(EXPIRED) GiftCards.com: Save 10% On Virtual Visa Gift Cards With Promo Codes TRICKORTREAT Or TREATS

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Update: GiftCards.com has sent out an email today advising that promo code TREATS should work too.


GiftCards.com offered 10% off virtual Visa gift cards a few months ago for the 4th of July and they’re doing the same thing again for Halloween.

GiftCardsdotcom promo code TRICKORTREAT

The Deal

  • Save 10% on virtual Visa gift cards bought from GiftCards.com when using promo codes TRICKORTREAT or TREATS
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires October 31, 2021.
  • Limit 3 VISA Virtual Gift Accounts from GiftCards.com while supplies last
  • Maximum value $75.
  • Excludes GiftCards.com for Business orders.

Quick Thoughts

The maximum load on virtual Visa gift cards from GiftCards.com is $250. With a limit of $75 in discounted cards, that means you can buy three $250 cards to get $75 off. Virtual Visa gift cards have a $5.95 purchase fee, so your net profit will be $57.15 while also racking up $692.85 of profitable spend – particularly helpful if you’re trying to meet the minimum spend requirement on a non-Amex card.

Note that the promo code is only valid on virtual Visa gift cards – not physical cards. It’s therefore worth having in mind a plan to actually redeem them, but with the holidays coming up it shouldn’t be too hard to find a way to redeem them for online shopping.

In even better news, the Alaska Airlines shopping portal is offering 4x on GiftCards.com purchases today, so that’ll earn you 2,700+ Mileage Plan miles (I forget if the purchase fee tracks too). Most shopping portals only offer 1x or 1% for Visa gift card purchases from GiftCards.com, although rates are higher today on a few other portals:

You can check out rates on Cashback Monitor, but be aware that the higher headline rates on a lot of portals are only available on purchases of Happy gift cards, not these virtual Visa gift cards.

When GiftCards.com ran this promo a few months ago, it seemed to sell out within a day or so, although they did subsequently relaunch the offer with a different promo code. I’ve no idea if the same thing will happen with this latest deal, but I wouldn’t wait until October 31 to place an order just in case it ends far earlier.

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Bryce F

Seems dead – neither code worked “We’re sorry. This promotion is not currently active.”

Brian C

Appears to be dead.


Worked a couple hours ago when I considered it. Came back after some distractions and both codes are dead here too. Shoot. Oh well. It was kind of marginal for me in that it didn’t scale all that well.


I’m emptying these out by buying Swagbucks at cost if anyone is looking for liquidation ideas.


Is it TREAT or TREATS? Nick says the plural, your article says singular TREAT.


NM. I missed your newer update.


Does not work for me……\
Your Giftcards.com order #9627699 has been cancelled. Your order was not approved by our security screening process, as a result, your order will not be shipped. No funds will be collected from the credit or debit card used for this order*.


I placed an order and got the three cards in a few minutes. My wife order was successful but they didn’t charge the credit card. It seems her order will be canceled. Maybe because her card is same number as my card.


worth checking your citi offers as i had an offer for get 1.5% back at giftcards.com that I hadn’t used yet (don’t know the maximum amount) also had no problem using my doublecash card and i’ve already recived my 3 gc so perhapps ymmv

Larry K

Still not able to use double cash or paypal key using either of the promo codes.


Same here, PPKey doesn’t seem to work. Says I need to review my billing information. Ugh


Maybe I shouldn’t ask but I just noticed that Stephen mentioned for your non-Amex spend. I’ve already paid but is there a problem buying gift cards at Giftcards.com? Clawback?


wondering that too. just used amex

Nick Reyes

Amex will claw back a welcome bonus earned via gift card purchases. I don’t know that they’ll claw this back if you’re buying gift cards outside of the welcome bonus, but it is generally inadvisable to use an Amex for clear gift card purchases like GiftCards.com


I wonder if you can use both codes, in separate transactions?


In addition to online shopping, these cards can be used to pay utility bills and subscriptions. If there’s still above 5 dollars on the e-giftcard (sometimes more or sometimes less), an online donation can be made to liquidate it. Appreciate this post!

Larry K

Tried to use pay pal key with no luck,


Same, keeps saying to correct my billing info, ugh!


I tried to place an order and it would not accept 2 chase visa cards and 1 Citi Mastercard. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Nick Reyes

My wife is running into the same thing. I tried promo code TREATS (that’s what actually showed up on the landing page at GiftCards.com) and that worked. Might try for my wife again with a different browser and that code.


Same with Alaska biz card, says “We’re sorry, but we are unable to accept your payment method at this time. Please try another payment method.” Tried TREATS and TRICKORTREAT.


Worked when I repeated in Edge browser, instead of Chrome.

Nick Reyes

Update: Chase just called my wife, she confirmed that she was trying to make the purchase and they said she was good to go. Ordered just after getting off the phone and it went through no problem.