(EXPIRED) Wyndham: Earn 10,000 Bonus Points When Booking 2+ Night Weekday Stays (Check In Sun-Wed)

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Wyndham has launched a new promotion which is offering 10,000 bonus points when booking a stay of two or more nights and you check in from Sunday to Wednesday.

Wyndham Rewards 10,000 Points Weekday Stays

The Deal

  • Earn 10,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points when you check in Sunday–Wednesday at participating hotels for two or more consecutive nights.
  • Direct link to registration.

Key Terms

  • To qualify for this mid-week travel offer (“Mid-Week Travel Offer”) to receive 10,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points, a Wyndham Rewards Member must: (i) be a resident of the U.S. or Canada; (ii) register for the Mid-Week Travel Offer by completing the registration process on wyndhamhotels.com/wyndham-rewards, wyndhamhotels.com or any of the official brand websites of any participating Hotel Chain, or through the “My Promotions” section of his or her Wyndham Rewards Member account on wyndhamhotels.com/wyndham-rewards or the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts App, in each case, between November 18, 2021 and February 15, 2022; then (iii) on any Direct Booking Channel (as defined below), book one (1) Qualified Stay at a Participating Hotel, which stay is at least two (2) consecutive nights, and has a check-in day of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday ; then (iv) begin such stay no earlier than November 18, 2021 and complete it no later than February 19, 2022 (any stay booked and completed by a qualifying, registered Member in accordance with the foregoing clauses (iii) and (iv), an “Offer Qualifying Stay”).
  • For purposes of these Offer Terms, “Direct Booking Channel” means any of the following booking channels: wyndhamhotels.com/wyndham-rewards, wyndhamhotels.com, any of the official brand websites of any participating Hotel Chain, the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts App, the official toll free reservation number of Wyndham Rewards or any of the participating Hotel Chains, a non-online travel agent (i.e., a traditional travel agent or travel management company that books through a global distribution system) and/or directly with a Participating Hotel.
  • A Member who completes one (1) Offer Qualifying Stay pursuant to these Offer Terms will receive ten thousand (10,000) Wyndham Rewards bonus points for such Offer Qualifying Stay (the “Bonus”). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in these Offer Terms, there is a maximum of one (1) Bonus per qualifying registered Member, regardless of how many stays such Member books between November 18, 2021, and February 15, 2022 and completes by February 19, 2022.
  • A Member will not receive the Bonus for a no-show.
  • For clarity, and without limiting any term or condition of these Offer Terms, any stay that: (a) is booked or completed prior to registration for this Mid-Week Travel Offer, (b) has a check-in day other than a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday; and/or (c) contains any dates before November 18, 2021 or after February 19, 2022, will not be counted for this Mid-Week Travel Offer.
  • Members who have elected to earn airline miles in their Member profile will earn base miles in accordance with Program Terms and the Bonus in Wyndham Rewards points.
  • Stays at Participating Caesars Rewards Properties, vacation club resorts and vacation rentals are not eligible for this Offer. Go Free and Go Fast award stays are also not eligible for this Offer.
  • A Member who is eligible to receive a Bonus pursuant to these Offer Terms will typically receive it within six to eight weeks after the completion of the stay for which it was earned.

Quick Thoughts

I received an email about this promotion while my wife didn’t. However, I don’t think it’s a targeted promotion because there’s a generic registration page and nothing in the terms suggests that it’s targeted.

Wyndham ran a somewhat similar mid-week promotion a few months ago. That was a little different though because it only had a one night minimum stay requirement rather than two and offered only 3,000 bonus points rather than 10,000 points like this promotion is giving.

10,000 points is on top of the minimum 1,000 points you’d earn from the Wyndham stay is more than two-thirds of the way towards a free night at a 15,000 point property which includes one bedroom Vacasa vacation rentals. If you can find a cheap two night stay near you, that’s a fantastic return. I don’t know if I’d necessarily say it was mattress run-worthy, but there might be some people for whom that would be the case.

Remember that you can earn 4% cashback as a statement credit on Wyndham stays when paying with a Visa business card enrolled in Visa SavingsEdge.

Update: You can also stack this 10,000 bonus points promotion with a separate one giving 7,500 bonus points when staying a total of four nights – thanks to jeph36 for the reminder about that in the comments.

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Stayed at Wyndham property 2 nights last week and got the 10k.
After checking out, received an offer on my account for +3k on a 2nd booking.
Guess it will stack with the 7.5k for the 2 nights remaining. Effectively 20.5k + $50GC + 2.9k from Bakkt in just 2 weeks & 4 cheap nights.


Award stays count?


In the podcast Greg and Nick talk about 2×10,000 rewards for 2x 2night stays. But according to this post and the terms, you won’t get another 10k points for the second stay, its limited to 10k total correct?


I’m sure there’s a basket of apology kittens in the mail for this egregious error. Gotta keep these guys honest Stephen their shotty reporting is ruining your good name.

Tonei Glavinic

Thanks for the heads up, just rebooked an upcoming stay – had to pay $10 more but 10k bonus points is definitely worth it!


Yes… But that entails staying at a Wyndham property….. They stranded me not once but twice…. I showed up at their skanky hotels only to discover that, despite my confirmation number and email, Wyndham hadn’t contacted the hotel and… No room, no reservations… Twice! I ended up having to walk through New Orleans at one in the morning looking for a place to stay…. Avoid these as$hats like COVID. No matter how good the deal…. (I learned that lesson the hard way…. Twice.)


Stephen, I assume this will stack with the promo from a few weeks ago to get 7500 points for 4 nights:
I did not get notice about this new 10K bonus, but it shows in my Wyndham app so you are most likely correct that it is not targeted. Now I need to cancel and re-book a 2-night stay in December to qualify for this new promo …


I think the two stacking on top of each other is a pretty good opportunity. There’s no requirement for these stays to be within the US, correct?


Just got an alert for another promo: $25 GC for a 2 night stay thru mid Jan.

Another Jeff

Same up to 2x GC makes the second 2 nights mattress run worth IMO if the GC is any good. Appears to be visa or something like that