Plastiq CEO Doing Reddit AMA July 13 At 12pm ET


Plastiq’s been making several improvements in recent months. They’ve started offering ACH, international & domestic wire payments, you can make fee-free payments on Mastercard payments up to $250 processed with Masterpass and more.

Plastiq Process

If you’re a Plastiq customer – or even if you’re not yet – you might want to head over to Reddit at 12pm ET today (July 13). That’s because Plastiq’s CEO Eliot Buchanan will be taking part in an AMA.

In case you’re not familiar with Reddit or its acronyms, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. As the term suggests, this provides the opportunity to ask Plastiq’s CEO anything you like. Alternatively, you might want to provide feedback about their current offerings or even make suggestions about features and/or products you’d like to see them offer in the future.

This isn’t the first AMA Buchanan’s done – you can check out his last AMA from February to get an idea of the questions asked and answers given back then.

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