(EXPIRED) Hyatt cardholders: earn extra elite nights on either credit card

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World of Hyatt has announced an interesting promotion for Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card holders and also for Hyatt credit card holders (the old card that is no longer available): from April 15th to June 30th, 2020, you can earn 3 elite qualifying nights for every $5K spent on the newer World of Hyatt Credit Card. Those with the old Hyatt credit card that does not ordinarily earn elite night credits will get 2 elite nights for every $5K spent. Additionally, those who become new World of Hyatt card holders between those dates will get 10 elite night credits this year.

Park Hyatt New York Premium Suite

Elite night credits earned from credit card spent count toward both Hyatt elite status and Hyatt Milestone Rewards. As a reminder, here’s what you get at each level:

  • 20 qualifying nights = two club lounge access awards
  • 30 qualifying nights = two club lounge access awards, plus a Category 1-4 free night award
  • 40 qualifying nights = 5,000 bonus points, a $100 Hyatt gift card, or 10,000 points off a FIND experience
  • 50 qualifying nights = two suite upgrade awards
  • 60 qualifying nights = two suite upgrade awards, plus a Category 1-7 free night award
  • Every 10 qualifying nights from 70-100: Your choice of 10,000 bonus points or an additional suite upgrade award

The newer World of Hyatt credit card ordinarily earns 2 elite night credits for every $5K spent on the card, but during this window it will earn 3. The older version of the card that is no longer available does not ordinarily earn elite nights at all, so this promo is good for those holding in to that older card as even that version will earn 2 elite nights for every $5K spent. From the email sent to cardholders today:

Hyatt has previously announced elite status extensions for those who currently have Hyatt elite status. However, those who do not have status or want to earn milestone rewards will need to still hit thresholds this year. Like all other chains and airlines, it is expected that Hyatt will make earning status in 2020 easier. However, we still don’t know what that will look like. Hyatt will likely either:

  • Reduce the number of nights required to earn elite status / milestone rewards
  • Run promotions offering additional elite night credits

In a previous Frequent Miler on the Air episode and in this post, I predicted it is more likely that we’ll see programs offer bonuses on earning. That is to say that I imagined we would see Hyatt offer double or triple elite night credits on stays. This credit card promotion falls in line with that prediction. My bet is that they intend to offer promos like this rather than reducing the number of nights required.

That said, I don’t know that for sure. The uncertainty here is not knowing how many nights you’ll need for elite status means that you could overspend and end up with more elite nights than you need.

On the other hand, every 10 nights above 60 nights per year ordinarily gets you an additional 10,000 Hyatt points or an additional suite upgrade award, so even if you overshoot that may not be the end of the world.

The tough part is of course having any idea how many nights you’ll have in hotels this year to complement your spend. I imagine that by June we’ll have a better idea of what 2020 travel will look like. Still, waiting might make it tough to maximize this one.

Depending on how many nights you already have and whether you’re able to spend any nights in Hyatt hotels later this year, this could certainly be a great way to close the gap toward status, particular for MSers. There will definitely be some gamble in determining how far to go in terms of spending, but if and when the ability to spend in person returns in the coming months, and also for those who have significant tax obligations, this could be a great promo.

H/T: One Mile at a Time

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[…] Hyatt cardholders: earn extra elite nights on either credit card (Expires 6/30/20) […]


I’m super tempted to get the card and MS the $85K. I am not super excited about sitting on a pile of gift cards for months. But the math looks really good on this.

Anyone finding any avenues to liquidate right now?


$85k MS on one card in 2.5 months?


Any idea if the 10 elite night credits can be earned if you upgrade from the Hyatt Credit Card to the World of Hyatt during this window?


I applied 4/14 and received approval email 4/15 . Should I earn the 10 Elite nights? Only 5 posted to my Account


Thanks, Nick, for being the only blog I saw that mentions that this promotion also applies to the old Hyatt credit card. I have the old card and got an email from Hyatt, but I have to wonder if other blogs did not mention this because the card is not accepting new applications and does not earn referral bonuses. OTOH, anyone who cares about earning elite nights through credit card spend probably already upgraded to or applied for the WOH card, so this promotion probably is not to useful to many old Hyatt cardholders.


I got the email and I have both the old and new hyatt card. It says the old card gets 2 nights/$5k spend and the new one gets 3 nights/$5k spend. Not sure if everyone’s email has all that info.


Did this work for you? It does not trigger the extra night on my spending


Yes. I was approved for the card on April 15th but I applied on April 14th. Spent 7,500$ got the bonus points but only 2 elite nights.


I am at 22 nights and was wondering if it was worth putting a bunch more spend on my WoH card for the next couple months to hit 30 for explorist with the free night. Since they put this is place I will probably go ahead and focus spend on the card even though I have explorist thru 2022 already.