2x Membership Rewards (2.5x with Everyday Preferred) at many online merchants


American Express Membership Rewards

American Express is out with many new Amex Offers today — including 1 extra Membership Rewards point per dollar through December 31, 2017 at the following online merchants:

Neiman Marcus
Best Buy
Home Depot
Pottery Barn
Bergdorf Goodman
West Elm
Mark and Graham

Note that the terms indicate that these offers are online only. These offers were on all of our cards that earn Membership Rewards — including the Everyday Preferred. Remember that the Everyday Preferred earns 50% more points if used 30 times in a month. I believe that you will not earn a bonus on the bonus 1x from these offers, but you should earn 1.5x for using the card thirty times in a month and then an additional 1x at the bonus retailers for a total of 2.5x per dollar. Holders of the Business Platinum can then redeem for at 2 cents per point towards certain airfares — perhaps getting 2.17 cents per point in total value. Be sure to add each offer to all of your cards as these offers are good through December 31, 2017. Please review our Complete Guide to Amex Offers for information on adding offers to multiple cards.

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