The mid-race tally. Who’s leading #40Kfaraway?

Frequent Miler's 2019 40K to Far Away Challenge is done! Greg, Nick, and Stephen competed to see who could go farthest with 40,000 points and $400! Click here for contest results and next steps.

As of Sunday at 3pm ET, Nick is way ahead of the pack.  That is, if we measure only the distance traveled and not the quality of the travel, then he’s way ahead.  Here’s the Sunday afternoon tally (images and computed distances courtesy of Great Circle Mapper):

Nick has traveled approximately 17,613 miles:

Nick has now slept well in two separate pod hotels, but has also had some unfortunate mishaps.  In Bangkok he wasn’t allowed out of the airport during his long layover due to the type of ticket he bought.  More recently (not represented in the above map), he biked far to get to a ferry, but missed the departure.  Sadly, he didn’t have time before his next flight to wait for the next one.  He reported an even sadder story about biking to a pizza place only to find that he couldn’t cross the highway.  My heart (stomach) breaks for him.

Greg has traveled approximately 12,455 miles:

Greg has slept pretty well in a couple of CouchSurfing hosts’ homes: first in Madrid and then in Dakar.  He has also eaten well at each stop.  A sunrise breakfast in Jo’burg was a major highlight (I’ll publish details about this soon-ish):

Stephen has traveled approximately 5,340 miles (not counting the dozens of miles he has hiked within the towns and cities he has visited):

Those following along on social media channels know that Stephen has been hopping from place to place around Europe and has walked great distances at each stop.  Unfortunately, he has mostly slept on concrete floors, until he finally got some sleep at a hostel…

Not done yet!

So, it’s looking good for Nick!  But we’re not done.  Nick will continue travelling through Tuesday.  Greg will continue through Wednesday.  And Stephen will keep plugging away through next Tuesday October 15th.

And, of course, there’s more to this contest than distance alone.  In the end we will summarize all 3 journeys and let our readers vote.  Who really won?  I expect that readers will want to factor in things beyond distance such as: How interesting was the trip?  Who got the most bang for the buck (e.g. slept in the best places, ate the best food, had the best experiences)?  Who had the most creative itinerary.  And so on.  It’s all subjective.

I realize that it would be helpful to have full summaries of each trip.  We will get to that!  For now, we’re each too busy travelling to blog.  But if you want to keep up with us, don’t forget to follow us (particularly our Stories) on Instagram or Facebook!  Search for Frequent Miler and click “follow”.

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