Plastiq honoring 1.5% glitch promo (even for future payments)


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We recently reported that Plastiq was (for a very short time) offering all payments made on a Mastercard for a fee of just 1.5%, but it turned out to be a glitch that was not intended to be so widely available. However, if you scheduled future payments during the time when Plastiq was showing a 1.5% rate, there’s good news: Plastiq reached out to us last night to let us know that they will honor the 1.5% promotional Plastiq fee for those who were quoted a 1.5% fee and submitted payments successfully.

At Plastiq, we are committed to doing the right thing for our customers by placing you first.

The weekend before last, we ran a promotion that caused confusion for our customers. Originally intended as a targeted 1.5% Plastiq fee promotion for a select group of customers, the promotion was unintentionally made available to a wider group of our customers and then mentioned on multiple blogs.

To clarify, if a Plastiq customer was quoted the 1.5% promotional Plastiq fee on the payment review page and then submitted the payment successfully, we will honor that promotional pricing – as long as it was in compliance with our terms of service. This includes future scheduled or recurring payments that saw the promotional fee upon payment submission. Please note that future scheduled payments will lose promotional pricing if they are edited.

We love and appreciate the enthusiasm that Plastiq customers have for using our service. We look forward to continuing to serve our customer’s needs in the future.

Keep in mind if you edit those future payments, you will lose the promotional 1.5% pricing.

In an era when airlines often get “seller’s remorse” over their mistake fares, it’s great to see that Plastiq is going to step up and honor this one.

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[…] Plastiq honoring 1.5% glitch promo (even for future payments) […]