A work-around for Virgin Atlantic’s grayed out “Points” search


Here’s a solution to a problem that I expect relatively few readers will encounter or care about.  But those who have run into it have no doubt been extremely frustrated.  When using Virgin Atlantic’s website to search for partner awards (e.g. you want to use Virgin Atlantic miles to fly Delta, Air France, or KLM), it seems impossible to search certain routes.  The option to search for “Points” is grayed out and unclickable.  Fortunately, I found an easy work-around…

If the website only lets you choose to show the price in “Money” and not “Points,” the workaround is to temporarily change to a multi-city search, pick “Points” and then return to a one-way or round-trip search.

1) Enter your desired origin and destination

Go to VirginAtlantic.com, Click “Book”.  Enter the route you want to search and click “Advanced Search”.  If the option to show price in points is grayed out, then proceed to step 2.

This is an example of a route in which the Virgin Atlantic website won’t let you search for award flights. The option to show the price in points is grayed out.

2) Switch to Multi-City & Select “Points”

Once you switch from “One way” or “Round trip” to “Multi city” the option to select Points should now be available.  Select it.

The first step of the solution is to switch the search to “Multi city” and pick “Points”. You can now return to a one-way or round-trip search.

3) Return to “One way” or “Round trip” and search

After selecting “Points” in the Multi-City view, you can return to your intended search and “Points” should still be selected.

After selecting “Points” on the Multi city display, you can return to “One way” or “Round trip” and the system will retain the “Points” selection.

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I care on behalf of all the other people who don’t care!


I just started searching for something last week and was running into this. You’re probably right, not a lot of people care, but the few of us that do really appreciate the short article with the workaround! Thanks

x xy

Thanks! If trying to look for a Delta One itinerary, does “Upper Class” work?


Thank you so much, Greg. Apparently you read my comment. It is amazing that you found a solution to that!

John Ryan

The other thing that’s even easier is that you click the origin city, then click “full airport search” and then use control + f to find the airport your leaving from, and do the same for the destination, and then the points button won’t be greyed out.


Now, if only you can find a way for it to return results even when there is nothing available on that exact day…