Higher Ink Unlimited & Southwest Offers Available, But Beware


Some higher welcome offers are available right now on one of the Chase Ink cards and several Southwest credit cards when logging in to your account. There is some risk with using these links though, so be aware that this could put your Chase accounts in jeopardy.

a close up of a credit card

Here are the offers available along with their application links that work when logged in to your Chase account:

The reason that there’s some risk with using these application links is because they’re not publicly available. Instead, they showed up on Reddit and when people applied for other cards in the past using similar methods, some of them had their accounts shut down.

You may end up not having any adverse action taking against your Chase accounts by using these links, but be aware of the potential pitfalls of using them.

All four cards could be of interest for different reasons. The 90,000 offer on the Ink Business Unlimited card is the highest it’s ever been, while applying for one of the Southwest cards could be of interest for people wanting to get a large influx of Companion Pass-eligible points at the start of 2023 to put them 60% of the way towards earning a Companion Pass that’ll be valid through the end of 2024.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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FWIW I’ve had the CIU with a 90k link for 2 weeks now, it’s fine? I’ve churned this card once before. Card was initially denied and I reconned same day (I had just gotten IHG biz about a week before but went for it, didn’t know the offer would be around this long). Biz is legit, expenses y/n? The link I used did not have a fixed APR and those are supposedly safer.


For what it’s worth, there is a MyFico forum post that indicates the Ink Unlimited 90,000 point offer will be available publicly soon. I don’t think it makes sense to jump on a potentially risky link if there’s a good chance the risky offer will be available publicly soon.


I had recently signed up for the ink Unlimited at the 75k offer for 7,500 spend. Submitted a secure message last night asking for a match and was told to reply back after meeting the 6,000 spend requirement and they would award the 90k bonus. I’m still not counting on it but if you happened to apply recently maybe you can get the extra bonus without the risk of shutdown.


Chase is a great group I did that after I got the card and Chase paid off on my INK.
INKer 4 ever..


I appreciate you posting these along with the warning.

I won’t touch these as its not worth the risk IMO.


Reports are that these are available in-branch without using leaked links…


Really surprised to see these being posted on FrequentMiler and DoC. Even with disclaimers, I don’t see the reasoning behind passing along such links. 15k extra UR with a chance to get your Chase accounts shutdown? I am curious if Stephen knows who published these links on Reddit, and why that user publicly released those links on Reddit. Let’s just say that the last time that same user dumped links like this on Reddit, it wasn’t because he was being charitable.

Last edited 1 year ago by Todd

I have to agree. Giving tacit approval of these links by posting them is a bad idea, given the history of he who shall not be named. Many of your readers will skim over the risks and just see CIU 90k and apply, trusting that whatever you post is legit. I’d think FM would assess this “oppurtunity” and determine that it’s not worth the risk, not for me, not for anyone.


That’s pretty much tacit approval. If you didn’t include links directly in post, and said “hey there are people that in the past behaved very badly now floating leaked links with higher bonuses, but beware, the risk is not worth it”, then I’d agree with you. But no, that’s not what you did. Granted, there are public links now, but Chase could easily still go after people that used leaked links, as they did in the past.

I expect more of FM.


” But Beware ” works for me, Good post..CHEERs