Anbang withdraws bid. Frequent Miler to remain independent.


April Fools Joke Return to AnbangThis morning, Julian (AKA The Devil’s Advocate) revealed plans for Anbang Insurance Group Holding Company to take over Frequent Miler.  As a result of public outcry instigated by Julian’s post, Anbang has now withdrawn their offer.

Thanks JulianDue to your foolish post, I’m out half a gazillion dollars.

Frequent Miler will remain independent and unchanged.  We will no longer be referred to as “频繁的英里赛跑运动员” (but we might consider “朱利安很烂”).

Since Julian ruined this deal, he has been placed in time out for the next two weeks.  We will let him out when it is time to write the next “Bet You Didn’t Know” post.

April Fools Joke Julian to time out

Happy April 1 everybody.

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damn…i drank the Kool-Aid hehe


You guys could be comedy writers.

[…] Anbang withdraws bid. Frequent Miler to remain independent. – Everything is back to normal. […]

Janet Weiden

I was really excited about your becoming a gazillionaire. Then you might have been able to run for President. Oh well


Good riddance to the…, wait for it, Periodic Pointer….how in the world did he ever come up with that??

But what if Anbang…comes back?

Does this mean I don’t get to keep my cool nickname?