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a cellphone with a credit card on the screen

Disregard Curve’s scary email (if you’re from the U.S.)

Curve cardholders recently received an email from Curve saying "We've updated our terms."  And if you follow the link in the email you'll find...
Point Earning. Image shows chart projecting growth into the future.

Greg’s point earning strategy

Shortly after Nick and I recorded our latest podcast, Citi’s awesome rewards program, it occurred to me that I should have explained how Citi's...
a close up of a credit card

Bilt outsmarts Curve’s “Everyday is Rent Day” trick

The last time I made significant updates to my Curve Card review, an amazing trick dawned on me.  The Curve Card, which passes along...
a credit card on top of some credit cards

Curve card review: Awesome, but limited (Update: Smart Rules working)

Curve is the one card to rule them all.  Or it would be if it supported all common credit cards.  Instead, Curve is the...
a close-up of a credit card and a barricade

Is the Curve card ready for prime time? (hint: not yet)

Curve is intended to be the one card to rule them all.  No matter how many credit cards you have, the concept is that...
a brown wallet with a credit card in it

Mastercards on my mind for Player 2’s Curve card (on Nick’s mind)

A few weeks ago, I called the Curve card the ultimate Player 2 card. In a nutshell, currently only available to a select number...
a credit card on top of some credit cards

Dreaming up my Curve wallet

Last week, Nick wrote about using the Curve card to keep his marriage happy and healthy.  Curve looks to the world like a credit...
a screenshot of a credit card

Curve Credit: Visa Debit is already live, but is credit soon to follow?

Here in Frequent Miler World, the US launch of the Curve Credit has been keeping our hearts aflutter.  Curve is a credit card that...
a screenshot of a website

Curve is here and it’s real. It won’t rule them all, but it’ll rule...

The Curve credit card may become the hottest thing to happen to wallets in this game in a long time, offering the ability to...
Curve Card

[Updates] Curve Is Coming: Get On The Waitlist

Update from Nick 8/14/21: Curve has made some interesting updates to the referral promotion and to the terms and conditions. The short story is...

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