(EXPIRED) $200 back on $800 at Dell with new Amex Offer [targeted, enrollment required]

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There is an awesome targeted Amex Offer out today that’s good for $200 back when you spend $800 or more at Dell.com. Some people are finding this offer on Business Platinum cards — even those already loaded with the offer for $120 back on $599 or more. I expect the offers should stack and also combine with the semi-annual $200 credit on that card (enrollment required) for an amazing deal.

The Deal

  • A new Amex Offer is out on some business cards that is good for $200 back on $800 or more at Dell.com [targeted, enrollment required]

Key Terms

  • Expires January 15, 2022.
  • Offer valid online only at dell.com/amex US website, through the merchant mobile app or via phone at 1-877-350-0204.
  • Valid only for purchases made directly with the merchant. Transactions through third party payment processors are excluded.
  • This offer does not apply to refurbished items, systems or spare parts and is not valid for online auctioneers, Professional Associations, or other Dell Member Purchase Programs.
  • Excludes all e-gift card and gift card purchases, international transactions, international contact center, Global events, Dell Financial services, Dell Outlet for Home, Dell Outlet for Work, Dell PartnerDirect, Dell Premier, Dell Premier Connect, Dell Premier Select, and authorized Dell retailers.
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside the US, Puerto Rico, USVI and Guam.

Quick Thoughts

Getting two hundred bucks back at Dell, particularly during Black Friday / Cyber Monday / holiday sales, is a great deal on its own.

Stacking it with the semi-annual $200 statement credit benefit on the Business Platinum card, which offers statement credits for up to $200 in Dell purchases from January to June and $200 from July to December, means that you could end up with $400 back on an $800 purchase. Stack that by first going through a shopping portal to get cash back from the portal based on the full $800 purchase price and you could be looking at a phenomenal deal (we often see rates over 10% back during the holiday shopping season, so that could be another $80 back!).

Even better, some people have gotten this offer on a card that already had an Amex Offer loaded for $120 back on $599 or more. That should stack, which means that a Business Platinum cardholder who still has the card benefit to use would end up getting $520 back on an $800 purchase plus cash back through a shopping portal (if you use one) based on $800 spend. I’m not sure whether folks who also have the Amex Offer for 10% back on up to $1500 in spend at Dell are finding this, but that would add yet another layer to the stack.

My wife already has the $120 back on $599 and 10% back offers loaded on her Business Platinum card. Unfortunately, she did not get this new $200 offer. If she did, I think we’d probably have to replace her laptop even though I’ve not been a fan of our past couple of Dell computers. If everything stacked, you would spend $800 and get back:

  • $200 from this new Amex Offer
  • $200 from the Business Platinum rebate
  • $120 from the other Amex Offer
  • $80 from the 10% back Amex Offer
  • ~$80 from a shopping portal (based on 10%. Note that the current best portal rate is 9%, but we saw 16% last Cyber Monday, so this could get even better than this guess)
  • Net cost = $120

Her laptop doesn’t need immediately replacement, but it is already four years old. Replacing a four-year-old (cheaper) laptop with a new ~$800 laptop for a net $120 would be enough of a deal to jump on it. I’ll note that the math there is perhaps misleading since we paid the annual fee on the Business Platinum card, so that $200 discount represents some amount of money out of our pockets. Still, this is pretty darn good. All of the above is to say nothing of points earned from the purchase. If purchased with a card that has the +4 referral deal loaded, that’s not an insignificant component since I’d expect 2,400 points.

If you have the offer, I recommend syncing it ASAP as the most popular Dell offers sometimes fill up and become unavailable.

H/T: GC Galore

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I’m trying to time a Amex Biz Gold upgrade to biz Plat so I can do a triple dip by the end of next year. Do you think if I upgrade say end of next week (prior to Cyber Monday) I would still make it for triple dip? Also, I added the 200 off 800 offer and 10% offer on my amex biz gold, can you confirm when I do upgrade to biz plat, it would still be usable/transfered to the biz plat?


showing nov 9 to dec 9


Nowhere to be found amongst my four Plat cards


I have a question about portals with this– it says, in the offer terms, that you have to go to Dell.com/Amex, which obviously isn’t the site linked through a portal. If you shop through a portal and end up at normal Dell.com and pay with your registered Amex, will the credits post? Are there dp on this? Thanks!


Excellent. Thank you!