(EXPIRED) (Update: More Targeted) Hilton free night certificate offer with just $8K spend! [Targeted]

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Update 11/18/21 from Stephen: When this offer appeared a couple of weeks ago, neither my wife nor I were targeted on any of our Amex Hilton cards which was disappointing.

When logging in today to pay my Hilton Aspire bill, I noticed that I was now targeted for the offer in the Amex Offers section and so enrolled immediately. Out of curiosity, I checked my wife’s account but the offer didn’t show in her Amex Offers. However, when checking the enrollment link that’s included below, the offer showed up on her Hilton Surpass card and she was able to successfully enroll in the offer too. That’s even better because it means we can earn the free night certificate while simultaneously earning 6x at the grocery store.


A number of readers have reached out to share the details of an awesome targeted offer that some have received to earn a free night certificate with just $8,000 spend (some have received this on a Hilton Aspire card and others on a Hilton Surpass card). This is an awesome deal for those targeted, though not all cardholders are being targeted.

The Deal

  • Hilton Honors has sent out an email to some Aspire and Surpass cardholders with a card member exclusive deal to get a Free Night Reward after first enrolling and then spending $8,000 by 2/28/22
  • Note that the email contents are targeted but the email itself has the same generic subject line, “<name>, your Card Member perks summary is here” that goes out to all cardholders (in our accounts, we only received an offer for triple points, though there was also a link to a free Panera coffee subscription for 6 months as a consolation prize)
  • Direct link to check if you are targeted

Key Terms

  • Targeted
  • Must enroll first — purchases prior to enrollment will not count
  • Free night award is sent to the email address associated with your Hilton Honors account
  • Free night award email may come up to 16 weeks after meeting the spending threshold
  • Free night awards issued through this promotion on or before 12/31/21 will be valid until 12/31/22 and those issued after 12/31/21 will be valid for 12 months from date of issue

Quick Thoughts

Update: Some people have also received this offer on the Surpass card which is an amazing deal for those still spending toward a free night with $15K spend as I imagine any spend done after registration should count toward both certificates.

This is an amazing deal. Hilton Free Night certificates can only be used for standard room awards, but they are not point or category-capped. That means you can use these free night awards at almost any Hilton property worldwide — including places like the Waldorf-Astoria Maldives that are typically astronomically expensive (and that property is now charging as much as 150K points per night for a standard room).

Perhaps even more interesting to me is that the email clearly says that you can redeem your free night reward any night of the week. While that has been a temporary pandemic-era feature added to the annual and spend-based Free Weekend Night Rewards that come with some Hilton cards, I am glad to see it extended to a certificate that you could earn next year.

Speaking of earning the certificate, two key things to know about that: first, the terms state that certificates issued by 12/31/21 will be valid until 12/31/22 and certificates issued after 12/31/21 will be valid for 12 months from the date they are issued. More importantly, terms state that the certificate will be issued up to 16 weeks after the spending threshold is met. In practice, the annual free night certificate on the Aspire card takes around the 8-12 weeks that they suggest, so I wouldn’t be shocked if it takes a long time for this free night certificate to show up. I wouldn’t complete the spend if you would only do so to use the certificate sooner than that.

On the other hand, I think that most people who have this card should definitely consider doing the spend. The free night certificate that Aspire cardholders got this year is valid any night of the week until the end of 2022. You stand to get another free night certificate upon renewal next year. Combine those two certificates with one for $8K spend and you have yourself at least a 3-day weekend before considering the points you’ll earn on $8K spend. Even if you only get $250 in value out of the free night certificate, that’s like 3.125% return on spend and you’ll also earn at least 3 Hilton points per dollar on top. I’d absolutely do this one in a heartbeat.

If you an estimated tax payment to make before the end of the year, this could be a great way to do it.

Note that this offer is in the normal “cardmember perks summary” email that comes periodically. The emails we received in my household did not have this Aspire card spending offer but rather just triple points on stays and free coffee for 6 months at Panera. I’ve had a few free Panera coffee subscriptions in a row (I keep cancelling and getting an offer to come back for 3 free months), but my wife recently cancelled and didn’t receive an offer to sign back up, so that may work out for her. I’ll say that I really dislike the coffee from Panera, but I don’t dislike it more than I dislike paying for coffee, so I drink it now and then.

Check those emails and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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With the normal $15K spend/free night offer you can track your progress on the account page. Anyway to do this with the $8K offer other than asking via chat?? Thx.


nope! also got pop up once again for platinum. Amex hates my personal profile

Ron Rahhal

I got the offer on my Aspire AND my no annual fee card. Came by snail mail. I just opened the Venture X, so that’s a lot of spend. I’ll be happy with just the Aspire and Venture X spend.


My wife and I both received this offer on our No-fee AMEX Hilton cards. I was surprised.

[…] Update 11/18/21: More people targeted. Hat tip to FM […]


“Just” $8000 🙂
How do you all spend so much in such a short time? Gift card are not allowed.


IRS tax payments, property tax payments.


Both have a 2% fee

Another Jeff

24k Hilton points +FNC> $160… SMH

Retired Gambler

I spend $8,000-$9,000 a month on credit cards (paying them all off monthly) plus one-time charges like insurance, vacation rentals, etc so required spend, regardless of the amount, is never an issue for me


I just checked my AMEX offers, and found this offer there instead of the email that was initially reported. It does not show up in the “Added to Card” tab, but I confirmed through chat that it was added to my account.


same thing happened to me but I tried to confirm on chat and they said there is no such offer


Got the offer via postal mail today for my Surpass. I’ve never paid attention to the spend $15,000 for a free Hilton night benefit but seems like no brainer to spend $8,000-$15,000 from Jan 1 to Feb 28 and then spend the remainder of the $15,000 as quickly as possible to have 2 free nights that can use back to back. I figure roughly $250-$400 opportunity cost to get the two free nights.

Not sure if anyone else had this problem but the QR code on the mailer leads me to the offer but then when I try to register I get an error note and am told to try again later. Hopefully just a temporary problem – otherwise I’ll chat to make sure I’m enrolled properly.


Got it on my Aspire card. Signed up. Not sure if I will do $8k. I think Marriott paypal offer of 10 points/dollar spend by12/31 seems like a better offer.

Jim Lovejoy

You still have from 1/1 to 2/28 to make the 8k spend.


Yeah this is an example of why I subscribe to the blog and don’t mind receiving a ton of e-mails a day. All of my P(n), n in N got the offer and all those e-mails ended up in Trash as I assumed it was some Hilton newsletter stuff totally not worth reading….. Turns out I was wrong LOL. Thanks for that Nick! Looking forward to more certs!


Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I searched my email and found I was targetted but just hadn’t known it. Here’s to another free night.

A. J.

I’ve enrolled for the offer, but I don’t see a tracker on my account for the 8K spend.. I still see the tracker for 60K spend for a free night (Aspire). Ama I missing something or is there no tracker for this one?


Got it on my surpass and will definitely go for it. Since most of the easier MS techniques dried out (i can’t believe it’s been nearly 10 years since I started that ahh the good old days of VRs and bluebird etc) and having a baby a few years ago, I’ve not participated in MS, so this will certainly be harder to do but may just cough up the estimated tax fee to help get there. Thanks for sharing Nick.

P.S. would love to see a blog post going down memory lane on the best MS opportunities that no longer exist.

lorem ipsum

P3 and P4 got it on their no-fee cards. Can they transfer their free night certificates to me (assuming they decide to meet the spend)?

Quo Vadis

Have the Aspire card but didn’t see the e-mail offer (although it is possible I deleted it). Tried the link and entered my card info and it let me enroll. Tried it a second time and got the message “You have already enrolled in this promotion.”


Seems like a pretty good deal. Lots of people have no issue with spending $15k for a Cat 1-4 on the WoH card (me included). This is half the spend for an uncapped night. Unfortunately, no offer on my Aspire or Player 2’s Surpass.


does anyone have the link? I can’t find the email and had enrolled yesterday, but didn’t get any sort of confirmation and just wanted to try and re-enroll to make sure.


I received the offer on Aspire. I agree it is worth the effort for the free night but it is difficult (but not impossible) to do with limited MS ability.
Since I do it on my two Surpass cards at $15k spend each year, I would be foolish to not do it for about 1/2 that. It would be nice though if Aspire had the “grocery” category bonus.


I got the offer on my Surpass card. Already working on the free nite cert for $15k spend (about $3k to go). Just signed up for the $8k offer – will next $3k spend count towards both certs?


I’m assuming there isn’t an issue making estimated tax payments with Amex?


I got it on my Aspire. P2 got it on his no-fee Hilton card.

We each got a link to register in the emails. I input the card numbers I wanted. I went back in and tried enrolling my Surpass after I enrolled my Aspire. No dice. Here is the link if anyone wants to try.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dee

I got it on my Aspire. I recently asked for a retention offer on the card, and was offered 10K points for $1000 spend. Not amazing, but took it cuz I had some expenses coming up. I made a $1k payment yesterday! Grrrr.

Chief Babaracus

Got it on P2’s No-AF Hilton Honors card. So far nothing for my Aspire.

Rich T

Same – got offer on my no AF Hilton card


I got the offer, doubt I’ll do it. $8k spend could go towards two CC SUBs. For those of us who don’t MS and are thus constrained by spend, the ROI on spend for this offer is not great compared with a typical SUB. I’d value a cert like this at maybe $200…due to ~3 months delay, 1 year expiration, uncertain travel environment and a backlog of free night certs to use…so this is 2.5% return on spend. I’m fairly sure I’ll find better returns elsewhere.

Biggie F

I find myself split here (got the offer on my plain Hilton card)… It’s something I would like to do, but lately there is an embarrassment of riches in terms of what you can do with spending and, like WR2, I’m just not adapted to most MS.

Which brings me to the following: What you mention, Nick — prepaying taxes. January 15 is not that far away; this is one of many net-pluses, even at 1.99% for federal taxes; savings account interest is still minimal, so I don’t mind floating the money to the feds for a few months; and IRS has been quick most of the time with my refunds. But it is one thing to risk getting shutdown by Amex. It’s another thing to get on the wrong side of the IRS. Is there no end to the amount of money we can temporarily loan IRS before someone says, “What exactly are you doing here?” Or worse.


Ditto that. Definitely not worth it in my travel world. I can get $400 for that $8,000 spend on my 5% back credit card category. Would much prefer 3 or 4 free hotel nights at a decent property than just one at a ritzy place. I tend to just need a clean bed and shower and don’t sit in my hotel room marveling at how big the room is or how nice the bathroom soaps are. I’m out enjoying the place I’m traveling to. lol


I get 4-5% on the majority of my spending with AMEX Gold for dining and grocery store as well as still on 5% grocery for my Freedom Flex. It’s rare I buy anything at Amazon, Target, HD, Lowes, etc without a GC from the grocery store, which also typically gets me $10-15 discount per fill up with Kroger fuel rewards.


Yeah, this is tempting mostly because of the ability to combine with the other Aspire free nights into a longer stay, but still not sure it’s really worth it for me. My big spend category is dining and I’ve got 10x on the Plat on that right now, so basically I’d need to MS somewhere to hit the spend and just not sure it’s worth it with the uncertainty of the delay of issuance and travel environment.

I guess I may just start putting unbonused spend on the card and see where I stand by January and whether it makes sense to finish it off with some Plastiq payments.