(EXPIRED) 20% transfer bonus to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer from American Express Membership Rewards (Targeted)

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Update 12/12/21: When this transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer launched on December 1, it appeared to be a targeted offer. Since then, more people – or possibly everyone – can now see this transfer bonus available when logging in to their Amex account. If this Membership Rewards to Krisflyer bonus was something you were interested in but you weren’t initially targeted, it’s worth checking your account again.


In addition to the 30% bonus American Express is offering when transferring Membership Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic, they’re offering a 20% transfer bonus to Singapore Airlines.

American Express Membership Rewards Singapore Airlines Transfer Bonus

The Deal

  • Get a 20% bonus when transferring American Express Membership Rewards to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer.

Key Terms

  • Expiry date unknown.
  • Must transfer in 1,000 point increments.

Quick Thoughts

Unlike the Virgin Atlantic transfer bonus which definitely ends on December 31, we don’t know when this Krisflyer transfer bonus will end. The fact that there’s no end date specified means it might end sooner than the end of the year, so it might be worth making a transfer sooner rather than later.

While we wouldn’t normally recommend making a speculative transfer, with Singapore Airlines there’s a good reason why you might want to do just that. That’s because they’re currently running a separate promotion that offers Silver or Gold status when transferring in enough bank points. That in turn gives you status with Star Alliance which might be more useful than Singapore Airlines status itself.

With that status promotion you have to transfer in 125,000 or 250,000 miles to earn Silver or Gold status respectively. With this 20% transfer bonus from American Express, that means you’d only need to transfer in 105,000 Membership Rewards for Silver status or 209,000 Membership Rewards for Gold status seeing as you have to transfer in 1,000 point increments.

Something important to remember with Singapore Airlines is that Krisflyer miles expire after 36 months and they don’t currently provide any way of extending the expiration date. You’ll therefore need to be fairly sure that you’ll be able to redeem the miles by December 2024 before transferring points.

It looks like this Singapore Airlines transfer bonus is targeted. My wife and I have it on both of our accounts, but Greg isn’t seeing it on his or his family’s accounts.

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Saw this offer on my account last week and now it’s gone …:(

YY Fung

Is the MR points transfer to SQ instant? I have found the First/ Suites on JFK-FRA on the day I want but it seems it takes 15 working days. Bummed!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, it’s instant. It used to take several days, but now it’s instant.

YY Fung

Good to know. I have found 2F classes in June but now gone. Quite full in June.

YY Fung

Greg, thanks for confirming instant. I searched some other dates, and I finally issued 2F 2B. All savers.


Massive! I transferred the points last week and at the time was disappointed I missed out on the 15% bonus back in October. When executing the transfer the Amex MR portal didn’t notify me of anything regarding a bonus. When I checked my KrisFlyer account it reflected a transfer of 97,200 whereas I only moved 81k out of my Amex MR account. To say I was surprised but very excited was an understatement. This bonus actually allowed me to book two business seats from SFO-SIN instead of premium economy as I was short pre-bonus in total miles.


When you login, do you see the 20% bonus now? I don’t see any mention of 20% on my account sadly. Hoping this will change soon though! need to pull the trigger on an award so Im conemplating taking a chance and hoping to get surprised


When does the status expire, end of 22? 23?


Definitely not for everyone. I manage 4 accounts, only 1 was targeted. Just checked again, still only 1 out of 4 targeted. 🙁

Last edited 8 months ago by tjp74

I take it back. 1 more account is showing the bonus now. so 2 out of 4.


Ugh, as it is, I’m probably going to lose over 380,000 miles I transferred to Singapore Airlines back in April 2019, 330 days in advance of a big trip in March 2020, which was obviously canceled due to Covid. Those miles will expire in April 2021 and so far I have not found a workable use for them, given constantly evolving international travel restrictions. For most of this time, Singapore hasn’t even been open to US travelers, and even now, vaxxed US citizens have to arrive in Singapore on specific flights to avoid quarantine. Naturally there are almost zero of those non-quarantine flights available for points redemption. So frustrating!


I meant the expire in April 2022, obviously.


you can’t use those miles on another airline to go elsewhere?


United works for me..


American Airlines Membership Rewards?

Greg The Frequent Miler

LOL. Fixed.


For what its worth, this offer was not showing for me last week when you posted this. But I logged in today and it is showing now. May be worth checking again if you didn’t have it before.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Same for me!


I’m here to commiserate with all the people that transferred in at 15%


Stephen, what cards are showing this offer? I have 4 AMEX cards , including personal Platinum and I don’t have the offer on any of them.


Thank you, Stephen! I found it and luckily I have the offer. Great timing, I was just about to pull the trigger just last night on a SFO-SIN-DPS trip for next fall.

On a separate note…Is there still anticipation that AA is going to devalue this year/next year?


Thank you so much. I’m sitting on 750K – AA and 950K – Marriott, among others. I’m certainly going to burn through the Marriott points. But AA is not the best option for some of my destinations.

I’ll really appreciate you, Greg and Nick. You guys are my go to for info, updates and opportunities.