StayCay to Far Away Week 3 results: Greg “runs” away with it. Continue voting for category champs!


StayCay to Far Away Week 3 is in the books. Greg had a run-away victory this week, but perhaps more surprising (at least to those who voted before the challenge began) is that Greg is now leading three of the four categories overall. Note that it’s very close on Travel-Themed Life Hack, with Greg’s hotel hacks exactly one thumb up ahead of Carrie’s Waterproof Meds video, so it’s still anyone’s game in that category (and with my travel-themed life hack coming up this week, I’m hoping to give them both a run for their money!).

While Greg is the undisputed champ this week, be sure to check out all of the videos (here’s a link to the entire playlist on Youtube) and like those you like as we will also crown individual category champs next week before giving readers the chance to vote on the winner of #StayCaytoFarAway.

Week 3 standings:

Current Category leaders:

  • Destination Cooking: Nick (115)
  • Travel-Themed Life Hack: Greg (95)
  • Imitation Travel: Greg (114)
  • Improv Travel: Greg (75)

StayCay to Far Away Posts:

With each video, the contestant publishes a “behind the scenes” post. If you’ve enjoyed watching, don’t miss the commentary:

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Caroline Yoder

After reading how close my travel themed life hack video is… I called my twin for help…. I think I may be able to win this one. *crosses fingers*


Did u pay the sister with points? Second place is fine in the long term confer with the sister.