(EXPIRED) Wyndham Timeshare Offer: 3 Nights + 30,000 Points From $199 (Other Offers Available)

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Wyndham Rewards is out with an enticing-sounding promotion. You can get three nights at a resort plus up to 30,000 bonus points from only $199. As you might expect, there’s a catch – you have to sit through a timeshare presentation.

Wyndham Timeshare Offer 3 Nights + 30,000 Points For $199

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Offer Details: Offers brought to you by Wyndham Vacation Resorts. Offer expires April 3, 2023. Must complete your stay within 12 months of your purchase date.
  • You, and your spouse if married or partner if cohabitating, must attend a 120-minute Club Wyndham timeshare sales presentation. Please read our Terms and Conditions to see if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Earliest available check-in is 14 days from the vacation purchase date.

Quick Thoughts

The headline rate here is 3 nights + 30,000 points for $199. However, that’s not what’s on offer at all the locations which include New York City, Myrtle Beach, Branson, Orlando, Anaheim and more. Some offers cost a little more than $199, others only offer 15,000 points, while others give a $150 or $200 American Express gift card instead of the bonus points, so be sure to check the terms of the offer before booking anything.

What these offers do all have in common is that you’ll have to sit through a 2+ hour timeshare presentation. A month or two into our 50 state road trip back in 2018 my wife and I did a Wyndham timeshare presentation for a deal that wasn’t as good as this – you can read about that here. Nick meanwhile sat through a timeshare presentation recently (albeit Bluegreen Vacations through Choice Privileges rather than Wyndham), so be sure to read his post for more about his experience.

Ultimately, these types of offers can work out to be great deals – especially if you want to visit one of the eligible destinations anyway – but only if you’re able to withstand the pressure and not sign up for a timeshare.

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I signed up for the Wyndham offer in Vegas where one of the hotels they use is the Hyatt Place. I was hoping to be able to replicate Nick’s Marriott success by getting the stay to count under my own reward account in connection with Hyatt’s current promotion, but I asked two different reps for a confirmation number and both told me there is no separate number. In addition, the confirmation email I received from them has a room description that mentions Wyndham, so I’m guessing it’s booked under their corporate code/special rate. I’ll try adding my Hyatt number by phone or at the desk, but I’m not holding out much hope. In any event, I was able to get a rate of only $149, rather than their advertised $199, plus 30k Wyndham points, so I can’t complain too much. I was first offered a $149 rate plus a $100 giftcard, but I pointed out to the rep that their website said 30k points. She came back with a 15k offer, but I held firm and got the 30k without her raising the rate to $199 that was posted on their webpage.


Addendum: I called Hyatt before my stay and was able to get my Hyatt number added to the reservation. Yesterday, the day after I checked out, the stay posted to my account along with three elite nights, bonus points from the current Hyatt promo and I’m signed up for the Bilt promo too. Huge score! Thanks to Nick for the idea.


Do you get the 30k points immediately when you purchase, or after the completion of the stay?


I was told they will give me a voucher for the points after the presentation finishes. That is also the way IHG handled it a couple years ago. I was given two vouchers with a web address and code that I punched in on my phone before leaving and the points posted to my account straight away.


Addendum: It wasn’t a voucher per se, but rather an email they send you with a code to redeem your points. I didn’t get mine for nearly a month even though a rep at the front desk confirmed my contact info in their system right after the presentation and I thought she had sent it to me just then. I’m in Vegas again and stopped by their office to inquire about status and after checking the rep sent it to me while I was there and I redeemed it immediately. So all’s well that ends well, I guess.

Frequent Miler Superfan

The last time I tried to redeem a Wyndham free 3 night certificate after sitting through a timeshare presentation at Wyndham it didn’t work out. I call customer service and they would say no availability no matter what days or properties I chose. I felt scammed. Never doing it again.

Ling Wong

Is the order page broken for anyone else?


I’ve been trying to click thru to specific locations for the past three days. Always a 404 error


Does anyone have experience going to one of these and having young children?


We’ve gone to 5-10 in the past few years (IHG & Wyndham) with our 4 kids all under 10. We bring workbooks and art supplies to occupy the kids. We are never impolite or rude about it, but we set a timer, and are pretty up front that we travel for close to free with miles and points and consistently communicate that. We are usually out of there is less than 2 hours, never more than. Once, they didn’t have a representative, so just gave us the money, another time we were out in less than 20 minutes. The kids are relativly well-behaved, but we are fine with them climbing into our laps during the presentations and meetings, and sometimes needing attention. Honestly, the more attention they need, I think it encourages the time-share people to get us out of there.


Last year I went with 8-10 YOs and I have to say the reps did NOT give a sh*t they were there. The sales drones barely acknowledged their presence, and insisted on bring more and more “managers” despite our repeated “no’s” and our kids being right there. They’ve been doing this for a decade, they know your tactics, they could not care less, they’re going to pitch until their 2 hours are up. Thank god for tablets.

John Oliver

Watch this: https://youtu.be/Bd2bbHoVQSM

It has good info on timeshare.


Recently did one in Florida. Went to the presentation and they did have a representative. So they let me go with all promotions given!


That’s happened to us before too! It was a dream!

Carlos Cotera

Hi! I just found out something a little strange because I was hopping to find a place I was actually interested in visiting while getting the full 30K offer. By clicking (same browser, single window) on the smoky mountain offer multiple times, I managed to generate first the 150$ Amex GC, but then, by clicking into it again, I got the 30K Wyndham point offer!! I then kept trying and I am mildly certain that you can pretty much get whichever offer you pick for most locations if you keep clicking.