(EXPIRED) Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $300+ Visa Gift Cards & Get $15 Off (Ends 12/25/21)

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Office Depot and OfficeMax have returned with their semi-frequent deal by offering a $15 instant discount when buying $300 or more of Visa gift cards.

Visa Gift Card

The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Visa gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax & save $15 instantly.

Key Terms

  • Expires December 25, 2021.
  • Limit 1 per customer.
  • Offer valid in-store only.

Quick Thoughts

Even though you only need to spend $300 for this offer, the better option points-wise is to buy $400 worth of Visa gift cards. You pay an extra dollar in activation fees, but the points you earn will more than offset that so long as you pay with a card that earns points worth more than 1cpp.

The best option of all is if you have a Chase Ink Plus or Ink Cash card seeing as they earn 5x at office supply stores. Buying two $200 Visa gift cards will earn you 1,995 Ultimate Rewards points while also making a profit of $1.10.

Bear in mind that with these being issued by MetaBank, they might not be as easy to liquidate as they once were. Remember that the “Everywhere” cards have a lower activation fee but might work in more limited places.

Link your payment card in the Dosh app for 2% cashback with a limit of $10 per day and Rakuten for 5%/5x.

h/t GC Galore

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Does anyone have problems finding $300 or $400 GCs? My OfficeMax only has up to $200 cards! Wtf?


I haven’t seen more than $200. I just buy 2-$200 ones.


I tried to buy visa gift card in office depot store but they are not aware of this discount 🙁


Same here in Richmond, VA – only deal was on Happy GCS.


McLean VA – unlucky Virginians 🙁


Nice way to double dip with Rakuten and Dosh. Do we get the full 5% from Rakuten?
Killer deal

FL Mom

No, Rakuten limits it to $5 (or 500 MR) in store for Office Depot/Max. Walgreens gives you 5 percent though. I made purchases at both last week.


How did you get 5% from Walgreens?
Dosh, Rakuten and Walgreens? Triple dip?

FL Mom

Just from Rakuten in store cash back.


I suspect you can double dip Rakuten and Dosh? Any dp?

Dugroz Reports

I have got both Paycee and Dosh at the same time before. Add in Rakuten, possible triple-dip???


yes, you can


I also received 10% off $8 max from the Chase Ink Cash!


Awesome! Also last day for my 5% off Chase Ink Cash offer, hope it stacks since buying gc’s.


I wanted to mention that the “Everywhere” variety of these VGC’s are working at my WM for MO liquidation. 4 cards, 4 swipes, $800 total including fee.

rick b

I think the kevlar cards also work. A cashier accidentally charged 99.99 on one of those and it went through.


FYI: There were rumors that Dosh might close the ODOM VGC loophole, but as of very recently you can still earn 2% cash back up to $10 per day on these purchases. Even though my local Office Depot I’ve very lenient on limits, I spread my VGC purchases out to maximize my ROI. It’s gas money and more!


I went to the Office Depot register to buy 2 $200 Mastercard gift cards but the $15 off didn’t show up. This was October 13, 2021. Are you sure this isn’t expired already? I didn’t see the sign on top of the gift card area.


Stopped in today & our Office Max didn’t have any signs for Visa (or MC) GCs on sale. Checked & cashier knew nothing about a sale. Several of the $200 Visas I picked up had the tabs that cover the bar code removed, so I’m guessing maybe others tried purchasing thinking they were on sale & found out after they rang up that they weren’t.

Last edited 3 months ago by Lauren
Chris Parker

Same here. Sitting in the parking lot after being told they don’t have any offers on the visa gift cards


stopped by two office depot stores. had sign to display getting $300 or more will save 15. i didnt buy any as i was no luck to have any $200 denomination left. only $100


The “Everywhere” variety of VCG’s are still working at WM for MO purchases. Only purchase the Grocery or Style Everywhere cards if you plan to liquidate there. You can swipe 4 cards for a total of $800 minus the MO fee. In my case that fee is 68¢, so I request an MO for $799.32.


Hi Nick:
What is the “everywhere” card you mentioned?
I bought the Dining Everywhere and it seems I can only use it for dining only.
I am not familiar with the Dosh App. So if I open an account with Dosh and link my chase ink card to it, I can get an extra 2%, even the purchase is gift card?
Thank you for your explanation!!


if I am taking advantage of this, and the staples offers maybe 2 to 3 times per month should I be worried about reprisal from Chase for using my Ink card?
I have wanted to take advantage of these offers more frequently, but get very concerned about Chase’s possible responses.
How much might be too much based on your experience?


I don’t know. When these deals come around I usually spend around $2,000-$3,000 over the course of the week. Never a problem. I mix it up by sometimes buying a few office supplies (which I’ll need anyway) so the numbers won’t all be the same. I’d be interested in hearing from people who really go all out. Any issues?

[…] HT: FM […]

Alec Battest

This promo is running again this week. Just got it!


Did anyone purchase any of the Happy Visa GC series and if so, were you able to load to GoBank at Walmart.


Anyone having any luck loading Visa GC at WMT.


No issues loading to GB or MO. Only downside is that POS terminal limits transaction to 99 and below. Any charge >100 will be declined.

Last edited 7 months ago by StinkyPete1211

Thanks for the update. I bot all that I could afford.



Stephen Dedalus

The best option to take advantage of this deal is to buy $200 visa Everywhere cards. These cards trigger the promotion because they are visa gift cards, they are a couple of dollars cheaper than the regular visa gift cards, and can be liquidated at WM unlike the the regular visa gift cards.


So, you’re saying you’ve verified that the Everywhere cards will swipe at WM for $200?
4 swipes X $200 ????

Stephen Dedalus

I have liquidated the $200 everywhere cards at WalMart, though only one at a time. Never tried using 4 at a time.


I have had 5 Back Visa GC load at WM in one swipe.


interesting. I see your note but I wonder if this is still working now adays at Walmart.


I have has Five Back Visa GC load to GoBank card at Walmart. Walmart is now charging a fee.

Rob P

Thanks for letting us know!

Carl Pietrantonio

If you have a friend or relative that is, shall we say, credit-challenged, and they mostly use cash, for whatever reason, and if they shop at stores that take only debit, like WinCo, who *will* take VCGS and MCGC, Well…. sell them the gift cards at face value for cash after you buy them.

Dick Bupkiss

Winco in my area only accepts debit cards with a chip. These are not accepted there.


Any updates on how to liquidate these? What’s the current situation for money orders at Walmart?

Stephen Pepper

I haven’t tried at Walmart recently, but my understanding is that it’s not particularly useful for money orders there. Try other grocery stores as you might have more luck.


I bought one of the $300 cards last month for $290.15 using a Chase Ink Cash card
but only received 1X, not 5X
290.95 pts


correction. I bought mine online. This offer is in-store.


the online ones are not processed by OD so no 5X. use a card that gets high online. there is a post about that offer.


Are these VGCs issued by the same bank as Simon and Kroger cards?

Stephen Pepper

Yes, I think these are MetaBank.


My real question is will they “work” at WM for MOs


These are the ones that have currently been blocked at the MC. I’d recommend passing on this deal now and in the future until things get sorted out (if they ever do)


lol… even if were to sort out. will likely be harder to liquidate with a circulating memo from the corp. to all stores effective the 19th to closely watch for & deny all prepaid cards loading or MO purch

Last edited 1 year ago by dan
Ed k

Which retailer are you talking about that circulated this rumored memo? If true, it’s probably more about the Christmas shopping season risks of higher than normal use of actual stolen cards. Most people working in retail don’t seem to realize that the hobbyists as we’re called are higher middle income, no criminal histories, do nothing wrong but just know how to utilize frequent point reward programs that are created by banks for customers like us who enjoy racking up rewards from spending and making sure we’re paid up every month (we are the lowest risk customers a credit card issuer can have since we never default. Then, there are the baddies who steal people’s debit or credit cards and then try to use them at stores where they don’t to the simplest of things… verify ID. Verifying ID is the most basic thing to ensure the card holder is the person they say they are (the way voting used to be and still is in some states). In fact, returning an item to stores usually takes more ID proof than voting and yet people don’t seem to have a problem returning items if they are the legit person. And ML is using ill gotten cash to then clean it in a way to legitimize it (like crooks who buy cars with ill gotten cash then sell the car and pay taxes on it to be able to bank the profit). ML is not spending to get a reward using your own debt worthiness. I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but I’m just amazed at some retail workers (many are aware, but some just haven’t been taught = poor management).
Now, if the memo simply states there’s been a problem with certain brand of gift cards (Meta) then that’s understandable. What does the memo actually say?


you are out of the loop. that memo to Walmart staff was long ago posted on line. in addition, the registers at Walmart are now hard coded not to take these cards anymore.


I thought it was the Vanilla gift cards that were having problems.


I am very late in into the serve game, but I did just purchase a serve card two days ago with a meta bank card purchased at Safeway
So, was that an anomaly?