(EXPIRED) Office Depot / OfficeMax: $10 Instant Discount On $300 In Visa Gift Cards


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From March 11-17, Office Depot / OfficeMax is offering a $10 instant discount when purchasing $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards.

Office Depot Visa Gift Cards $10

The Deal

  • Buy $300 or more in Visa gift cards and save $10 instantly

Key Terms

  • Limit one offer per customer
  • Discount applied at register
  • Offer valid 3/11/18 to 3/17/18
  • Offer valid in store on Visa Gift Cards only

Quick Thoughts

These Visa Gift Card deals are a great way to rack up spending on credit cards that offer a bonus at office supply stores. That includes the Chase Ink Plus (5x Ultimate Rewards), Chase Ink Cash and American Express SimplyCash Plus Business credit cards (both 5% cashback).

You need to purchase at least $300 in Visa Gift Cards, but to maximize the deal you’re best off buying two $200 cards. That’s because activation fees make up a lower proportion of your overall cost than buying one $200 card and one $100 card.

If you buy two $200 Visa Gift Cards, your cost and points / cashback work out as follows:

$413.90 ($200 Visa Gift Cards x2 + $6.95 activation fees x2)
-$10 instant discount
$403.90 + 2,019.50 Ultimate Rewards or $20.20 cash back

This deal can be slightly more profitable as you can earn $4 in Office Depot / OfficeMax rewards. Those rewards are only payable on the first $200 of gift cards per quarter though, so it’ll only work on one transaction.

The terms state that this offer is only available once per customer. So long as you don’t keep using your rewards account number, you should be able to buy $300+ in Visa Gift Cards more than once as the $10 is applied as an instant discount rather than as a mail-in rebate. This might mean purchasing the cards from more than one store or from the same store on different days / at different times, although with a friendly cashier you might be able to buy the cards to your heart’s content (or, more likely, until they run out of $200 cards.)

It’d be best to take advantage of this offer sooner rather than later, as Office Depot / OfficeMax have been known to end similar offers early.

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[…] is similar to the offer they had a few weeks ago on Visa gift cards. One interesting difference though is that the terms state that there’s a limit of one […]


Will having multiple transactions of the same amount and same store on the statement be an issue if I use CIC?


Don’t overdo it, but I haven’t ever had issues doing multiple transactions for the same amount with my credit card. The exception is with AmEx. Don’t buy gift cards with an AmEx card while you’re working on the signup bonus.


Thanks, Barry. I’m only using the ink cash, but the card is fairly new and almost done with signup bonus spending. I made 4 transactions already and the stores near have a lot of cards on the shelves. I want to maximize the benefit but be in the same side as well


My wife got the Ink Plus card a few years ago. She had to spend $5000 in 3 months to get the bonus. We did all of the spending at 5X to get the bonus and never had any issues.


This sale works on the Dining Everywhere cards too. This will save you $2 per card on activation fees and you’ll make 10 cents in profit on buying 2 $200 cards. I’m guessing that any Visa gift card issued by Metabank will trigger the discount. I’ve had good luck using the Dining Everywhere cards for purchases at Costco or Sam’s Club. They work at most restaurants and grocery stores that I’ve tried. I assume if a Walmart sells groceries, the Dining Everywhere cards should work there too.

Nick Reyes

Have you had success buying a MO with these?


Hi Nick. I haven’t tried to buy a MO with these. Greg wrote an article in August 2016 about them working at Walmart, but that’s all I can tell you. Here’s the link:

Nick Reyes

Thanks for the response!


Worked fine for me! Two stores – one right on my way, another within easy driving distance. Gave one my rewards number and not the other. I’ll happily take 4,000 UR points for under $8. Thanks for the tip. Hope to do it again tomorrow, though there weren’t a lot of $200 cards in stock.

Jo Anne

Nice to be aware of this Office Max promo. My house cleaning person lets me pay her with a Visa gift card, so I’ll be all over this.

Rob P

Thanks for the heads up!

Ed K

The ever shrinking discount, plus limits, liquidation issues. Meh.


Not to mention they have closed almost every store within a day’s drive of me.

[…] Hat tip to Frequentmiler […]