IHG Offering Extension Or Bonus Points For 2020 Certificates Expiring 12/31/21


At the beginning of November, IHG announced that they’d be extending free night certificates issued in 2021 that were due to expire on December 31, 2021. (See IHG extending some free night certificates to 12/31/22! (and elite status)).

While that was a positive development, it didn’t help those who had certificates issued in 2020 with that same expiry date because IHG stated that those older certs wouldn’t be extended. The good news is that their stance on that matter doesn’t appear to be a hard and fast rule as some people are reporting that they’ve been able to request either an extension of their expiring cert or some bonus points in exchange for it.

Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport North swimming pool
Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport North

I’d seen a data point a week or two ago where someone got something like 25,000 points in exchange for three certificates issued in 2020 that were expiring at the end of this year. There are now apparently several more cases of people being awarded 25,000 bonus points for expiring certs, with one person even being lucky enough to get a full 40,000 points which is what the certificates top out at when redeeming them.

Other people have been able to get an extension of their certificates; I’m not sure if IHG agents give you a choice between the two options or if you just have to take what you’re given.

Either way, if you have a 2020 IHG free night certificate expiring in a couple of days time, try calling 888-211-9874 and you’ll hopefully have some success too. IHG used to have an online chat function that allowed you to speak to an online agent, but it looks like they nixed that at some point in the past year.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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My IHG Anniversary Night expired 12/31 and was already zeroed out in my account. I contacted IHG 2126EST via phone at the number above in this post and asked for extension or points. I was instantly awarded 25,000 IHG points. Call now!


Thanks! 25k is a nice alternative to the cert I couldn’t use this year.


Tried chat and got nothing. I just called and got 25K points for my expiring certificate.


Called, and after being on hold for 20 minutes, spoke to someone who offered 15,000 points. I said, “Uh, I read people are receiving 25,000 points. Could we check into that?” After a few more moments of “checking,” he told me he could give me 25,000.


Been stuck on hold for a while now and the text agent never responded to my message. Must be a lot of you calling in too 🙂


they still have an online chat, but its weird to get to it. they were able to give me 25k through the online chat, but only after I asked for it as a courtesy bonus points.

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Nothing for a limited cert and another unlimited cert that will expire tomorrow. Disappointed in IHG. Covid has been a huge boon to hotels who can raise prices and cut costs left and right. Had a front desk agent complain that her owner is making the most money he’s ever made with no pay raises or other perks.


So it seems the only hotel chain not offering anything is Radisson. I have a free night expiring in 2 days. Any suggestions?


Just called the toll free # provided in this blog. No luck with extension. Got 25k goodwill points for 2 expiring certs (12/31/21 & 1/24/22). The rep did not remove the certs and I was told I can still use them if I want to.


For me the extension was a hard no, but they offered the 25k points on their own.


So far no luck for me at all. What number did you call? Thanks


The customer service number online I think.
I had to whine a bit before the offer was forthcoming. Covid blah blah blah.


I just chatted with someone yesterday! And got the 25k thru chat


Which Chat did you use? Thanks!

Brian G

Just called today and got 25k points for a certificate from 2020 that was set to expire on 12/31/21. They offered the 25k automatically. I called the rewards center at 800-272-9273.


Thank you for this number. I was finally able to get the 25k points for the 12/31/21 expiring cert after being told no twice. Third time worked. HUCA


Just texted an agent and no luck 🙁 then I saw your post, will try to call and see if that changes.


I chatted first too with no luck, but got 25k after calling in.