Staples $20 rebate on $300 MasterCard gift cards


Valid 10/12 through 10/18/2014

Starting Sunday, Staples is once again offering a $20 rebate (in the form of a Visa Staples gift card) for purchasing $300 or more worth of MasterCard gift cards at Staples.  This is most likely an in-store only deal.


To get the most from this deal, use a Chase Ink Visa card and enroll it in the Visa Savings Edge program.  The Chase Ink card will give you 5 points per dollar, and the Visa Savings Edge program will kick back 1% cash to your credit card statement.

I recommend buying either one $200 card and one $100 card or two $200 cards for this promotion.  The $200 MasterCard gift cards have a $6.95 fee whereas the $100 cards have a $5.95 fee.

Read more here:  HOT!- Staples $20 Rebate with Purchase of $300 or More In Mastercards

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[…] to get in on the current different but similar offer requiring purchasing MasterCard gift cards: Staples $20 rebate on $300 MasterCard gift cards.  These are different rebates, so you can do the MasterCard deal first then do the Visa deal […]

[…] offer is in-store only.  If you hurry, you can double dip by buying MasterCard gift cards with this rebate offer (through 10/18).  Or, buy other gift cards […]


Oops. I take back the second part. Although the rebate form did not print I was able to submit it online after all. I didn’t realize how it worked when you have to manually look up rebate numbers.


I bought the cards today and no rebate form printed. This is a first time for me, because I always do these rebates. Also if you look up the rebate online there’s a printed form to be mailed in. It is NOT an easy rebate.


Here’s how I’m looking at this. 1,500 UR points plus $20 (less purchase fees) is a no brainer. I may hit the three staples in my area to get this, turn around and buy some toner, and then I’m on my way to some Staples rewards when those toners run out. If I can unload via Evolve, great. If not, I’ll sacrifice some other point opps for the UR opp.


For me, it’s not about profit, it’s about the points. Buy 4 – $200 MC = $827.80 minus 1% back with Visa Savings Edge = $819.52 minus $20 Staples gift card = $799.52. 4139 UR points earned.


Can these be unloaded via Evolve?


Can the MC gift card be loaded via Amazon payment? I have not loaded for this month and I believe AP ends on the 13th.

Kent C

Haven’t tried. Good question. If you do try you’ll have 2 days max, since the offer starts on the 12th.


I have never been able to use MC gift cards to load Bluebird or Serve at Walmart, either at kiosk, cashier, or money center. Has anyone been able to do so recently? I’m aware of the old “trick” to quickly punch the red or yellow button, but that never worked for me either).

Chris F.

I’ve never had problems loading MC GCs @ the kiosk, including several in the past week. These were Metabank cards.

Kent C

Had no problem loading the Mastercards you buy at Staples via the Kiosk at least as of 2 weeks ago. Humans are another matter. M/C GC are different than the Visa GC in that the PIN is not the last 4 digits. Either they supply the PIN inside the envelope or you call and set a pin. If you mess up on the PIN it’s not the card’s fault or the Kiosk. So make sure you know what you are doing before hitting WM. I have only used MC from Staples. Drug store MC’s may not work any longer at WM.


Can you use these (since they are pin enabled) to load SERVE (debit) online?


Thanks for the heads up Greg, here is a pic from Staples online catalog for next week:
The deal is only valid in-store since only sells Visa GCs, not MasterCard GCs online.


Good deal catch, Greg — and helpful follow-up thread. Never tried the M/C route before. Thanx!


The $20 Visa gift card rebates we got in the past were nice. I have a few of them. But a $20 Staples gift card is meh. I still have $400 to go before completing my Amazon Payments forever, and I was planning on buying $400 in Visa gift cards at Staples today. I would’ve held off and bought the MC on Sunday (10/12) instead had the rebate been Visa gift cards, but I don’t think I’ll deviate from my orignal plan for this deal.

BJ Mahal

Are they Dtaples only Master cards or Visa cards.Yor posting is confusing


Can mastercards be loaded to serve at walmart? If not, what are other ways to liquidate them? Thank you!


Hi Greg,

I have found the solution to my problem of not being able to load these specific cards shown at Walmart – to Bluebird – or buy a money order etc.

My card was locked!
Even though I had created a passcode and had money on the account.

I called the card’s Customer Service number ( found on line) and explained all the error messages I had received and no luck using card with pin.

Rep checked and said it was “locked” and it did not matter if I changed the pin etc.
Rep stated this can happen if you have too many swipes trying to use the card.

Rep “unlocked’ the card – and then I went through the prompts to reset my pin.
Called back and had a rep check that pin was reset and all was good.
Was told all was good so I headed to Walmart….

Worked on the 1st swipe to load to my Bluebird!

Hope this helps others having the same problem!