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I was declined by monifi on the app with no explanation, but then I tried on the site and saw they are no longer accepting applications.


Great post, thanks for the helpful information. It’s exactly content like this that keeps me coming back to FM.


Regarding Kabbage (and a very similar American Express Business Checking), I didn’t have to go through such hurdles to open an account, likely because I used my existing Amex credit card login to prefill the application. If you’re able to do this, the process should be smoother, assuming you do not have a restricted business.

[…] in Easy Money: Cover Holiday Spend with Easy Bonuses: I love this post on Frequent Miler. If you’re willing to jump through a few hoops, you can get the money to use towards holiday […]


What if you already have the UberEats driver app and have an account as a driver? Will this still work or is it for new signups only?


when you do a “direct deposit” to monifi from your bank account is it just the linking between the 2 and making a transfer?

Captain Greg

For the Uber eats deal, any issue with P1 signing up, P2 ordering, then P1 accepting the order? Then doing it vice versa on another day? Feels easier than getting a pickup to an unknown location.

Captain Greg

These are my favorite posts of all. I missed 2 (both of the honorable mentions)! Thanks Nick!


Little confused about the MyPoints thang. Do I have to do anything on MyPoints (I.e. spend $20 in 30 days for $10 rebate) or do I just need to go straight thru to the uber eats sign up page?


Nick, did you sign up for a ‘car’ Uber Eats delivery (vs bike / foot). Worried if there might be an impact on insurance rates if you sign up for this sort of thing.


Insurance companies dip into all sorts of data sources for the info, so if Uber is sharing / selling info to partners it wouldn’t be difficult for the insurance company to match things up.


I know the purpose of this was to talk about making cash but MyPoints can also be used to get UA miles. Which is a better deal?


Great article, but a lot of these bonuses involve third parties like MyPoints or Swagbucks. I usually just stick to bonuses that are offered by the account you have to open. Less people to deal with that way in case anything goes wrong.


For me, Swagbucks never tracks for some reason and it’s almost impossible to get anywhere with customer service. I’ve found MyPoints better on both counts.

Captain Greg

And chewy! And republic of tea! Random, but both have incredible customer service. I think a couple of companies commit hard to good customer service because they know it will stand out in a field of terrible customer service.


What qualifies as DD for Chime?
Did not see it listed on DoC.



Larry K

Any idea if fidelity works if you already have a cash management account at fidelity?


I can only imagine the look on ur face as the phone was ringing for ur next order. Pray tell. How do U prevent getting any more uber eats calls in future? How do u turn it off?


FYI, you can reject a delivery request by tapping the X in the upper right hand corner of the screen. At least that’s how it is in the iOS app, maybe Android is different.


Just scored $700 from 5/3 bank. $15k deposit within 45 days and direct deposit totaling $1000 within 60 days. Mailed offer.


I received some of the best mailer/email offers this year.
BMO: $500 after $7,500 direct deposit
Capital One: $400 after $1000 direct deposit
Wintrust: $300 (can’t recall the requirement)
BOA: $400 (can’t recall the requirement)


Did your wife’s bonus post after doing a transfer from another bank rather than a direct deposit from employer? Was not clear on DOC’s post


These are great ideas!