Predicting the imminent return of Amex gift cards


This morning I published a Quick Deal announcing that Amex gift cards have returned for only one day to the cash back portal TopCashBack.  Later in the day, though, TopCashBack sent emails to readers regarding this deal and the header proclaimed that this deal was “24 Hours (EST) before anyone else


As a reader pointed out, this suggests that Amex gift cards will be returning, in general, to portals starting tomorrow (October 1).

The main reason I’m pointing this out today is that I don’t think its necessary to hurry and buy gift cards today at 1.5% cash back.  Chances are good that even better portal rates will be available in the near future.

For details about earning points or cash by buying Amex gift cards, please see “Everything you ever wanted to know about Amex gift cards.”

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I really hope the 3% are coming back :))


This is where the blogs could move the needle……..urge everyone to hold out and not buy until at least 2.5%……..they are teasing us…….taunting us……….those greedy bankers overlooking the Hudson river………….keep your powder dry until you see the white under their nose………


BeFrugal is already back 🙂 albeit with 1.5% too.


Marathon Man: What say you now? Should we try to keep this a secret?


wow, miscommunication. I hit my spending ceiling, can’t really afford to buy anymore 🙁