they limited hotel status holders to receiving Elite 50k status which could still be useful. Here’s a complete list of elite benefits by status level.

The biggest downside to this status match is that there’s a non-refundable $49 application fee. Even if they decline your match request for some reason, you don’t get that fee back. This offer is therefore less enticing for speculative matching, but it could still be worth doing in case it enables you to parlay Elite 20k, 50k or 100k into a different kind of airline status in the future, much like how Nick was able to turn Spirit status into Delta status.

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not happy

wait it said that I only linked to 50K from Globalist ? I thought I would get to 100K? then it wanted 199$ to match to 199$ to match to 100K
I tried to cancel and it still went thru! I don’t even want this now!


Not sure if it would officially count as an incidental, but any DPs on Ritz travel credit on the $49 fee? Might make it worth speculative matching as I have no use for my remaining 2021 credit.


Sooo….. at which status level will I get free oxygen? *tic

(ie, not impressed yet )


Paid the $49 to match to 100k. Then booked BWI-MCO for $29 round trip with everything included and economy plus seats. Southwest $400+, United $300 for same dates. If this is the only flight I ever take on Frontier it was still worth it.


There is a $49 fee to process? RIP OFF


Not bad if you have Southwest Companion Pass


This was only good when you could match top level hotel status to 100K. this “deal” isn’t a good deal at all now.


I wouldn’t say it’s not a good deal. Free carryons and extra leg room and half off discount den would easily be worth $50 if you knew you were flying Frontier next year.

I think removing hotel -> 100k removes the speculative add, which I was about to do.

not happy

when did they remove the hotel to 100K


I paid the $249 to status match to the top Elite 100k. With a family of 5, it will pay for itself with one Frontier flight where we will want to pick seats and carry on a suitcase. We already have a flight in mind I pulled the trigger. If we take a second Frontier flight toward the end of 2022 we’ll be way ahead.