Pay Your Rent with a Credit Card for No Fee Through the End of the Year


radpad free rent

Update: RadPad ended this promotion prematurely on August 24, 2016 due to a lack of funds. You can find the announcement here.

RadPad and Android Pay are teaming up with Stripe to offer a fantastic deal for paying rent.

The Offer

Let your paycheck process and earn some points paying rent in the interim – for free – with Pay with RadPad and Android Pay.

How it Works

You can now pay your rent online with a credit card and Android Pay on the RadPad app without your landlord even needing to know. They can get a check on your behalf from RadPad just like they always have. From now through the end of the year you can simply log into Pay with RadPad from an android device, sign up for Android Pay using the credit card of your choice, and  schedule your rent payments.

Need to Know

  • Payments usually cost 3.49%
  • Payments should earn credit card rewards
  • Promotion runs through the end of 2016

You can find out more information on the promotional page.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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You can get an LG G3 on Amazon for about $80. Has NFC and supports Android Pay.

[…] Quick Deals, we previously reported that you can now use RadPad with Android Pay to pay your rent with a credit card fee free through the end…. This means that rent payments can be used to earn credit card rewards, help meet minimum spend […]


Can this be used for a business or only for my home.


There is a list of participating banks on the promotional page link you provide here. I see American Express listed but not Visa and not Chase. I do see Citi. So, we would not be able to use Visa Credit cards or Chase credit cards?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Visa cards issued by any of the supported banks are fine. True that Chase (and Barclaycard too) do not support Android Pay


Any recommendations on the cheapest way to acquire a device that can handle android pay?


Yes I am very interested in a response here =)




Ditto, for me, too. Any recommendations on the cheapest way to acquire a device that can handle android pay? I’ve been looking at prepaid and pay-as-you-go phones in Walmart & Best Buy and none of them appear to support Android Pay.

Is there a list of phones that can use Android Pay? It’d be nice to know before you buy.


Says my phone is not compatible to download the app. 🙁 Can I do this same offer from my computer?


Anyone else having issues with the android pay app? When i try to pay its saying that “Android pay in unavailable for this transaction. Please select another payment method” 🙁


I’ve elsewhere that they have an agreement with landlords that they do not accept mortgage payments.


Echoing others, what about mortgage, and also maintenance payments for condo/co-ops?

Gil Navarro

I see a fee when trying to pay rent.


iOS only household here but I knew that $33 Kindle Fire I got to play around with on Prime Day and rooted to run stock Android would come in handy!


I could buy/use a cheap Android tablet, no?


Forgive me for the noob question, is there any concern if I use radpad to mail a check to my spouse or close family member as if paying rent and they deposit the cheque and transfer it back to me?


Im wondering the same. Also whats the max?


^^^Any support on this?


max is 10k…guess ill just pay my normal rent if they verify apt owner..


Any love for Mortgage payments?


Has to be rent, not mortgage?


I travel so much and so often, that I usually leave my landlord post dated checks for months in advance.

I wonder if my landlord will let me prepay a whole years worth of rent over the next few months. Nit a great use of my money, but could possibly signup for multiple high spend cards next “app-o-rama.”


So the value for iPhone users?


might need to buy a cheap android phone! wish they had the same for ios…