Globalist strategy for a multi room stay… | Ask Us Anything | Ep 27


Greg and Nick miss travel so much they decided to “Zoom” out to Bora Bora for this week’s Ask Us Anything Live. Perhaps this is what inspired a question about how worthy Conrad Bora Bora is (or isn’t) of it’s actual price tag. They also discuss an interesting question about the Globalist strategy for a multi-room stay. Watch the full video below, or click the individual timestamps to navigate directly to each question in Youtube.

2:05 – Hi Greg and Nick, for your cell phone bills, do you use a credit card that offers the best cell phone protection or that offers the highest rewards?

7:37 – Is Nick flying backwards?

10:55 – You guys rock and have been life saver during COVID, curious if you have warmed up the giant crystal ball for predictions about airline elite status extensions for this next year ? Specifically AA?

14:12 – Im globalist and need 2 rooms. Better to book both under my name or do one as a GOH booking in husbands name?

16:48 – P2 got AMEX Gold/Plat in mid/late Dec (1st 2 AMEX Cards, currently at 5/24). Too soon to get AMEX Green? Tempted by 45k SUB + new P1 30k referral.

20:07 – ​For booking an AA partner award from the US to Asia for Feb 2022 if I don’t know the US origin city, what is the better approach to facilitate award changes once I know my US starting point:​Guess at the US origin city and include in the award? Start from the US gateway city? Or is adding/changing the origin city the same?​My primary concern is losing international business class award availability, since in many cases, AA needs to rebuild the entire award (and requires another award seat to be available). If starting an award at the US gateway, I could book a separate positioning flight if I can’t add the home airport to gateway segment to the award, but a positioning flight increases cost and risk.

25:22 – ​Do you know if the ritz credit card is allowing the travel credit to be used for dining again this year?

27:27 – Do you think simon mall gift cards count toward the signup bonus with brex?

28:58 – What’re the best Hyatts in Seattle and Portland?

30:21 – ​How often should I be trying to get retention offers from Chase? Data points seem to be all over, people get them around the time of annual fee and others seem to get them at other times.

33:33 – If I close a card to apply for venture card, does the closed account no longer viewed as“revolving“and I have a higher chance of being approved?I was denied because of too many revolving accounts

35:58 – ​I redeemed Hilton points fir 5 nights at the Hilton Moorea in June. Wanna add on Bora Bora but no awards avail. Would u pay $5000 for 5 nights at Conrad Bora Bora with breakfast & dinner included ?

41:59 – ​On your website, I love the pictures you guys put on there. Would you mind adding a caption that tells us where that pic came from?

44:06 – ​If you book a hotel with venture, erase with miles, what would happen if you cancel the booking and receive a refund? Do you get to keep the refund and basically cash out venture miles at 1 cent each? Can you do the same with boa premium rewards card as well?

45:13 – What would you say is the most underrated travel hack out there? ie. something not spoken much about by the “travel blogs” because it doesn’t pay them.

48:45 – I was shut down by Chase about 18 months ago with four credit cards. Has enough time passed and I can reapply for at least a couple

50:02 – ​Any tips on getting airline benefits ( free luggage etc )/lounge access for kids under 18?

54:07 – Can you product change doublecash to rewards+ in the first year?trying to apply for doublecash first and premier in couple months, upgrade the double cash to rewards+ on the same day to reset clock

56:43 – How do you buy southwest tickets with part travel funds + rest of the fair with credit card? And what would happen if you cancel it? Does the refunded travel fund’s expiration date change?

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