Have Free DoorDash DashPass From Chase Sapphire Reserve/Preferred? Remember To (Possibly) Cancel


At the start of 2020, Chase Sapphire Reserve and Preferred cardholders received a decent new benefit which was two free years of DoorDash’s DashPass feature.

DashPass offers free delivery and reduced service fees on all your $12+ DoorDash orders, so if you were a frequent user over the last couple of years those savings would’ve added up quite nicely.

Now that it’s been two years though, your free DashPass is coming to an end, so remember to cancel your subscription if you don’t want to pay for it in the future.

DoorDash Scooter DashPass Food Delivery

When this benefit was first launched, you were supposed to get two years free. When registering my wife’s Chase Sapphire Reserve card it said we had DashPass through February 6, 2022, but in the app itself the expiry date was listed as December 31, 2021. It’s therefore worth checking your DashPass expiry date in the DoorDash app by tapping on ‘Manage DashPass’.

If you get a lot of value from the benefit then by all means continue to pay for it. However, if DashPass has been in the category of nice-to-have-but-I-can-live-without-it, you’ll need to cancel it soon if you don’t want to be charged for its renewal.

Something worth noting is that earlier this year Chase added a free one year DashPass subscription as a benefit on many of their cobranded cards. Doctor of Credit shared recently that if you have an expiring free DashPass subscription, you can cancel that, remove all Chase cards from your payment methods and add an eligible Chase card back to your account to get another year’s worth of DashPass membership for free. You have to be enrolled in that free year of DashPass by December 31, 2021, so you’ll need to get that sorted out in the next couple of days if you’re interested in taking advantage of that opportunity.

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