Wynn status match from Caesars Diamond / Mlife Gold


Update 6/12/21: We have a reader report in our Frequent Miler Insiders group that Encore Boston is not offering this match. It looks like this match will only work in Las Vegas.

Travel Zork reports on a potentially interesting status match opportunity for those visiting Las Vegas or Boston in the near-term: Wynn Rewards (the loyalty program of Wynn / Encore casinos) is offering a status match. This will be particularly appealing for those readers who have previously hopped on the status match-go-round and as such have Caesars Diamond (matched from Wyndham Diamond) or MGM Gold status (matched from Hyatt Explorist or higher). You must execute this match in person and we don’t know for sure when it will end, but if you can make it to Wynn / Encore in Las Vegas or Encore Boston in the near future, it could be well worth a match.

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The Deal

  • Wynn Rewards casinos (Wynn / Encore Las Vegas and Encore Boston) is offering a status match to members with status from competing casino loyalty programs. Travel Zork reports that the match is good through December 31, 2022 (though the initial card will show 12/31/21). Tiers match as follows:
    • Caesars Diamond / Mlife Gold/Platinum match to Wynn Platinum Status
    • Caesars Diamond Elite / Caesars 7 Stars / Mlife Noir match to Wynn Black Status
  • Note that you must match in-person at a Wynn Rewards desk and you will receive all annual benefits for your matched tier

Quick Thoughts

The reason this will be exciting for many readers is that it has long been possible to match from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond and those who did so pre-pandemic have had status extended in one program or the other and been able to continue matching back and forth. Hyatt and MGM Mlife also have a partnership where Hyatt Explorist or Globalist members can easily match to Mlife Gold. The Wyndham/Caesars and Hyatt/MGM status matches can be done entirely online. Wyndham used to offer a generous status match of its own from other hotel programs but pulled that match during the pandemic.

The Wynn match requires going to the casino in person. However, if you’ll be headed to Las Vegas or Encore Boston, this is worth it. That’s because the annual benefits of Wynn Platinum sure aren’t bad:

  • $150 complimentary birthday dinner credit (must be used during your birthday month)
  • $100 complimentary spa credit
  • 2 complimentary Wynn Master Classes (each for 2 people) where you can learn from Wynn chefs / bartenders / sommeliers

That’s an excellent set of annual benefits. The dinner alone could be well worth the effort to match. The spa credit and master classes are icing on the cake. Since these are all annual benefits and Travel Zork reports that the match is good through December 31, 2022, I imagine that you’ll be able to take advantage of them both this year and next year (keeping in mind that those whose birthday months have already passed this year will be out of luck on the dinner credit).

Keep in mind of course that Caesars Diamond also comes with an annual $100 celebration dinner, so having both statuses can get you a couple of decent free meals on your next trip to Las Vegas.

If you have a higher level of Caesars or MGM elite status, the match to Wynn Rewards Black Status is far more generous yet. See the post at Travel Zork for more details.

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Curious if anyone has used the masterclass benefit? I’ve got a stay coming up and might just change it to a day earlier if we can get a FREE masterclass. Wonder if there are restrictions to that offer as there is a master class on the 20th of April that is $450 per person….is it really free for two people for $900? That would be incredible!


Was able to match from Mlife gold today. They said the opportunity to match is ending on 8/31. Also, even though they said it could take up to 7 days for the new status to reflect in your account, for me, it was reflected in under 24hrs.


Easiest match ever. Took less than 5 minutes here in Vegas. Not sure if I’ll be in Vegas my birthday month (December) but will have to try now. Excited to try to do a MasterClass next time I’m in town!


I just matched from Caesar’s platinum at Wynn in Las Vegas. Can confirm you can use credit right away during birthday month. If you are not staying at hotel you need to go to guest services to load the $150 food credit on card.


This is not true. It says up to 7 days to process. I went to Wynn to match and asked people at 2 desk and got the same result. They need time to put us into the system and it could take up to 7 days to do it but generally 3-4 days is the time it takes.


So we need to load it during birthday month? we can’t just use the card? and it is confirmed no stay is required/

[…] loyalty programs are starting to compete with each other for business again. This time, it’s Wynn offering a status match for members of the Ceasar’s and MLife programs. Having loyalty status at Las Vegas casinos comes with certain perks (the ones you get just for […]


I signed up for the Wynn Rewards program in Las Vegas this morning. Here’s a tip to save you some aggravation.

Wynn requires a physical card with current expiration date for the program you want to match and a driver’s license. Initially, I presented my expired Caesar’s Diamond Card along with a Caesar’s screenshot verifying my current Caesar’s Diamond status with a 1/31/22 expiration date. The manager denied the match saying Wynn Rewards requires a physical card with a valid current expiration date from the program you want to match.

So, we went down the street to Caesars, used the kiosk in front of the Caesar’s Rewards service desk to print out new cards with current dates and took the new Caesar’s cards back to Wynn. With the new cards, Wynn did the match and gave us Wynn Rewards Platinum cards with 12/31/21 Expiration dates.

Since my birthday was a few weeks ago in May, I asked if I could still use the Complimentary birthday dinner credit? They said the birthday benefit is only good in the calendar month of the member’s birthday.


This is very helpful, J B! Were you able to use the other credits (ie. spa credit, classes, or birthday credit if it was your birthday month) immediately? Also, did you need to actually stay there to enjoy these credits? Thanks!


Cory, i didn’t try to use the spa or class benefits today but I had no indication that the benefits were not available immediately. The Wynn Rewards brochure does not have any fine print requiring a stay. I’m confident the benefits are not stay dependent. I’m local.


Thanks, JB! Much appreciated!


thx, P2 has an expired Caesar’s card while my Mlife’s shows expired, lol

Last edited 2 years ago by dan

FYI – Online, the Wynn Boston https://www.encorebostonharbor.com/wynn-rewards does not list these annual rewards –

  • $150 complimentary birthday dinner credit (must be used during your birthday month)
  • $100 complimentary spa credit
  • 2 complimentary Wynn Master Classes (each for 2 people) where you can learn from Wynn chefs / bartenders / sommeliers

Hopefully they update it and it can be used at Vegas or Boston 🙂

Joanne Nelson

I noticed that as well & whoever answered the phone said they do not status match. I asked if they were truly aware of new promotions that might have changed that pre-existing /old stance and she just repeated ‘no status match’ for what that is worth. Hoping for better data points from an in-person try? (zork clarified he doesn’t have a boston data point yet either).


I can second the fact that Encore Boston doesn’t status match.


didn’t take much food to meet the $100 caesars credit. Seriously inflated prices at top end restaurants in Vegas. That same amount of food at a top end restaurant where I live…$35?


I know ppl that work at casinos and management has them add in 300% profit margin into the food pre-pandemic.

Lawrence Yasner

do you need to stay at Wynn to enjoy credits?

Sam Betts

It’s the same question I have, hope someone can answer It.


You dont need to stay in Wynn if you want to use food credit


Anyone knows if it’s possible to immediately redeem dinner credit after matching status? My Ceasar dinner credit came few days after matching.


Going to Vegas next month for my Birthday. This would be awesome!!!

Joel Woolf

I got matched and they told me it would be a week before it went into effect. 🙁 it was my birthday month too.


Dead deal