(EXPIRED) 40% back on some hotels via Dosh (some good deals)

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The Dosh app is currently offering some users as much as 40% cash back on hotel bookings. While that sounded to me like it would just mean inflated rates and non-chain hotels, it looks like there are chain options and there are some very good deals possible. As with anything like this, YMMV — there are surely bad deals to be found as well (and furthermore, the beta is only available to select users for now — no idea how to get targeted or if it would be open to new users). But if you’ve got to make a hotel booking, it might be worth checking Dosh to see if you can score something big.

The Deal

  • Get 40% cash back on some hotel bookings via the Dosh app
  • If you’re new to Dosh, feel free to sign up using one of our referral links. I’m not sure if there is still a bonus when you sign up, but in the past there has been a $5 bonus for each of us. YMMV.

Key Terms

  • Note: If you do not see the Hotels tab in your app, you may need to manually update your Dosh app in the Android or iOS app store. The beta is not open to all users, so YMMV.

Quick Thoughts

The email from Dosh that is going out to targeted users indicates that you may need to update the app to get the tab for hotel bookings. However, this is a YMMV deal — I updated the app and I still don’t see the hotels tab.

However, Stephen Pepper did have the hotels tab in his app. He looked up the Courtyard Farmington next week. Dosh had a rate of $198 per night:

That compared decently well to direct rates via Marriott.com.

However, the Dosh deal comes with $480.96 in cash back. That’s  $68.71 per night in cash back — more than enough to make up for the $6 up-charge for booking through Dosh. In this case, that’s only about 35% cash back based on the $198 rate being shown by Dosh, so it’s possible that there are larger cash back deals.

Keep in mind that booking through Dosh will likely count as any other 3rd party booking, so you likely will not get elite benefits / hotel  points / etc.

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I’m sure I already know the answer to this question, but is Dosh the same as any other 3rd Party in terms of hotel recognition of site status and whether or not you get credit for hotel rewards points and nights?


Aaaannnnd I just realized the last sentence in the post covers this. Sorry!

rick b

I just started using dosh last week, and sent a bug report that my app didn’t show hotel option. Their response is that’s it’s rolling out in about a week to everyone.

The real test will be if it has a wide selection and prices match what I can get off hotels.com or similar. I personally prefer the non-chain hotels anyway as they’re usually grossly overpriced compared to local options (especially abroad, in much of Asia for example).

rick b

This feature finally appeared on my app. So far, seems the majority of hotels, especially at the lower end, barely break 10% cashback, and I can do more than that with hotels.com A few very expensive ones go up to 20-25%+ but it’s rare. I’ll pop into the app occasionally as I travel but I suspect for efficiency seekers like myself won’t get much of a deal out of it. For me hotel is just a place to sleep so I go as cheap as possible that’s still comfortable and convenient.

rick b

This will take careful comparing to hotels.com and similar, and final prices. I’m sure plenty of hotels will try to game this if this is some new program booking platform dosh created just for cashback.