Seeking value, finding adventure for 15K Wyndham points per night

a stone building with a walkway and trees
We booked the Newton Manor House for only 15,000 Wyndham points per night. While it isn’t possible to get the same deal today, there is still a way to get amazing properties for relatively few points…

We just returned from a two week vacation in Germany and the United Kingdom, which was capped at the end with a 3 night stay at the Newton Manor House in Swanage Dorset England (pictured above).  We traveled with a total of 9 people for most of the trip, but a few others joined us in Swanage to fill the 8 bedroom, 9 bath “cottage”.

a group of people sitting at a table
Manor House dinner for 12

We paid only 15,000 points per night for this incredible property.  In February 2017, we reported an absurd Wyndham deal: Book any property for only 15,000 points per night.  The deal was only available for a few days, and was limited to 50 bookings, but it seemed that relatively few people jumped on the deal because I had no problem booking my cottage the day after the deal was announced.

We loved the house, and we loved the area around the house even more (see photos of both at the end of this post).  If it wasn’t for this incredible deal, I doubt I’d have ever visited this area, but now I can’t wait to go back.

a white cliffs with a hole in the middle of the water
Old Harry Rocks, in Swanage Dorset England. It’s possible to hike to here from the Manor House.

We had an amazing time at this historic home in this wonderful area.  If we had paid cash, the same three nights would have cost us $4,500.  I doubt that Wyndham will ever offer this deal again, but if they do, I have my eye on another property with 17 bedrooms:

a screenshot of a phone

Are there any great opportunities without this deal?

Wyndham normally charges 15,000 points per bedroom per night.  So, the 8 bedroom Manor House normally costs 120,000 points per night for a grand total of 360,000 points for 3 nights.  And this 17 bedroom property pictured above would cost 765,000 points for 3 nights.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t see myself ever having that many Wyndham points even if they do continue to throw points at us via lucrative deals (like this one).

On the other hand, it occurred to me that there may be some incredible properties with very few bedrooms.  Maybe there’s an amazing two bedroom penthouse in Paris, or a one bedroom cottage overlooking the ocean on the Amalfi coast of Italy?

Ideally I’d be able to filter down to 1 to 2 bedrooms and sort by price high to low.  But the website doesn’t allow for that.  The best I could find to do was to filter to a minimum price and then sort by “Sleeps low to high” (if you click through, don’t forget the sorting part).  The first one shown below is perhaps the best deal from a cost per point view.  The cost for 3 nights is £1646.00, which is equivalent to $2,146 with today’s exchange rate.  And since the property has only 1 bedroom, it would cost only 15,000 Wyndham points per night, for a total of 45,000 points.  That’s a per point value of $2,146 / 45,000 = 4.8 cents per point.

a screenshot of a web page

Should you chase the deal?

In the example shown above, I searched for expensive properties available in mid-July of next year.  I didn’t otherwise filter the desired location at all.  If you know when you’ll be available, but you’re not sure where you want to go, I think this is a reasonable way to have a terrific adventure.  The top result above would land you on the island of Jersey, near the coast of Normandy, France.

Is the Bailiwick of Jersey a great place to visit?  I have no idea.  But, that was true of Swanage Dorset as well.  We booked the house with very little idea of what the area would be like.  And yet, it was awesome.  And some of it’s awesomeness was undoubtedly due to the fact that most foreigners don’t know about it. A couple who live in the area told us that most vacationers head further west to Cornwall, and they love that fact.

I know this approach isn’t for everyone, but I’d love to blindly pick a holiday destination again.  What better way to explore holiday destinations that you’d otherwise never find?

How to find the deals

a screenshot of a login page

Here’s how to find the best available deals based on the going price of each property…

1: Search by region, date, and number of guests:

  • Start with the Wyndham version of the website since it offers additional filtering options over browsing to directly.  Here’s the link:
  • Enter the region you’re interested in (the website is a bit buggy if you leave it at “All Regions”, but you can do All England or All France, for example)
  • Enter the date you’d like to go, the number of nights you’d like to stay, and enable the plus/minus 7 nights option if you have some flexibility
  • Enter the number of adults, children, and pets in your party and select “Search”

2: Filter to higher priced properties:

On the search results page, set a min price to filter out the cheap properties.  I’d recommend filtering to minimum 150 GBP per night if you’re hoping to find a 1 bedroom cottage, or 300 GBP per night for a 2 bedroom cottage.  So, for a 3 night stay, you’d be looking for a minimum of 450 GBP for a 1 bedroom or 900 GBP for a 2 bedroom cottage.

3: Sort by “sleeps low to high”

This will bring the houses with fewer bedrooms to the top.  I really wish they offered a bedroom sort instead!

a close up of a sign

Unfortunately, the website is buggy.  Several times after sorting I found that the min price filter was gone, but this only happened when I included “All Regions”.

Photo Time

Here are a few highlights from our stay in Swanage…

a path on a hill with a lighthouse on the top
The hike to the Anvil Point lighthouse took us rambling through hilly farmland past sheep and horses before finally ending at the Jurassic coast.
a train on the tracks
We rode this scenic train from downtown Swanage to Corfe Castle
a group of cows on a hill by water
Cows enjoy the scenery
a group of sheep grazing in a field
Which sheep is named Shaun?
a large white cliffs with a body of water in the background
Old Harry Rocks (the cows and sheep were near here)
a basket of wine and a box of cheese on a kitchen counter
Welcome gifts at the Manor House
a stone building with a table and chairs
Manor House Courtyard
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I see no way to find locations in France through their site. Does anyone have a tip for finding them?


Was afraid of that. Thanks for the reply!


Thanks for this post, Greg! I really love France (used to live there) and would love to redeem some WR points for a lovely place there. Hopefully we can get more info/data points about the $350 cap/blackout dates.


I remember this deal! Lovely photos

[…] Sometimes, Wyndham Rewards, can be special. Just don’t bet that this is going to happen again lol. Seeking value, finding adventure for 15K Wyndham points per night. […]


I can confirm that Jersey is an amazing place to visit. We just left the island as part of a family vacation last week, mostly on points. (We stayed at the Radisson Blu in St. Helier – and took the ferry to Normandy). It was great, but the St. Brélade’s Bay cottage would be a definite upgrade, if bookable.


As far as I know the cottage has to be under $350 per bedroom. Even though it does not state it anymore, it does state “, blackout dates/rates apply to Go Free Home Awards”.
There are numerous properties listed way above that amount but when I called about a 1 bedroom in Edinburgh I was told it doesn’t qualify because the lowest rate was over 400 GBP. Additionally when I called about condos in Park City, UT, even though the condos showed availability the lady could not find 1 single condo available to book with WR points, for any dates she searched for in October or November – which are not high season for Park City.


Basically the rep on the phone, when I was trying to book a condo in Park City, said the owners could black out all of the dates they wanted to. I said, so they could give 2 night availability for the whole year if the wanted and the answer was yes.

I am looking at some of the houses in Italy on but I don’t hold a lot of hope that I can get one that I want. Don’t get me wrong, I find value in the WR points but spending hours trying to book a house or condo and coming up empty handed, is frustrating.


Tell me more. Keep it coming. I’m wondering if there are opportunities in France.
Yes , there are.


Beautiful! Will have to put it on our list for next year. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


I just got back from a trip to Ireland where I stayed in a one-bedroom apartment for two nights in the Wicklow area. I booked it through for 15,000 points a night. It worked out great. The area was very isolated but the apartment was attached to the main house so I was near the owners, and I was very close to all the things I wanted to do.
Thanks Greg for the tip!


Very informative post! Would love more articles about good Wyndham redemptions, domestically and internationally.


WR are some of the best, plenty ro write about!


Looks like you got super lucky with weather!