How to Fix Missing Amex Marriott Brilliant Elite Nights


When American Express revamped its Marriott card lineup this year, it made significant changes to the Marriott Brilliant card. One of the added features to this now $650/year card was that the number of annual elite nights awarded to cardholders went from 15 to 25.

This meant that folks who hold both the Brilliant card and either an Amex or Chase Marriott Business card would get 40 elite night credits annually instead of the previous maximum of 30. Although the Brilliant gives cardholders automatic Platinum Elite status, for those (like me), who wanted to reach Titanium status, the extra nights provided a significant boost.

However, many people who either had the card already or who had recently signed-up for the card found that the expected additional elite nights were not showing up in their Bonvoy accounts. Marriott and Amex both pointed fingers at each other saying everything was right on their end and that it could take up to 60 days for the elite nights to show up.  This would create a huge headache for those folks that needed them in 2022 to attain their desired level of status (and note that previously, I’d never heard of a delay of more than a few days between approval and elite night credits being awarded).

I was in this exact situation. I had applied and was approved for the Brilliant card during the first week of November and a month later there were still no additional elite nights. Between cards, stays and using my Platinum Choice gift of 5 elite nights towards status this year, I was sitting at 65 nights, 10 short of the 75 needed. I reached out to both Amex and Marriott, but they each said that it was the other’s fault and I needed to hang tight for it to resolve itself. In the meantime, I was running out of time to get credits applied in 2022.

After talking about it with the FM team, Greg and Nick used my situation as a “What Crazy Thing” segment on the FM on the Air podcast. Luckily John, a Frequent Milers Insider reader, was able to figure out the reason as well as the magic words to say to Marriott in order to get the problem resolved. He listened to the podcast and then reach out to let us know how he’d been able to get it resolved.

Marriott IT strikes again

How to get Marriott to credit Brilliant elite nights

It turns out that Marriott has not yet appropriately programmed the new maximum of 40 elite nights for Brilliant cardholders, so the system is not recognizing that another 10 can and should be added for those that have a business card as well. Most Marriott CSR’s are not aware that the limit has been increased and so think that the error is that the elite nights haven’t been applied by Amex. There is one department that IS aware, but most of the CSR’s don’t know to open up a case file and have them fix it. Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Call Marriott customer service at 800-399-4229 (this is the Titanium line).
  2. Tell the CSR that you there is a known issue with Amex Elite Nights crediting and that you need them to open a ticket with the “Partner Team.”
  3. The ticket should say that you are a Brilliant and Business cardholder and you are only receiving 30 elite nights instead of the new maximum of 40.

I was able to get the CSR to open a ticket and send it off within about 3-4 minutes (in contrast to the earlier 20+ minute phone calls where the CSR’s and their supervisors assured me it was Amex’s fault). He told me that I should hear by e-mail directly from the Partner Team within 1-3 days. Sure enough, 48 hours later, I got this e-mail:

Then, when I logged back into the app, the elite nights were there, as was my Titanium status for 2023.

Quick Thoughts

It takes a village to not get Bonvoyed. This experience is one of many over the last year that’s made me extremely grateful for the Frequent Miler Insiders community. Being able to crowdsource info in real time across 27,000+ points and miles enthusiasts has been incredibly useful and saved me from some major headaches…and this was one of them (thanks to John!).

If you’re in the same boat with the Brilliant elite nights, I’d encourage you to get on the horn with Marriott ASAP as there’s still time to get them credited this year and avoid the Slow Bonvoy Torture of having to convince a CSR in January that they were supposed to be awarded last year.

(h/t: FM reader John)

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* Update Update Update * 1/27/23

I finally had enough with regular CS I called corporate and explained the issue, she read over the notes, then said this should have already been escalated and pushed the issue to escalations. The next day I had my 10 nights added!!

No 75 night choice benefit though. I called corporate back the next day explained I wanted either 40k points or my 40k cert for my choice benefit because I could no longer select one. She put in another ticket and the next day I had my 40k free night cert!!

It’s all fixed now and I’m a happy camper.

TLDR; Marriott corporate fixed the 10 nights and added my 75 night choice benefit!

Good luck!


Last edited 3 days ago by John

Since you’re chatting about Marriott credits, I have a lingering question I have not been able to be properly answered by Am Exp or Marriott.
I would love to apply for the Am Exp Brilliant card before the end of the current promotion, 1-11-23, to receive the additional pts and 25 elite credits.

I was approved for the Bonvoy Boundless on 7-21-22. The terms are confusing for the Brilliant card. I don’t want to apply if I will not receive the bonuses.

This is what confuses me….

Welcome offer not available to applicants who (ii) have acquired the Marriott Bonvoy Bountiful Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card from Chase, or the Marriott Bonvoy Bold® Credit Card from Chase in the last 90 days,

or >>> (iii) received a new Card Member bonus or upgrade offer for the Marriott Bonvoy Bountiful Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card from Chase, or the Marriott Bonvoy Bold® Credit Card from Chase in the last 24 months. <<<

Since I receive a Boundless member bonus of (5) Free Nights, does this mean I must wait 24 months to apply for the Brilliant Card?

Or am I good to receive the 150K bonus and 25 Elite night credits since it’s been well past 90 days since I was approved for the Boundless?

I would really appreciate your inside and shedding light on exactly what the terms mean.

Would this also be the same for the Marriot Business card?

Thank you all for


“Our records show that you opened your credit card at end of November, the elite nights will post within 60 days from the opening date. Your account was credited 25 Elite nights from your Credit card on January 01,2023.”

They don’t seem to think they owe any nights or status for 2022.


following up with them on the phone wasn’t helpful. They said they could reopen the case but that I should wait 60 days and more closely read the terms and conditions to understand how the nights will post. When I asked about choice benefits (because the 10 extra elite nights will put me over) I was told it was contingent on how they addressed the first question and if I had enough nights they would need me to open another case over the late choice benefit. I regret taking out this card.


how long did you wait to get their reply? I got my ticket opened on 12/27 and no response till now. I called twice in between just said that the ticket is still open and they just need more time to investigate and get back to me. urggghhh!


my ticket was opened on the 25th and I heard back the 4th. They said 7-10 business days and it came back at 8. When I asked to have it reopened (because they didn’t fix anything) they said the follow-up should be 3-5 business days. I’m…not confident marriott will fix anything.


After 54 hours, I received a reply which is completely unacceptable:

“Thank you for contacting Marriott Bonvoy® regarding your Marriott Bonvoy® Credit Card.

Marriott Bonvoy® members using the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card currently receive 15 Elite nights annually, on or before March 1st of each calendar year. 

Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant® American Express® Card Members now receive complimentary Platinum Elite status (previously Gold), a 300 USD annual dining credit (up to $25 per month), 25 Elite Night Credits per calendar year (previously 15), one Free Night Award with a redemption value of up to 85,000 Marriott Bonvoy® Points per calendar year (previously 50,000 points), and the new Brilliant Earned Choice Award after reaching 60,000 USD in spend. Please be advised, the new benefits will be available beginning January 1, 2023.”

I want to show my respect to the agent who made this up.


this is ridiculous…


I just got mail email from their customer care after opening the case, saying I have to wait till Jan (the 60 days) to get the 10 nights but they will be counted towards 2022. It seems YMMV as far as immediate credit. I just want to get this over with and not have to ask again in Jan when it doesn’t happen, or credit as 2023 or something. What a pain, why can’t they just treat everyone the same. My card was opened on Nov 15. That 60 days is maximum not minimum!!


That’s unfair…I wonder if you still get to choose the annual choice benefit for hitting 75nights if the nights were credited in Jan….the deadline for making the annual choice is Jan. 7th 11:59pm EST…:(

John D

Same EXACT situation, card opened the same day. UGH this is annoying.


So it’s been 60 days for me. Got the nights for 2023 but not for 2022 still. I sent them an email 5 days ago and no response. I followed up yesterday over the phone and opened a new ticket. This is totally unacceptable. I have multiple emails promising they will be retroactively credited to 2022. What about my 75 night choice benefits for a 40k cert? I am not going to let this one go.


Exact same situation for me!! Have been having an email exchange with their partner team and then when 60 day came, email them again and now no response! I hate to have to open another ticket but looks like I will have to do that! They did say unless the days get credited by Jan 7, I won’t get to choose the choice benefit!! So terrible!


That’s not something I would let stand, they will be giving me my annual choice benefit because this is their fault. I’m very tenacious, I will get it done. I’ll update as the saga continues.


* Update Update Update * 1/27/23

I finally had enough with regular CS I called corporate and explained the issue, she read over the notes said this should have already been escalated and pushed the issue to escalations. The next day I had my 10 nights added!!

No 75 night choice benefit though. I called corporate back the next day explained I wanted either 40k points or my 40k cert for my choice benefit because I could no longer select one. She put in another ticket and the next day I had my 40k free night cert!!

It’s all fixed now and I’m a happy camper.

TLDR Marriott corporate fixed the 10 nights and added my 75 night choice benefit!

Good luck!



Thanks for the happy ending update! The CS kept referring to the original ticket and asked me to wait for the partner team reply. They finally did and said that I now have 75 nights, but for the 40k choice they have to create another ticket which I haven’t heard back. Can you share the corporate number to ask for the 40k cert ? thanks!


(301) 380-3000


I don’t have so much luck as you John. I called Corporate and get bounced back to the Elite CS, which was not helpful and said now I don’t have 75 nights. So this is what I received from the partner team’s email on Jan 23:
Thank you for contacting Marriott Bonvoy® concerning your American Express Elite Night credit.

The additional 10 Elite Night credits have been added to your account.If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may respond to this email or contact Marriott Bonvoy® International 
using one of our Worldwide Telephone Reservation numbers.

Thank you for your Loyalty. Travel Brilliantly.

Best Regards,

Barbara B.
Marriott Bonvoy® Customer Care

But this is not what the CS sees in my account. CS told me to reply to that bonvoy_partner email and wait! And that AMEX should be the one depositing. So I am back to square one!!! No 75 night and no choice award.

I will try to call Corporate again but any tips on what to tell corporate would be appreciated. Did they connect you back to CS? Thanks!


Call corporate back and ask for the issue to be escalated. You got a bad agent. Tell them you should have received 40 nights and you only got 30 this is a known issue and the partnership team is the one that has to resolve it. Just keep trying, it’s unfortunate this hasn’t been resolved.

Mike A

Great article. I called the CSR and she was kind enough to open the ticket. Heard back 2 days later via email with the following response,

The elite night credits will usually post within 60 days after card opening. The nights will be added to the total for the year 2022.”

Maybe I’ll try again!

John D

Update. I was shot down because I’m at 45 days from card opening. They said I have to reach out at 60 days and the nights will be posted to 2022.


Really appreciate the article. I called and put in a ticket but am concerned I’ll get to 74 nights and will ‘run out of time’ to add the final night. Any suggestions other than rolling the dice and booking a local night to ensure I hit 75 once (or if or when) they post my missing night credits. I’d hate to spend cash or points (even if it’s the cheapest I can find) only to learn they didn’t post the nights.


I got the agent to open a ticket but he is absolutely confident I will not get the additional nights until I pass my anniversary date in 2023.


Just got off the phone with a Marriott CSR. He insisted that I have already been given the night credits for this year so I will not be receiving another 10Ns but anyway I got him to open the ticket for me. Let’s see how it goes.

Joe K

Thank you. After dealing with both AMEX and Marriott for weeks with no resolution I have a ticket in as well. Hoping this gets resolved this year.

Joe K

Just revived an email from Marriott on my ticket. The extra 10 nights have been added. Thank you for the info.


Wonder if your card has been opened for 60 days yet? They would not add mine until I reach 60 days, which is ridiculous! That 60 days is max not min, it seems they have the ability to do now but just want to wait out, what for?


I even cited your example (without your name) when replying. I realized you said in your post you opened in early Nov. here are their 2 replies:

Thank you for contacting Marriott Customer Care.

Ms xxx, it is my pleasure to inform you that your 10 Elite nights will be added to your Bonvoy account within 60 days after you opened your credit card. As your card was opened in November, the nights will be added in January 2023 however it will be still counting towards 2022.

Thank you for your loyalty to Marriott and please let us know if we could assist you with anything else.

Kindest regards

Adam K
Marriott Bonvoy® Customer Care

2nd reply after I replied for immediate credit,

Thank you for your reply.

Ms xxx, when I said those nights will be added within 60 days, that means it could be also much earlier. the 60 days is maximum waiting time so it is completely possible the other person you mentioned received those nights same day. As far I know it is automated process but just to double check, I will ask the person who was looking into this matter.

I can assure you those nights will be counted towards 2022 and you won’t loose your 75 nights award.

Once I hear back from my colleague, I will come back to you with the outcome.

I appreciate your patience.

I guess I just have to patient , it is fine as long as it is counted as 2022 and I can pick my choice benefit

Joe K

Mine has been opened for over 60 days; I got it shortly after they changed the benefits. The CSR actually pulled up the terms for both the business and brilliant card and read through them before she even put in a ticket.


Thank you for this! I was dealing with Amex and Marriott trying to figure this out. I called this morning and including wait time it took half an hour. Renewed one of my soon to expire free night certificate too. If only Hilton would do the same for one night expiring soon.


I was able to get this resolved through the Titanium line. I had a weird case where P2 and I applied for the Brilliant at the same time. I incorrectly put my loyalty # for both applications. I ended up getting the extra +10 nights twice (resulting in 50 nights from credit cards) and none to P2. I ended up calling Amex to change the loyalty number to P2’s for their card. However, P2 never got credited for their +10 nights. I called a second time, and after about 3-4 business days P2 got credited. This was about a week ago. However, they never removed the extra 10 nights from my account. Got a bit lucky on this one! #ReverseBonvoyed

John D

Thank you!!! I have been trying to resolve this for weeks. Just placed the ticket!


Amazing. I’ve been trying to resolve this exact issue for weeks now since I opened the card back in November. Folks on both sides of Marriott and Amex do not know that the limit was increased to 40. I have an open ticket on the Amex side of this, but I’ll be calling today to submit a new ticket on the Marriott side


Hi Tim. Y’all are the best in the business, bar none! But y’all could be even better with one small change, leading off each article with a bullet point summary, like your friends at OMATT.


OMG! This is God send! Thank you so much Tim and John! I even forego my sign up bonus (I have Ritz and Amex bonvoy biz) just to get the additional nights! I was afraid the additional mattress run nights I did would go to waste and even considering closing the card to get my annual fee refunded after applying on Nov 15. I will call ASAP!


Had them open the ticket, waiting to hear from the partner team!


Tim ftw once again. You guys are the best when it comes to this sort of info. On the phone with CSR now. I give TPG 12 hours before they completely rip your article off.