(EXPIRED) Stack SimplyMiles & Citi Offers For Great Savings/Rewards On Uber & Uber Eats

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There are currently offers for Uber and Uber Eats on both SimplyMiles and Citi Offers. If you’re targeted for both types of offer, they’ll stack nicely for great savings and rewards.

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The Deals


  • Spend $25+ on Uber Eats & earn 465 bonus AAdvantage miles
  • Spend any amount on an Uber ride & earn 465 bonus AAdvantage miles
  • Direct link to offer.

Citi Offers

  • Get $10 off any Uber ride
  • Spend $15 or more on an Uber Ride and get $5 back
  • Spend $25 or more on Uber Eats and get $10 back
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • SimplyMiles
    • Offers expire November 30, 2022.
    • Uber Eats – limit 3 uses
    • Uber – limit 4 uses
  • Citi Offers
    • Offers expire November 30th, 2022.
    • Uber Eats – limit 3 uses
    • Uber – limit 4 uses

Quick Thoughts

All of these are great offers, especially seeing as they all have limits of three or four uses depending on if you’re using the Uber Eats or Uber offers respectively.

One of the nice features of the SimplyMiles offers is that you’ll earn not only 465 bonus American Airlines AAdvantage miles, but you’ll get a corresponding number of Loyalty Points too. If you happened to max out both sets of offers on SimplyMiles, you’d therefore earn 3,255 redeemable miles along with 3,255 Loyalty Points which is a nice boost towards elite status with American Airlines.

The great thing is that if you have the Citi Offers on Mastercards, those offers will stack with the SimplyMiles offers seeing as SimplyMiles only works with linked Mastercards. Earning 465 bonus miles and Loyalty Points along with a $5-$10 statement credit for each eligible transaction is an excellent return.

Something that I’m not sure about is if app reloads will trigger the Uber and Uber Eats offers. It would certainly be convenient if you could reload $25 on Uber Eats three times and $10 on Uber four times in order to quickly and easily take advantage of these SimplyMiles and Citi Offers, but I don’t know if that’ll work.

Don’t forget that you can link your Uber and Marriott accounts to earn up to 6x Marriott Bonvoy points on Uber rides and Uber Eats orders. Once your accounts are linked there’s nothing else you need to do, so it’s nice seeing some bonus Marriott points showing up on my account each month from Uber Eats orders.

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Arnold S

I have the Uber $10 off any purchase good four times through November 30th. I also have Uber eats $10 off $25 up to three times expires November 30th. Interesting on the Uber $10 offer it also says $10 off your first Uber ride. I wonder how they will check on that do you think it’s with the credit card number? It would be great to get $20 off my first Uber ride although I have this feeling I’m going to have to call in and beg for it


Note also that Uber Eats charges the food/delivery and the tip separately on your credit card. Make sure your food/delivery total is at least $25 to be on the safe side.


That’s not true, I only see the total amount (food+delivery+tax+tip) as one transaction, and I’ve already used this offer multiple times and been credited. So you could order something under $25 total and tip to get it right at the trigger level.


I volunteer as DP tribute – just reloaded my uber cash via the uber app, will report back as to whether it triggers the regular uber offer.


What was the smallest denomination you could load your account with?


$25 was the lowest option I saw, but it’s entirely possible I missed some way to do a custom amount.


Happy to report that reloading my Uber cash via the Uber app DID trigger the Uber offer!


Did trigger citi offer for you? I haven’t seen anything yet.It did trigger SimplyMiles for me


I don’t have any Citi cards, so can’t report on that




Reloading Uber cash in app did trigger both my Citi offer as well as the one on simplymiles.


Reloads on Uber app previously worked to trigger Uber offers, don’t know about Uber eats.


I’ve taken advantage of these offers in the past six months, and it seems Citi limits the number of times it shows up as a merchant offer (same for SM). I only got the Uber Eats offer this item and only for 1x use


Additional DP: I’m in the same situation as John w/ respect to the SimplyMiles offer. My Uber Eats offer is only one time use, regular Uber offer is 4x uses.

Jo Jo



Both Uber and Uber Eats are back on SimplyMiles with expiration of 9/30.

Any DP’s of reloads working?


Miles are NOT posting for me…


Just got an email from SimplyMiles about one Uber drive that I took domestically. It appears that this does NOT count for international transactions. Same rule applies to Citi offers. Bummer as I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the terms and conditions.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lukas

For someone without any Citi cards (except Costco card), which would be a good one to start with to get a decent signup bonus and also hopefully start getting some decent Citi offers?

Aadvantage platinum select world elite Mastercard? No annual fee first year. 50k AA point signup bonus and can technically downgrade to a no annual fee card after first annual fee posts?

Oren S

Thanks! Totally forgot to check the best offers page.


Seems like the Citi offers are all 1 time only now. Previously most were 3x. I was stacking those with frequent UE promos and of course Amex credits for lots of highly subsidized sushi. Unfortunately not targeted for simply miles promo, and my UE promos have sinced dried up.


I have not used any of these offers yet, but I have added them previously to my 2 Citi cards. I also have the SimplyMiles offers and have previously added them as well. Mine still show as 2, 3, or 4 times on the Citi offers page, so maybe yours dropped to 1 because you have previously used it?


Maybe, but they aren’t the same offers as before. I used them last month, they expired, and now they showed up again a couple of days ago, but all 1x.

Another Jeff

FYI it charges your Uber cash balance first even if you have the card set as payment. Waste of time


Learn how to use UE. You can change that setting.


True for food orders, but I can’t find a way to stop Uber from using Uber cash for Uber One membership. Which means every month it comes right out of my Amex credits instead of being able to take advantage of these offers.


Set UberOne not to autorenew. When you do a manual charge you can choose which means of payment you want (i.e. you can override the Ubercash default)

Last edited 1 year ago by Neal

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess the other consideration is to cancel and then not renew it at the beginning of the month so that you have a chance to burn through the Amex credits before it charges you. At the moment my account renews on the 2nd.


That’s not a great option because UberOne gets you some discounts which you’d miss out when burning Amex credits.


The view details link isn’t working for me anymore, does anyone know how many times the non Uber One SimplyMiles offer can be redeemed?


Heads up: I received a notice from SimplyMiles that I received only 235 miles for a $50+ Uber ride that, according to the offer (as above), I should have received 465 miles for. The offer is now also mysteriously missing from my list of offers.

Contacted support but this is shady.


On the last round of Uber offers, all of my purchases tracked with Citi merchant offers and none of them tracked with SimplyMiles. Not worth it enough to deal with CS, but I have little faith these will stack.


Dealing with SimplyMiles CS is a lot of “fun”. You should try it. They’re really one of the worst. Their IT department has been “researching” my issue for over 6 months now. I’ll be soon filing for arbitration although even finding any information about SimplyMiles registered address proved to be a big task.

Bill C

Hi, does anyone know if you buy a gift card in the Uber or Uber Eats App, if it will trigger the simply miles credit (assuming you are using the mastercard loaded in your simplymiles profile)?


Question – where do you find Citi offers? Perhaps I do not see any b/c I hold the Citi AA Platinum Select Mastercard? The only “offers for you” dropdown with the cc set, are interest rate, balance transfer, and similar offers, Nothing related to shopping or specific purchases. TIA!


Appreciate the advice, it confirms that is where I’ve been checking. No offers on the AA Platinum MC. Strange given I receive 100s from Chase and AMEX. Again, thanks.


Wow, I just checked Citi Merchant Offers for the first time in a couple weeks, and they finally show up for me now! Previously, it always gave me the oddball error message, but now I have ~85 offers on both my Double Cash and my Dividend. Granted, none of the offers look very good, but maybe with the new month I will start to get some of the good ones.


Anybody know if reloads are working? On either eats or uber or both??