Today only: Amex gift cards 2% to 2.35% cash back via BigCrumbs


Valid today only (10/20/2014):

Big Crumbs is offering 2% cash back when clicking through their portal to order American Express gift cards.


Up to 2.35%

BigCrumbs offers a two-deep referral program.  The person who referred you earns a small amount of cash back each time you earn cash back; and the person who referred that person also receives that amount.  So, with this current offer, not only will you earn 2% cash back, but the person who’s link you used to signup will earn 0.175% and the person they signed up from will also earn that amount.  If all of the people in that chain happen to be in the same family, then one family can earn 2.35% cash back today!

If you haven’t already signed up for BigCrumbs, please find my signup link (and many other useful links) here.

Questions about buying and using Amex gift cards?

Please see:  Everything you ever wanted to know about Amex gift cards.

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I got a 2.2% cash back which is weird but I am not complaining 🙂


Does anyone know whether using Discover to pay for Amex gift cards thru BC will count as an online purchase for quarterly 5% cash back?


I bought an Amex gift card thru BC on 10/22 for the first time using my Discover card, hoping to get the 5% cash back. By checking my “recent activity” on the Discover card website, I see that the purchase has gone through with description as “AMEX GIFT CARDS 801-945-7919 UT” and the category is “Services”. I can’t tell if I got any rewards points yet. I think I have to wait for my next billing statement to see if I got any rewards. I did this purchase because I thought someone else said they had successfully used the 5% cashback for online Discover purchases for giftcards at Big Crumbs. So when my statement is available, I will check and report back.


Although I don’t see my Discover statement yet, I can see online on my Discover account that I got $50 cashback for purchase of the $1000 Amex gift card on Big Crumbs. Yeah! I actually had to pay $12.90 in fee and shipping for the card, but I got $22.50 in cashback from Big Crumbs, so that more than covers it.


I’m considering buying an Amex gift card as well with Discover, with the majority being used at Costco for purchases, but honestly don’t see where the added value is in going this route.

These have no pin# so they can’t be loaded to prepaid cards like Serve, so it’s a YMMV situation if you’re able to find a loophole MS’ing the card. If you have Fidelity Amex, you’re already getting 2% everyday cash back so this is a competing product.

I’m not sure if a $10 profit on a $1,000 purchase online beats not worrying about 5% online cashback, the 2.25% portal cb, having it mailed to me (I’ve read reports of issues) and potential cash advance fees. Where as Costco’s system has you activate a gift card with a phone number (is never a liability of a lost card or funds in a vacuum) and no CA or shipping charges. Also already know I get 5% online shopping.


Not sure where you are getting $10 profit number from. My cashback from Discover was $50 and cash back from Big Crumbs after deducting fees and shipping costs was $9.60, making this a $59.60 profit, whereas if I just used my Fidelity Amex card for $1000 worth of purchases, I would get 2% cashback or $20. The extra $39.60 of profit was worth it to me. Lots of savings like that and bonuses here and there add up.


The $50 is a wash, meaning I can get that elsewhere as well. Like buying a Costco gift card, with purchase protection (gift card isn’t activated until I call with my phone number linked to the card).

The $10 is basically the difference of $1k Amex gc purchase cb – fees = $10 net profit.

I definitely agree every penny counts, but in this case I don’t think the risk is worth the $10 reward, unless there is a guaranteed way to MS the funds, which is sketchy at best by playing bait and switch with Walmart cashiers.


BC cashback on Amex gift card is now back at 0.9%. The day I bought mine was a special day when they were offering more cashback. Shipping for a $100 card was $8.95 for Express 2nd day (cheapest choice) and there was a fee of $3.95. So your $9 cashback from BC will only recoup some of that.


Oops, I meant $1000 card, not $100.


This is all well and good, but how do you liquidate these generally now that Amazon Payments is gone, Bluebird doesn’t work with AGCs and most stores won’t let you buy VGCs with an AGCs in my experience?


You can just spend them at a store or online like a Vanilla Gift Card.
I have used them recently, to purchase some VGCs at gas stations.


fair warning, they found out that my referral came from my wife and they caught it and shut it down. They were kind enought to let me choose which one to shut but they did catch it.


I dunno about everyone else, but something’s broke.
when I go through the process, it says
“The order limit for Gift Cards cannot exceed $0.”
so I can’t buy anything.

Commenting to subscribe to comments. I want to know about liquidation. And when people think 3% is coming back…


Do you think it might be possible to load your target prepaid redcard with these? Since you can load credit careds, seems like it might be possible.

Steve j

Any one been able to get vgc with these at the drug store lately?

Iolaire McFadden

I’ll wait for 3% so I can pay my taxes without loosing $.


Is there any way to get cash out of it?