(EXPIRED) Marriott Boundless upgrade offers: 1 or 2 free nights (up to 35K each)

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For those who still have what was the old Marriott Rewards Premier credit card (now the Marriott Bonvoy Premier, no longer available for new applicants), Chase is out with a couple of new upgrade offers: some have received an offer good for two free nights (worth up to 35K points each) for upgrading to the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card and spending $3,000 by 9/30/19 while others are reporting an offer for one free night (worth up to 35K points) after upgrading and making a single purchase. The two-free-night offer would probably get me to upgrade if I had this offer available, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder on this.


The Deal

  • There are a couple of new upgrade offers out to upgrade from the old Marriott Rewards Premier card to the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card (the card that replaced the Premier Plus). The two offers I’ve seen reported are:
    • Upgrade and spend $3,000 by 9/30/19 and get 2 free nights worth up to 35K points each [Targeted, YMMV]
    • Upgrade and make a single purchase and get 1 free night worth up to 35K points [Targeted, YMMV]
  • Direct link to check your offer (you may have one of the above or no special offer)

Key Details

  • Upgrading will increase your annual fee from $85 to $95 and reset your anniversary date for your next certificate

Here are the key card details:

Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)
Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card

Annual Fee: $95

Card Type: Visa Signature


Earning rate: ⚬ 6X Marriott Bonvoy ⚬ 3X gas stations, grocery stores, and dining on up to $6K in combined purchases each year ⚬ 2X everywhere else

Big spend bonus: Earn Gold status when you spend $35K each year ⚬ 1 Elite Night Credit towards elite status for every $5K spent

Noteworthy perks: ⚬ Annual free night certificate for 1 night at a hotel redemption level up to 35K ⚬ Automatic Silver status ⚬ 15 nights of elite credit each year ⚬ 1 Elite Night Credit for every $5K spent

See also: Marriott Bonvoy Complete Guide

Quick Thoughts

We’ve previously seen upgrades for points (as many as 60K) or elite night credits (15 extra elite night credits). Personally, I’d gladly take the two free night certificates on this one. While I almost always prefer the flexibility of points, the 35K certs have come in pretty handy this year. I’m finding it’s not hard to get very good value out of them and there are plenty of instances where I’d rather stay in a 35K property than a 25K property.

Others may hold out hope for another points offer to come in the future as an offer for 50-60K points could mean a lot more nights in a lower-category hotel (50K is enough for 5 free nights at a Category 2 property since you get the 5th night free on an award stay; 60K could get you 10 free nights at Category 1). Those could also add up to good value — it all depends on your stay patterns.

It only takes a few seconds to check for an offer, so it’s probably worth a look if you’ve still got the old card.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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So I realize I am VERY late to the party and may be asking a dumb question, but humor me. I just upgraded my card today with the offer for 2 Free Nights after the first purchase. However, I’m not sure if I will receive my new card before the 9/30 deadline. In my confirmation email it mentions that the account number would remain the same, so does that mean that I need to simply make a purchase with my existing card before 9/30?


I don’t say this a lot about Chase, but kudos for the comparison table they have on the direct link showing not only what you gain with Boundless (6x vs 5x for Marriott purchases and 2x vs. 1x for all other spend / cert for 35K property vs. 25K property), BUT, unlike most upgrade offers, also shows what you lose (1 elite credit for each $3K spend and the trip insurance). Usually, banks show only what you gain and you only find out what you lose in the fine print (or not at all)!


I received one free night upgrade offer. Has someone tried calling chase to up the offer to two free nights?


Can the nights be used back to back in a stay?


I have one certificate in my activity queue that says “Premier Plus 2 Free Nights, each cert good for one free night upt to 35,000 points”, but when I go to make a reservation, it is recognized as only one. Any info or advice for this issue?


I got an offer to upgrade — 2 free 35K nights just by making a purchase (no minimum spend). Two questions — will upgrading affect my credit score or show as a new inquiry/card? Also, my card renewed in March and I paid the $85 annual fee then. Will I have to pay the $95 annual fee now by upgrading, or does the $85 I already paid somehow count for the first year or get prorated?


Pretty sure it won’t get refunded, but you wont lose any certs either.


No dice for me.

Edit: Didn’t have one yesterday. Just checked and I have the 1 FN offer now.


Hi All, another data point for you. I clicked through to the offer and my offer was for 2 x 35K certs with the first purchase (as opposed to $3k). Seems pretty good – should I take it or wait?


Keeping mine. I like the ability to spend $3,000 and earn one elite night credit. Just in case I may be short a few nights on my attempt to requalify for Titanium


You are absolutely right. I made the decision more because of personal choice and convenience. I will likely hit 65-70 nights, but not enough to get to 75, so depends on how close I get, having the credit card provide lots of flexibility. Second, I am using old Marriott card on Marriott hotel spend. Thus, I am only missing 1 Marriott point per dollar spent. (old card offers 5x vs. new card). Third, I am not living close to a Marriott category 1 or 2 property, and am very lazy to book the nights for the sake of just doing it and drive over 70 miles to check-in. Mathematically what you said is correct, however, practically, it’s quite a lot of hoops to run through.


Just checked mine… its not even showing any free nights for upgrading.. just saying “Upgrade and increase your annual Free Night Award value from 25,000 to 35,000 points.” So it appears there is a third offer of just upgrading with no free nights 🙁


I did it for my wife and I and we both got the offer for one free night. It’s better than nothing and I was thinking of upgrading. Do the awarded free nights go up to the 35K level along with these or they stay at 25K? I might call chase and ask if I can get the offer for the other night since others are getting it.



I just checked my offer: Earn 2 Free Night Awards, valued at up to 35,000 points each, after you upgrade and make your first purchase by 9/30/19.

Take advantage of 2 Free Night Awards when you upgrade to the Marriott Bonvoy BoundlessTM Card.

Thanks for sharing this update!


Also received the offer for 2 nights after single purchase… Thanks FM And DOC!


did you spend a lot on this card? I got nothing and am wondering how to get better offer.


Hullo. I haven’t used my Marriott Premier card much in the past couple years, just a few hundred/year.


Same here 🙂

Rip City

Same here! I paid the $ 89 annual fee in April (free night certificate not posted yet). It’s not clear to me if I upgrade I will need to pay $ 95 then loose the certificate for the previous card (or have total of 3 night certificates: 2 up to 35,000 and 1 up to 25,000)? Or if I would pay $ 6 (difference) and get 2 free night certificates…Does anybody know?


Just talked to them on the phone, you keep all existing certs.