(EXPIRED) Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $100+ Visa Gift Cards & Get $10 Off

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Update 7/5/20: This deal is back on at Office Depot/OfficeMax again this week, so it’ll expire on July 11, 2020. It sounds like it’s only valid on Visa gift cards this time though rather than Mastercard gift cards as well. h/t Miles to Memories


Staples isn’t the only office supply store with a good gift card deal this week because Office Depot/OfficeMax has joined the free with a deal that’s good on both Visa and Mastercard gift cards.

Visa Gift Card

The Deal

  • Save $10 instantly when buying $100+ Visa or Mastercard gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax.

Key Terms

  • Expires June 20, 2020.
  • Limit 1 per household/business(?)

Quick Thoughts

$10 off $100 or more of Visa or Mastercard gift cards means this can be instantly profitable seeing as you’ll meet that spend threshold when buying just one card.

To maximize rewards on a Chase Ink Plus or Ink Cash card though, you’ll do slightly better buying two $200 cards in the same transaction. That’s because you’ll earn ~2,000 Ultimate Rewards / $20 cashback with the two card option versus ~1,000 Ultimate Rewards / $10 cashback with the one card option. Needless to say, fees will be higher with the two card option, but that’s still a little better, particularly if you value Ultimate Rewards at greater than 1cpp.

Update: As per PH PH’s comment below, my initial analysis was incorrect. Buying a second card during this promotion is no more or less profitable than buying it any day of the week when there’s no promotion. Having said that, it’s still better rewards-wise to buy a $200 card rather than a $100 card.

If you were targeted for the Office Depot/OfficeMax Chase Offer but haven’t used it yet, that’s been extended once again and so can save you an extra $8 on this deal.

h/t Rewards Talk

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So, does this expire 07/11/20 like you wrote in the update on 07/05/20? Or does this expire 07/20/20 like you wrote in “Key Terms”?


No problem, thanks for the clarification.


Just FYI, you could buy 2 if you have the card linked with Payce. You’ll get $5 per day back if you activate OfficeDepot.

Of course, it’ll take 3 months to get that $5 back, but it’s still an option.


Why not just buy 2, $100 cards with 2 separate purchases? Wouldn’t that be a better deal all the way around?


If your OD/OM will let you do that, then do that (I’d get two $200 cards on separate purchases, if I were you).

Mine won’t let me. That’s why I do it that way. I can get two cards in one transaction, pay $3.90 (for the two $200 card fees), and get $5 back from Payce.


I didn’t realize that this could be used to buy a $200 card. I had thought it was just for 1 or more $100 cards. Although the price of the $100 cards are 5.95 and 6.95 for the $200 cards.

Tim Tsai

Just visited an office depot in Madison Hts MI. They said they do not carry giftcards. Somehow they were “suspended”. Anyone else having that issue???


Heads up.

Just bought a Kevlar visa $200 expiration 4/28 and the fee has been increased to 6.95 per card.

Pdx area


thx Stephen, lots of GCs deals for this week or two

off topic to all FM team, should i upgrade to CSR with a $550 AF for the 5× @ grocery til end of June & PYB offer? my 48-mo UR bonus won’t be eligible till 11/20, would it make sense to now upgrade to CSR; then apply for CSP in Nov for 60k bonus? Thx


Buying a $200 GC instead of a $100 GC makes sense to earn another 500 UR points for the incremental $1 in purchase fee, while getting the same $10 promotional discount.

But buying a second $200 GC in the same transaction is no different than buying a $200 GC in a separate transaction during any week where there is no promotional discount.

I think you’ve cut and pasted the same paragraph as is applicable to the more common promotion in the past of requiring $300 total purchase in a single transaction, for which the optimum purchase to get the most UR points for the amount of purchase fees paid was 2x$200 rather than the minimum 1x$100 + 1x$200 needed to qualify for that previous promotion.


you lost me at $20 cashback when buying 2 x $200 card. Isn’t cashback limited to 1 per person? meaning no matter how many cards you buy, it’s $10 discount per transaction. no?


He is probably referring to 2000 UR points = $20 ratio (for those who have a ink cash without a premier card to convert them over to UR points).


I believe he reposted an old article and changed a few things but forgot to change the 2 200 dollar gift card from a prior promotion. It is best to buy a 200 dollar gift cards that gives you 1000 ultimate rewards that if you wanted could be redeemed for 10 dollars cash back. Or right now if you have the reserve it would be 15 dollars cash back. If you took the 10 dollars cash back it would be 13 basically buying a 200 dollar gift card for 187. I hope that helps.