(EXPIRED) Fun stack: Get batteries, NBA shirt & hat, better than 100% back in rewards

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If you value Office Depot / Office Max rewards and/or an NBA team shirt and hat, there is a fun stack going on at Rakuten. The Rakuten shopping portal is currently offering a free NBA team shirt and hat when you spend $25+ at participating retailers. It just so happens that Office Depot Office Max is one of the included retailers and they are offering 100% back on rewards on select batteries — along with increased portal rewards, a card-linked offer, and a nice credit card category bonuses.

The Deal

  • Shopping portal Rakuten is offering a free NBA t-shirt and hat when you spend $25+ at select retailers
  • Direct link to this deal

Key Details

  • Offer ends 05/17/21 at 11:59 p.m. PT or while supplies last.
  • Limited sizes of the Fanatics Player Tee [S-2XL] are available.
  • New Era NBA Hat is one size.
  • Free Fanatics Player Tee and free New Era NBA Hat must be from the same featured NBA team.
  • Offer may be modified or cancelled anytime.
  • Only Rakuten members located in the 48 contiguous United States and D.C. are eligible.
  • Eligible members must activate the offer by beginning their shopping trips from this page, and make a qualifying purchase of at least $25 before taxes at a participating merchant listed on this page to claim the free Fanatics Player Tee and free New Era NBA Hat.
  • One qualifying purchase at one participating merchant, one free Fanatics Player Tee, and one free New Era NBA Hat per eligible member.
  • After Rakuten confirms your qualifying purchase, Rakuten will follow up with an email asking you to complete an order for the free Fanatics Player Tee and free New Era NBA Hat. You should receive this email within 24-48 hours of your qualifying purchase

Quick Thoughts

Rakuten is offering a free NBA team shirt and hat when you spend $25+ with select retailers. Here’s the stack:

  • Office Depot is an included merchant and is currently at 15x / 15% back
  • Office Depot is offering 100% back in rewards on select batteries. This pack of AA’s is conveniently $25.59 (meets the before-tax $25 requirement almost perfectly!)
  • Use Chase Ink Cash for 5x Ultimate Rewards points at office supply stores
  • Get 2% back via Dosh app by linking your payment card with Dosh. See this post for more detail.

The totals add up like this:

  • Spend $25.59 and get:
    • $25.59 back in Office Depot Rewards
    • 384 Membership Rewards points (or $3.84 if you earn cash back)
    • 128 Ultimate Rewards points
    • $0.51 back from Dosh
    • A free NBA t-shirt and hat

That seems like a solid deal even if you just want to donate the batteries, shirt, and hat. If you want any of those things and also value the Office Depot rewards, this seems like a fun small win. Keep in mind that the Rakuten portal is offering increased rewards at many retailers and some people are even targeted for 20x / 20% back at some retailers today-only. See Stephen’s post for more on that.

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Ed Dee

Anyone got an email from Rakuten after purchase? I have not and it’s been 3 days since purchase.


Yeah, got two within a few hours of ordering last night. The first said “Nice shopping with you at Office Depot…” regarding cashback and the second said I earned the t-shirt/hat and had instructions for claiming.


No email for me yet; guess I’ll email. The cashback did track, so I know they tracked the purchase correctly.

Joe M

You have to email them. They’ll send you to this site with a promo code. https://rakuten-gift.myshopify.com/


Do you get the Rakuten points if you do in-store pickup? Shipping is like 10 bucks.


You should if you paid online through the portal.


You guys said you would not promote anything political after you did last year and received a huge protest from your readers. Now, you just did it again. The NBA turned into a very big political organisation when they started supporting BLM. Unfollowing you.


you’re a crazy person


Please give justification. Just saying your a crazy person does not carry much weight. I’m just saying this blog said they would no longer promote such political originations, but they did it again. Your suggesting the NBA is NOT a political origination. Hate to tell you, but BLM is very much a political organization, this is a fact. And when another origination (e.g. NBA or this blog) supports them, they are indirectly supporting a political origination – which is the exact opposite this blog said they would do. So again, please justify your standpoint. Because your suggesting that BLM is NOT a political origination – and this is completely untrue. I’m not asking if you support them or not, and that does not matter – it’s the fact that this blog said they would no longer support political originations, but now they went against their word.


Ya, but it’s the National Basketball Association, not the Department of National Basketball. You have every right to unfollow them. I’m liking the deal!


This is a bit much. I agree the NBA has gotten political recently but many fans just follow it and ignore that. I don’t think Nick sharing this is really making any kind of political statement. Delta has become political too but Nick/Greg will still post deals on Delta sales


It’s like they are selling Philadelphia game day sports kits. Sports Jerseys and Batteries 🙂


What about using the MileagePlusX app to get additional miles? My Ink cards have issued 5x UR points for OD gift cards in the past.


you’ll lose the Dosh 2% that way… but it’s probably worth it to do MPX instead for most since ODOM is at 6x/7.5x on MPX right now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Aloha808