(EXPIRED) 150K Platinum card offer via referral

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Update 5/17/22: Ever since this improved referral offer went live a couple of months ago, we’ve rotated through reader referral links each day. Many have reported maxing out their allowance of 55,000 bonus points which means we’ve potentially helped people earn more than 3 million Membership Rewards in that time.

We’re not done though. We’re getting to the end of the current list of people’s links which means we need more. If you have a referral from a personal Amex Platinum card that provides the referee with 150,000 bonus points and the 10x dining offer, please share your link on the specific thread in the Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group – instructions can be found at the end of this post how to do that.

Important: Please only share referral links that meet these terms and only on the specified thread on Facebook. Links that don’t generate the 150k + 10x offer won’t get used and your link will be removed from the thread.


Update 3/11 – Just when you think the offers can’t get any better, Amex outdoes itself.  Again. There is a new referral link out that makes the previous 150,000 points welcome offer even better.  This new targeted offer gives the same 150,000 Membership Rewards  points on $6,000 spend, but also adds 10x on all spending at restaurants for the first 6 months, up to $25,000 total spend.  This is the offer you’ll find on our Best Offers page since it is the best offer out there.

This was obviously a fantastic deal even before the 10x at Restaurants addition.  Now, the offer is simply one of the best out there for a personal card. We’ll be collecting reader referral links for those who were targeted so we can share them with others.  The details on how to participate with your link (if you are targeted) are below.

The Offer & Key Card Details

Click the name of the card below to go to our dedicated card page for more information and a link to apply.

Card Offer and Details
The Platinum Card® from American Express
150K Points
150K after $6K spend in 6 months. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)

$695 Annual Fee

Info about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.

Alternate offer: Resy Offer: 125K after $6K spend + 10x dining for 6 months on up to $25K spend

Recent better offer: 125K after $6K in the first 6 months + 15x when you Shop Small in the US and at restaurants worldwide on up to $25K in eligible purchases in the first 6 months [Expired 1/20/22]

FM Mini Review: This card is absolutely loaded with high end perks. Depending upon your situation, those perks may be worth the annual fee or much more.

Card Type: Amex Pay Over Time Card


Earning rate: 5X points for flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel ⚬ 5X points for prepaid hotels booked through American Express Travel

Noteworthy perks: ⚬ $200 Airline Fee Credit. Up to $200 a year in baggage fees and more at one qualifying airline ⚬ $200 prepaid hotel credit annually valid on Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection bookings. ⚬ Up to $300 in Equinox credits. ⚬ Up to $20 per month rebate for select digital entertainment services (NY Times, ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, Sirius XM, Audible) ⚬ $189 CLEAR fee reimbursement annually. ⚬ Up to $200 for Uber rides annually. Credit and Uber VIP status for Basic Member only ⚬ $300 credit when buying a SoulCycle bike directly from SoulCycle (up to 15 bikes per year) ⚬ $12.95 monthly credit for Walmart+ monthly membership subscription credit. ⚬ Complimentary Uber Eats Pass Membership for up to 12 months (must enroll by 12/31/21) ⚬ Up to $100 in credits annually for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue (up to $50 in credits semi-annually, enrollment required) ⚬ $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement or $85 TSA Precheck reimbursement once every 5 years ⚬ Airport lounge benefits ⚬ Rental car elite status ⚬ Marriott Gold status ⚬ Hilton HHonors Gold status ⚬ Free Gold card AUs. Terms Apply. (Rates & Fees)

See also: Amex Platinum Guide

Quick Thoughts

While I was thrilled with the previous welcome bonus and leveraged it to earn more than half a million points when buying a used car, there were some who were not interested in that previous offer since they may not have had enough small business or restaurant spend to maximize it.

If you were in that camp, this new referral offer may interest you since it represents a fantastic offer for a huge sum of transferable points after a relatively reasonable amount of spend. Before late 2020, this offer would have been considered show-stoppingly good. It would be fair to argue that it still is that good in comparison to similarly-positioned cards from other issuers, especially when you consider the many Amex Membership Rewards sweet spots.

This referral offer is targeted in that only some Platinum card holders have the ability to generate a link good for this offer — but the offer itself is publicly available to anyone applying through a qualifying referral link (like the one on our Platinum card page). Those Platinum cardholders who have the ability to generate a 150K + 10x link will see it advertised in the “refer a friend” section of their login — it shows the bonus that you’ll get as a Platinum cardholder and that your friend will get 150,000 points + 10x at Restaurants (whereas most of us only have a referral offer for 100K points for our friends). This is similar to a situation we saw in late 2020 where only a relatively small number of Platinum cardholders had the ability to refer to the very best offer.

Keep in mind that the Platinum card welcome bonus is not available to those who have or have had the vanilla Platinum card before. If you’ve only had the Schwab or Morgan Stanley version of the Platinum card, you would be eligible, but if you’ve had the vanilla Platinum card before you likely would not be.

We want your 150K + 10x offer referral links

Here on Frequent Miler, our Best Credit Card Offers page always links to the best available welcome bonus, even if that’s not an affiliate link. The Best Offer for the personal Amex Platinum card through affiliate channels is for only 100,000 Membership Rewards points. That’s why you’ll see many other points and miles sites hawking that inferior version.

However, we always present the offer that allows new applicants to earn the best available bonus, even when it doesn’t benefit our site through affiliate commissions. Seeing as referral earnings are limited to 55,000 points per person and that’s maxed out after just a couple of referrals, we wanted to share the wealth by using readers’ referral links on the site. We need reader links for the 150K + 10x offer.

If you’d like to have your referral link shared on the Best Offers page, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Check your referral link

You can find your referral link here, or by logging in to your American Express account and scrolling down to the ‘Refer A Friend’ link at the bottom of the page and clicking on that. Note that you might need to change your card at the top of the referral page so that your Amex Platinum card is selected.

Before sharing your referral link, please ensure that it generates a link to the offer giving new applicants 150,000 Membership Rewards points after $6,000 in purchases in the first 6 months with 10x at Restaurants. Not all Amex Platinum cardholders can generate that superior offer, so it’s worth checking first. A good rule of thumb is that if you’d earn 30,000 points per referral from the link generated by your Platinum card, then your offer will likely be for the better offer…but please check regardless.

Step 2: Join the Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group

If you’re already part of our Facebook group, you can skip this step. If you’re not a member though, you’ll need to join this group. Note that you’ll be asked a question or two (depending on if you try joining on mobile or desktop) to ensure you’re not a bot. Please answer that question(s), otherwise you won’t get admitted to the group in order to do step 3.

Step 3: Share your link on the dedicated thread

We have a dedicated thread set up to share your 150K +10x referral links, so please only share your referral links here at the bottom of the thread. We’ll then work our way through the links for as long as this increased offer is only available via referrals. We will rotate through links there regularly to try to give as many readers as possible a chance at picking up a referral bonus.

Please don’t share your referral link as an individual post in the group as it’ll just get deleted. Please also don’t share a non-150K + 10x referral link as that’ll get deleted too.

Comments on the blog with links automatically get caught in our spam filter and will not post, so do not share your links in the comments here. Instead, that Facebook thread is the only place we’ll be accepting referral links (sorry if you’re not on Facebook).

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Great, just requested to join the group to share my 150K + 10x referral link. Awaiting approval.

David London

Great! Just posted my 150k + 10x Amex referral link on the Facebook page.


Are links that only show the offer in incognito mode allowed in the Facebook thread?


Have also submitted a request to join the FB group to share my 150k points + 10x at restaurants referral link. Waiting for approval.

Cris Diaz

Do you mind sharing the link with me : D

Steve Kwan

I have the link for 150,000 and 10x at restaurants. I submit the request to join your facebook group. but my approval is still pending. Please take a look at it. Thanks.

Larry K

For some strange reason both my account and P2’s account can only refer business cards and cannot seem to get any referral links for personal. Is this a known problem?

Last edited 1 month ago by Larry K
Art Leyenberger

Interesting- I just noticed that my Plat Personal referral is 100k + 10x dining. I won’t be sharing that but I guess it is yet another AMEX variation on a theme.


I have the link for 150,000 and 10x at restaurants, but my approval is still pending.

Andrea Doerer

I have the magic link! I posted it to the fb group yesterday! If I get 55k points I will be the happiest girl in the world! My 15x shop small bonus ends on 5/25 It was a good run, but I didn’t even come close to maxing it out. Thanks so much for sharing that offer! It’s only because of you guys that I knew about it! Frequent Miler is awesome!


If I’ve already gotten 55k MR pts this year thru referral, don’t add my link even tho the referral opportunity is there when I log on, yes?


If the terms say you cannot earn more than 55K MR per year through any referral offers, then will you be able to earn more than 55K per year?

Steve Kwan

Yesterday I submit the request to join your facebook group. Today it’s still in pending status. Please take a look at it. Thanks.


too bad I don’t use Facebook. Deleted my profile in 2010.

When I tried to make a new account a couple years ago, I was blocked.

Last edited 1 month ago by whocares

I didn’t get the elevated referral offer on my own card (and still don’t have it — I just checked) but P2 and P3 both had it. Spurred by this update I went back to check their accounts and they’re each 55k points richer! Thanks, Frequent Miler!

Teal Rock

Pending FB group approval, I’ve got a link to post to get one or two more folks on board!


I also have a link but no Facebook to share it.


I have a link but no FB to share it 🙁


I’ve got a link to share but don’t have a FB account 🙁


id love it if you have it via this thread or thorugh any other mean


Agreed. Not enough money or points to get me to support FB.

kyle k

Does the information in the referral give an expiration date for the referral? Wanted to finish spend on another card before opening this amex but seems like a great deal.

Tommy Rock

Thanks so much for posting this article. I was able to get a 150K + 10x referral from my neighbor w/ 30K for him. On top of the listed 100,000 point bonus value, y’all have easily helped to provide our families an extra $1000-$1600 worth of value!


Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been waiting forever to get this card and I never seemed to receive the 150k MR offer through CardMatch. I recently discovered the 125k MR offer through Resy, but this is even better. Your link worked perfectly.

Robert Iverson

Do you have the link to send to me for the 150K offer?


I have both the gold and plat refer offer available. Can I refer the personal plat from my personal gold so I get the +5x restaurant referral bonus on the gold card instead of my personal platinum card?


now we just need to ideas on how to spend $10k at “restaurants”, but not actually order food.

Brian G

Can someone provide a bit of guidance for me? I am and have been in the Chase silo for years, but these Amex offers seem really really good. I normally fly domestically on Southwest and JetBlue and try to stay at Hyatt/Marriott properties in the US. Anytime I see an annual fee greater than $199 I get a bit hesitant to apply as I have multiple cards with $95 and $199 fees. Here are my questions:

1) Can you have this card for a year, then shut it down without issue or downgrade to a $0 fee card at the 11 month mark to avoid the next annual fee?
2) I am planning a trip to Korea/Japan this summer so 200,000 or so Amex points could help, BUT for a $695 annual fee it seems as if I am purchasing a one way flight to Asia with that fee.
3) Before the downgrade, I assume you can transfer any of these points to a travel partner or keep them on the new card (I am at expert level with Chase but amateur level with Amex)?
4) Do you think this card is “worth it” for me to get based upon my regular travel facts above?

Thanks for the input and guidance.


I think there is a 90 wait between applications at AMEX. I just got the Business Platinum (#3) – do I need to wait 90 days before I can apply for this personal one?

Abby Williams

Am I reading correctly? You have 3 Bus Plat?


Yes, all for the same business. I got the first, then as I finished the spend for the bonus I was offered another “to expand my business relationship” or words to that effect. Then even before I had completed the spend for that bonus I logged on and was offered a third one. I have have now received my 3rd big bonus. I look at the cost of each versus the annual fee as follows:

Dell $400 rebate = $280 value as Dell is way overpriced on almost everything.
Airline credits = $200 as I can always use these.
Wireless credit = $120 as I have lots of phone plans.
So, if I were to keep the cards indefinitely I would be paying the $695 annual fee and getting back about $600. But if I kept the cards for one year only I could get an extra $200 airline credits as these are by calendar year – a winning proposition of 500,000+ points for that big spend (some was at 1.5 per $1).

Now that big spend comes at a cost whatever way you look at it, but let’s say in my case 2.65% which is what I could get from my BofA Premium card. So, for each card’s $15,000 in spending for the bonus is around $400 in opportunity cost. So, I consider each card to generate MR points at a cost of about 1/3 of a cent each.

When the next annual fee comes we’ll have to see what AMEX offers because I don’t use Adobe or Indeed or the 35% airline bonus (used once many years ago on a different card). Also I don’t seem to get any decent other offers. Lastly, many small vendors don’t take AMEX or it would be easier to make the spending requirements.


Thanks Frank! Excellent review. My 3rd Business Plat 150k offer has an approval code so will go for it. 15k spend, even if to pay taxes, (approx $300 2% cost + $350 annual fee (fees are legit tax deductible) nets $1650 value. Add $120 wireless $200 airline credit = $1970 benefit. I also have BofA 2.625 but the Amex SUB outweighs.
Curious why you don’t value the 35% airline bonus. I find 1.54% extremely useful. Dynamic award pricing is pushing cash to the top. I find this even w aspirational awards especially first class transcon domestic. Thanks again!


The reason I don’t value the 35% bonus is because I have so many airline miles I can’t use them fast enough. The pandemic ate up 2 years of travel so I am overstocked. Normally P2 and I travel out of the country 3 or 4 trips a year, and many Coast to Coast locally or to Mexico and Hawaii in business or first class.

In fact, apart from that once a few years ago when I paid for business class tickets on TAP to Lisbon when they were dirt cheap (as long as you flew through Oslo or Copernhagen, which just added to our trip) and the AMEX rebate/bonus was then 50% not 35%,

I have not paid for any other airline ticket since 2001 – and that was $99 tickets on AA to fly from CA to NY just after 9/11. AA even called asking if we were cancelling (“because everyone else is”) but we didn’t and got quadruple miles bonus miles back so that it was better than a free trip.

Actually I have also paid for one other ticket from Toulouse to Madrid which cost just $8 in 2017 on Ryan Air.


Thanks Frank! The 3rd Bus Platinum arrived so more miles in the coffers! I’ve spent the weekend searching for award tickets to Greece and the 35% bonus has come in handy. Dynamic pricing is putting most aspirational F & B awards out of reasonable mile reach. The Amex International ticket insider program combined with the 35% worked well! $6.5K tickets for 384K MR and with the 35% = 250K for Delta One RT. Hard to believe I’m excited about 250K, but is lots better than all other researched choices. Happy Travels


Abby, what is this “Amex International ticket insider program”? Maybe I could take another look at that 35% deal.



I’ve discovered this combined with the 35% rebate is a considerable savings.


Snail-mail arrived today with an AMEX personal Platinum (not Resy) offer for 150k MRs for $6k spend within first 6 months.
However, it earns 10X MRs at Restaurants worldwide AND “Shop Small” U.S. Businesses up to $25k in combined purchases during first 6 months.
Old offer +25k MRs in SUB? Offer expires 3/31/2022


Hi Nick,
Sent the snail mail pic to the mailbag.


has this expired offer been verified? would love to take advantage if so.


Just signed up for the AMEX Plat 150k bonus with 6k spend within 6 months via one of the referral links on here on 1/24/22. I received the physical card yesterday 1/26/22, and the chat agent confirmed that the signup bonus was only for 100k with 6k spend within 6 months.

I was surprised as I specifically clicked on the referral link and took screenshots of the 150k bonus along the way. I even have the referral link that still goes to the 150k bonus, which I was able to upload the screenshot and picture of the URL to the chat agent. They submitted a ticket and will let me know in 15 days, so hopefully they honor it. Otherwise, I would recommend taking screenshots along the way to ensure that you really sign up for the 150k bonus via referral links.


Did you clear this up and get the 150k bonus?


…and just like that, Amex referral links (mine at least) do not work any longer, no referral bonus link appearing on Amex account upon log in. Hopefully a temporary snafu as the rest of the site was acting a bit wonky before


I have 150K offers on my Amex Business Platinum (current best is 120K) …would like to post if you are able to set that up also.


Just a data point that I did see a special 150,000 platinum offer yesterday from my wife’s gold card. Today it is 100,000.


try using link in incognito mode


Just trying to join your FB group so I can add my link 🙂


Waiting for approval to join the group so I can post my referral link 🙂


Mine is at 125k/$6k, from an Amex gold 30k referral. Even still, I’m no longer recommending plats to anyone I like. Unless you are a nerd about the benefits then you will likely let most of the value go to waste, given all the coupon book metered out credits. Anyway, it’s easy to get more than 125k on SUBs for two cards with below $100 AF.


Rule of thumb didn’t work for me. I have the targeted 30k referral offer for me, but the offer for the person getting the card is still 100k.