OfficeMax offers $20 off $300 in Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards


Valid through 12/27/2014:

Save $20 when buying $300 or more in Visa or Mastercard gift cards at OfficeMax.  Official limit: two offers per household. 

Thanks to @Somempire for this Tweet:

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I just bought $1400.00 of Mastercard GC at OM yesterday, I went today to Walmart to load my serve as debit but I couldn’t do it. Has anyone had this problem? I didn’t have any problems with Visa GC last time.


Bought these and the OM messed it up and isn’t really willing to help fix it. They were sold out of most the cards also at one I went to. Waiting on corporate to respond, but manager lost it on me and staff cursing and screaming. He also said any purchase over $200 in gift cards they have to call a bank and confirm. Who knows as this guy was nuts.


The OD near me said they would match OM but all they have are the $20-$500 vgc. Does anyone know if those can be loaded to the max and cashed out via redbird?

Madison McKenzie

Live in Chicagoland OM very limited and stores have been out for days. Got in first day and next day but not since and the stores tell me they don’t know when they will get more in stock.

Peter K

I have done $800 per day for four days now on Ink Bold. Loading them to Serve at Family Dollar, just can’t load ’em as fast as I buy ’em, as Family Dollar has a $500/day limit. I’m loving it! A hella lotta bonus points getting racked up.


Scored $2400 in 3 days (3x$800) in Philly suburbs … yes that is 2 sets of $400 per transaction, as advertised limit of 2. No issues of any kind. Paid with Chase Bold cc for nice bonus 12K Chase UR points.


@jay @scott –

I think you’re both right on in that we should always have a method of using credit cards to purchase gift cards, but some stores may have policies against using credit cards to purchase them.


@ scott –

Yep, completely aware of that, and I didn’t say it doesn’t happen. My statement was that I don’t see them eliminating the purchase of GCs with CCs nationwide. It could happen of course, I just honestly don’t see them passing on the revenue corporate-wide.


@Jay–not true. There are several OM/OD in South Florida that have a policy where they will not allow GC purchases with CC’s.


Hey Scott,

Mind sharing which ones in South Florida have that policy? Maybe you could save me a trip (was planning on hitting all of them at some point next week between Boca and Homestead!)


@ Dovertime –

The tender message that comes up on screen is just a message stating that gift cards cannot be purchased with officemax gift cards. Not sure if you’ve ever tried, but even if a cashier allows it the POS system itself is hard-coded to not allow it.

I honestly don’t see them eliminating the purchase of gift cards with credit cards nationwide – it would be too much of a loss for them – think about all of the gift cards that are purchased this time of year (not by people like us of course). If anything, I can see the GC companies raising the price of the fixed value cards, OM/OD only carrying the lower denomination cards (100 or even 50 as the max), or chase lowering or eliminating the office supply category bonus. But OM/OD has too much revenue to lose to stop selling GCs altogether with CCs.


@yeshu – I tested that out tonight and was successful. $600 MC GC’s in one swipe yielded a $40 discount. I then did $1,000 MC GC’s in one additional swipe for another $40 discount.

One thing to note for the future is that my store (an Office Max) recently upgraded to new computers. There is a message coming up on the screen discussing “tender” when I purchase these cards.

Although I can’t read what the message says before the cashier clicks out of it, I’m a bit worried that the Office Supply gift card gravy train may come to an end.

Has anyone else noticed this?


If the manager go looks in their system, they can print the barcode for the discount.


Can you buy $600 (3 cards of $200 each) and get $40 back?

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Cheryl, do you consider Evanston to be a suburb of Chicago? Because it worked for me just fine this morning…