(EXPIRED) Unlocked Pixel 4 deals: Buy for Fi or file price protection claims

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Both Best Buy and Amazon.com have deals today for the unlocked Google Pixel 4 today. If you’ve been interested in Google Fi, this is obviously a phone that would be fully compatible (or it is unlocked for use on the carrier of your choice). However, I’m also posting this today because surely some readers bought a Pixel 4 over the holiday season. If you used a card with price protection, this could be a good opportunity to file a claim.

The Deal



  • Best Buy is offering the Google Pixel 4 64GB unlocked without activation and bundled with a $200 Best Buy gift card for $699.99

Quick Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy a Pixel 4 right now for personal use, the Best Buy deal is probably better if you value the gift card anywhere near face value. Keep in mind that you could go through a shopping portal to earn a bit more back rather than using our link above (see here for the current high rates at Cashbackmonitor.com). If you’re buying at Best Buy, be sure to choose “activate later” before adding the phone to your cart (the price with carrier activation is $649.99; without activation the phone price is $699.99, but the $200 gift card will be added to your cart automatically when buying without activation).

My wife has a Pixel 3 XL that we got in the crazy Google Fi deal at the holidays in 2018. I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t run (what I thought was) a similarly good deal this year. I currently use an LG V30+ and it is getting tired and slow. Furthermore, the camera on the Pixel 3 makes me not even take pictures on my phone very much any more since they can’t possibly compare. Here are a couple we’ve taken on the Pixel 3 — surely the 4’s camera didn’t get worse. Note that we are definitely not great photographers and each of these are completely unedited – I’ve seen absolutely stunning photos people have taken with them (I emphasize the photo aspect because it has saved me from carrying around a heavier separate camera).

Grounds at the Conrad Bora Bora

I wish the Pixel had a wide-angle camera. It’s other two major shortcomings for me are a disease that has spread to most major flagship phones in the past year or two: there is no mircoSD slot and no headphone jack. The former is an annoyance due to personal preference. The second just makes no sense to me; sure, I have lots of Bluetooth headphones in my house. Sometimes the batteries are dead or I’m on a foreign carrier with different rules than the US and I just want a wire to keep things simple. I wish we hadn’t gotten away from a headphone jack. /rant.

All that said, I love the photos we get on the Pixel and I’d be extremely tempted to buy this if not for the fact that T-Mobile recently launched its 5G network. While I love Fi for international coverage, I have not been impressed with it domestically and am sticking with T-Mobile for my regular cell service thanks to a grandfathered plan with unlimited LTE tethering (I often work from the car / hotels / coffee shops and don’t want to use public WiFi). I am itching for a new phone but am anticipating some deals coming when T-Mobile gets a stable of 5G phones in stock.

Of course, I would be singing a different tune if I had thought things through a bit better this holiday season. A couple of months ago, Google was offering the Pixel 4 with a Google Fi gift card worth half the price of the phone. I believe the Pixel 4 was $800 at the time and came with a free $400 Google Fi gift card. If I were smart enough to have purchased that, I imagine it might be possible to file a price protection claim to the Amazon price today — getting a further ~$230 back. If I could have had both the Pixel 4 and a $400 Fi gift card for ~$570, I’d have put 5G plans on the backburner for a while. I wish I had thought about the deal a bit longer. Of course, YMMV as to whether or not the price protection gets approved — I’m not sure whether your receipt shows a value on the gift card, though I imagine it may show the phone purchased at full price and the gift card free. See our Price Protection by issuer guide for more information on this benefit.

Anyway, whether you’re in the market for a Pixel 4 today or you have been in the market for a potential price protection claim, today could be your day.

H/T: Slickdeals here and here

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