ITA Airways Extending Status For Another Year For (Some?) Previous Status Matchers


ITA Airways sent a pre-Christmas gift this past week that you might have overlooked if you were eligible for it.

When ITA launched their Volare loyalty program last year, they almost instantaneously offered a status match. That didn’t count for much at the time, but potentially became more useful when they later joined SkyTeam.

That status was due to expire at the end of this year, but the gift from them this week was an email stating that the status will be extended for another year.

ITA Airways Volare Status Extension

I took AAdvantage of this promotion last year by matching my American Airlines Executive Platinum status (itself given to me via Hyatt back in 2019). It hasn’t been put to any use over the last year, but I’m more than happy to have it extended in case it comes in handy during 2023, whether that’s from flying SkyTeam or parlaying it into status elsewhere.

The email from ITA Airways had the subject line “We have a gift for you”, so if you status matched with them a year ago keep an eye out for that. I received the email on December 22, but they might have sent emails on more than one day and possibly with more than one type of subject line.

Here’s the content of the email:

Dear Stephen Pepper,

Thank you for deciding to be part of our loyalty program Volare in this special year.

Twelve months have passed since the start of the program, months packed with new experiences and initiatives specially designed for our members: promotions, new features, and the arrival of exclusive partners.

Because you have been with us from the start, we have decided to offer you a special gift.

For the entire duration of next year, until December 31st 2023, you will maintain your level within the program and continue to enjoy the benefits of Club Premium.

To find out all about all your exclusive benefits, please visit the following page on our official website.

We can’t wait to accompany you on a new year full of surprises and innovation.

Happy Holidays,
The Volare Team

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I got the extension and my account shows 90,000 points. Any thoughts on good uses, if any?

Biggie F

I cannot for the life of me get the ITA site to show me bookings using points, although I, too — and apparently since Nov. 4 — have 90,000 of them.


The 90k are tier qualifying points, not redeemable. It seems they credit the points requirement in order to process the extension.


Status extended also. I never fly Delta, but this will be nice to have if I do.

Paul LoBo

Didn’t get a email, but status shows as extended. For whatever that’s worth.


Given that SkyTeam tier status does not afford lounge access when flying domestically, what is it exactly that makes it attractive? Other than the free bag and priority check-in, security, and boarding? Is there some other benefit that I’ve missed? (Please don’t say an opportunity of upgrades.) Thanks.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lee
Biggie F

Also, see my reply below to Raylan.


Didn’t get an email but status shows as extended in the ITA app. Expires January of 2024.

Biggie F

Ditto. Plus — and who could make this up? — it also shows 90,000 points, which is 90,000 points more than I remember accumulating.

Unless they give points for using Sky Priority line with AF, and AF lounges at CDG.


Got the same letter! So happy with ITA