(EXPIRED) 25% transfer bonus: Hyatt or IHG to American Airlines

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Through June 30th, AA is offering 25% more miles when you transfer Hyatt or IHG points to American Airlines miles.  Keep in mind that transfers from these hotel programs are much worse than 1 to 1 and so even with a 25% bonus it’s probably not a good deal for most people.

The Deal

Register and then convert Hyatt or IHG points to AA miles in order to get a 25% bonus.

  • Requires registration here.
  • Valid through June 30, 2021

Transfer rates:

  • Hyatt: 5,000 Hyatt points = 2,000 AA miles + 25% bonus = 2,500 miles
  • Hyatt: 50K Hyatt points = 20K AA miles + 5K standard bonus = 25K AA miles + 25% bonus = 31,250 AA miles
  • IHG: 10,000 IHG points = 2,000 AA miles + 25% bonus = 2,500 miles

My Take

Don’t do it.  Unless you are 100% sure you have no good use for your Hyatt or IHG points, you are most likely better offer acquiring AA miles in other ways.

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Mike Arbucci

I agree with your analysis, except with one asterisk. For Hyatt to AA, it is a halfway decent way to convert UR to AA. Could make sense for topping off an AA acct for a J or C award ticket.


Disagree. It’s not halfway decent. Topping off an account has always been available, so the 25% offer doesn’t make it any better.

Last edited 1 year ago by Drew
Mike Arbucci

Sooo… say you needed 30k or 31k AA miles to complete a CX J booking. Transfer 50k UR to Hyatt, then to AA. 31,250 is not better than 25,000? To me, that would be significantly improved, and since AA miles are difficult to MS, if I needed a top off, this would be much better than normal.


@Arbucci Your math is wrong. Hyatt points generally transfer to AA at a 2.5 to 1 ratio. With the 25% bonus, that improves to a 2 to 1 ratio. So if you need, say, 30k AA miles, as in your example, that will cost you 60k UR points, not 50k, even after including the bonus. I guess your point is still valid about topping off AA miles, but there are so many better ways to earn AA miles, including AA credit cards and Bask Bank savings accounts.


5,000 miles is significant? Oh dear…