(EXPIRED) Swagbucks: Earn Cashback On All Amazon Purchases

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Update: Based on some comments below, it looks like this might be a targeted offer. When checking the email I received from Swagbucks it had a link to ‘Activate Your Cash Back’, so keep an eye out for an email from Swagbucks. The email subject line was ‘Cash. Back. On. Everything. At. Amazon.’, but they might test different email subject lines.


Amazon buyers rejoice! Swagbucks has announced that as of today they’re now offering cashback on all Amazon purchases.

Swagbucks Amazon cashback

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Cash Back will not be awarded on the purchase of the following: Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, Currency, Balance Transfers.
  • Cash Back award is not eligible for Swagbucks Shop Swagups and Multipliers.

Quick Thoughts

For the longest time Amazon has only allowed shopping portals to offer cashback in certain categories – usually Amazon devices and a handful of other random categories (sometimes pet products, other times Amazon Fashion, etc.).

Amazon is still offering a higher cashback rate on categories like Amazon devices, but the fact Swagbucks is now offering 0.5% cashback on all other categories (other than gift cards and currency) is fantastic news. 0.5% isn’t a huge rate, but for people who spend a lot on the site then the cashback could quickly mount up.

The fact that Swagbucks is now allowed to offer cashback to all members hopefully means that other shopping portals will be allowed to follow suit. I guess Swagbucks might be an exception seeing as strictly speaking you’re earning Swagbucks rather than cashback per se. However, Swagbucks can be redeemed for cash via PayPal and which means it’s as good as cash, so hopefully this’ll be rolled out to other portals soon.

Swagbucks often offers 50% of the cashback that TopCashback offers, so if other portals are allowed to join the party then it wouldn’t be surprising to find offers for a minimum of 1% cashback on all Amazon purchases.

There is a caveat though. The image in the email from Swagbucks says ‘This offer won’t last long’. It therefore appears that this is a limited time offer which means it might indeed only be Swagbucks offering cashback on everything. Having said that, perhaps Amazon is testing things out to see if offering 0.5% cashback via Swagbucks leads to an increase in sales.

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Quick question – any history/DPs on whether orders split by Amazon after placing will still track to get $10SB off $25+ Amazon order? I used a $0.67 filler and it broke into a separate “order”, leaving the total for my main item at around $24.37 – I am wondering if SB would use that as a reason not to trigger the signup bonus. I can still cancel and place a new order using a 2 dollar ‘warranty’ for the item, but SB won’t let me submit an inquiry unless I wait another couple days when it will have shipped. Anyone?

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I got an email about the offer but clicking it doesn’t show the 0.5% on everything, so maybe they filled up already or had to pause it.


Don’t most regular Amazon users have an Amazon Prime no fee card which gets 5 percent off all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases? If not, WHY?


Also, some of us have the Citi AT&T Access More card which gets 3% in TY points, pretty close to 5% in cash back value, and doesn’t take up another CC slot.

[…] from Frequentmiler reported getting an email about this offer, though others say they aren’t seeing it. […]


That is the same rate that goes to your selected charity via smile.amazon.com.


I just looked, and don’t see the offer (or the image posted) … DEAD already, or TARGETED?


Yeah, nothing for me either outside of the usual Amazon categories. Since the screenshot mentions “you’ve unlocked exclusive access” sounds like this is targeted or maybe they will offer it after you’ve reached a certain level?


I got the offer in my email, but didn’t see anything when I clicked “activate”.


Give .5% when paying with gift cards and then we are talking


Well then.. 🙂