(EXPIRED) Save 10% At Office Depot/OfficeMax With Targeted Chase Offer (Max $8 Back)

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Update 6/20/20: Extended to June 24, 2020.

Update 6/13/20: Thanks again to Jeph36 for advising that this has been extended to June 20. It’s interesting that this is an extension of only 6 days versus 7 days as in the past, so maybe this is the last extension?

Update 6/7/20: Jeph36 has confirmed that this offer has been extended again to June 14, 2020 if you’ve not used it yet.

Update 5/24/20: As per jeph36’s comment, this offer has been extended to June 7, 2020 if you haven’t used it already. This sometimes happens with Chase Offers, although there’s sadly no way of knowing right now if it’ll be extended beyond that date.


When checking the Chase Offers on my cards last night, I came across a nice one for Office Depot/OfficeMax. It’s giving 10% back as a statement credit and is good on up to $80 of spend, although it seems to be highly targeted.

Office Depot OfficeMax Chase Offer 10% $8 Back

The Deal

  • Earn 10% back as a statement credit at Office Depot/OfficeMax with a targeted Chase Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires May 25, 2020 June 7 June 20, 2020.
  • $8 back maximum.
  • Offer valid one time only.
  • Payment must be made directly with the merchant.
  • Offer not valid on third-party delivery services.

Quick Thoughts

This offer seems to be highly targeted as my wife and I only had it on one card between us. The great thing is that the card it appeared on is my Chase Ink Plus card, so not only will we earn 10% back on up to $80 but we’ll also get 5x on the spend too.

The offer is valid for the next few weeks, so it might be worth waiting a little while before using it if you don’t need to go to an Office Depot or OfficeMax store right now. Not only is that good from the standpoint of not making unnecessary trips, but you might also get to stack it with a Visa or Mastercard gift card deal in the future.

If one of those offers doesn’t appear, it might still be best to buy a Visa or Mastercard gift card anyway, especially if you have the offer on an Ink Plus or Ink Cash card. The $8 statement credit will more than offset the activation fee, plus you’ll earn extra points due to spending $206.95. If that spend is done on an Ink Plus or Ink Cash card, you’ll earn 1,035 Ultimate Rewards or $10.35. Those calculations are correct because Chase calculates points based on the spend before statement credits are taken into account, unlike Amex Offers where they only credit points based on the post-statement credit spend.

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[…] you were targeted for the Office Depot/OfficeMax Chase Offer but haven’t used it yet, that’s been extended once again and so can save you an extra […]


Hey Stephen, in preparation for your post tomorrow … my OD/OM expiration was extended again this time to Jun 20. At this point it is pretty much just a game for me to see how long they keep extending it :-).


Stephen, I happened to be near an OD yesterday for the first time in a long time, so I bought a $10-off $200 Visa GC. As the charge is still pending, I can see that the offer is still set to expire on June 20; maybe this is the end of the extensions. Either way, it will be disappearing from my dashboard, so you may have to get someone else to give you info if this offer continues to get extended.


Last chance … my charge has posted, but the offer has not been applied to the account yet so it still shows. And now it updated the expiration to June 24. Yesterday when I checked it was still showing as expiring on June 20 (today).


I went yesterday… and got charged fee. so I guess it expired on the 20th


My offers show Jue 14 expiration. Got it on the CSP and the Ink.

[…] Update 6/7/20: Extended to June 14, 2020. Hat tip to FM […]


When it says “Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date” do they mean Purchase? And even if it posts after the expiration date you will receive the credit?


Ok, thank you. How long does it take for the $8 credit to show up? A Starbucks purchase I made hasn’t posted after 2 weeks.


I have it on all 3 Ink Cash cards. Are you sure it is valid on VGCs


Will this work buying Amazon gift cards? No fee charged on those.


any ide if this is a one time $8 or $8 per day or maybe $8 per transaction?

[…] Office Depot Chase Offer has been extended if you were targeted but hadn’t used it yet, so that offer can save you an extra […]


Thanks Stephen, saw this on FM and just stopped by my local OD on the way home. To my surprise the 200 VGC rang up as 196…… is there a $10 off promo going on that you know of?


Thanks Stephen, I couldn’t find anything either, will let you know if the 10% offer works for me, I read it as it should work, even if it didn’t the $10 off was a nice surprise


Did you just buy one $200 vgc or did you buy 2 or more? I ask because usually the promos are off $300 purchase at OD. If its off only one thats a great offer.


will hold out til almost last day to see OD may have GCs sale

[…] Save 10% At Office Depot/OfficeMax With Targeted Chase Offer (Max $8 Back) (Expires 5/25/20) […]


Nothing on any of the many Chase cards I have…


I got this offer on Sapphire Preferred but not Ink Plus. My offer says it “payment must be made directly with the merchant.” Not online.