(EXPIRED) 2-for-1 Miraval offer & stacking with 25% back

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Update: Several readers have reported that the second guest is also free on the free night (I’ve updated the total costs below to reflect this). That makes this deal 20K per night cheaper. A couple with the World of Hyatt credit card could pay as few as 48,750 points for two nights with all meals included and a $175 credit per person. That’s a fantastic deal. Again, totals within the original post below have been updated accordingly.


World of Hyatt announced a terrific deal today for Miraval stays through the end of the year: Buy One Night, Get One Free for stays from July 15, 2020 through December 31, 2020 when you reserve over the phone with promo code WOH_Miraval_BOGO. Read on for two great ways to maximize this offer — whether you’re staying sooner or later.

a living room with a large glass door

Miraval properties & standard award rates

There are now three Miraval properties. As a reminder, these are high-end “wellness resorts” where stays include all meals, some activities, and ordinarily a $175 per night resort credit. Here are the three properties:

  • Miraval Arizona
  • Miraval Austin
  • Miraval Berkshires (just opened yesterday)

Miraval has its own separate award chart:

a blue and white rectangular sign

As you can see in the chart, the room rates are based on single occupancy. You pay another 20,000 points per night for the second guest (though the second guest also gets a $175 per night credit on normal stays).

BOGO deal

According to One Mile at a Time, the “free” night only applies to the room — so when you use this promotion, you’ll pay 45K for one night and get the room for free the next night. However, if you have a second guest, you’ll still pay 20,000 points for the second guest on the “free” nightUpdate: Several readers have confirmed that the second guest is also free on the second night.

With this promotion, the $175 per person credit only applies on the paid night — the free night does not get a credit for either party.

In other words, a 2-night stay for one person will cost 45,000 total points, whereas a 2-night stay for 2 guests will cost 45,000 points + 20,000 = 65,000 points. All meals are covered and each guest would get a $175 credit to use on massages or add-on activities, etc.

At a net cost of 65K for two nights for a couple, that’s still not cheap, but it’s a solid deal for properties that routine cost a lot of money.

Stacking with the current rebate offers

Hyatt promo summer 2020

This deal of course gets much better if you’re planning to stay by October 8th. That’s because of the current World of Hyatt promotion that offers a 15% rebate on award stays for all members or a 25% rebate on award stays for World of Hyatt credit card holders that are completed by that date.

If you have the credit card, a two-night stay for one person will cost a net of 33,750 points or a two-night stay for two people will cost a net of 48,750 points. At those rates, given the nature of these properties, it would be a fantastic deal.

Keep in mind the caps. The 25% rebate for cardholders is capped at 60K points back per stay and the 15% rebate for non-cardholders is capped at 30K points back per stay. If you’re planning a longer stay, you could easily run into the cap at a Miraval. You may be able to get around it with multiple reservations, but you run some risk of the front desk automatically merging the stays if they are back-to-back and in the same name.

But is anyone going to a Miraval right now?

Of course the issue here is whether it is realistic to travel to these properties at the moment and whether or not they will be as relaxing as they otherwise would be. Greg and I have talked about the new Berkshires property a number of times on our podcast: the Berkshires property is definitely within a drivable distance for me, but am I comfortable staying in a hotel right now and would I want the close contact of a massage in the current environment? For me, the answer is no. Just don’t tell my wife about this sale, because I’m not sure she’d come to the same conclusion :-).

Keep in mind travel restrictions and location. If you’re already in Texas or Arizona within a drivable distance of those properties, you certainly may be excited about these sales. If you’re coming from elsewhere in the country, you’ll have to monitor the situation and decide for yourself whether or not you are interested in traveling (keeping in mind restrictions you may face afterwards).

Massachusetts also has a mandatory self-isolation period I believe, though not for those in New England (nor those in New York or New Jersey at the moment I believe). I think I’d be able to get to that property if I wanted to, but it may not be a possibility for those coming from other states. You’ll have to monitor restrictions.

If you already have Hyatt points in your account and you think you can take advantage of one of these properties, you could snag an excellent deal. If you don’t yet have Hyatt points, I’d think twice about whether or not it’s worth transferring from Chase Ultimate Rewards. I say that from two standpoints:

  1. Keep in mind that given the ability to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points at grocery stores right now, the numbers above represent substantial amounts of cash (though obviously a lot less than paid rates)
  2. With such a fluid and constantly changing travel landscape even within the US, I’m not sure I’d want to lock myself into Hyatt points for a stay a month or two away given that I’m not sure what restrictions will exist then.

As someone who lives within a drivable distance of one of these properties, I might consider the transfer if I were booking for a time like next week, but I’d be more hesitant about transferring for a stay that is a month or more away (especially for a brand new property given that there is sometimes an adjustment period when properties are getting off the ground).

Bottom line

These Miraval deals can be outstanding for those who can take advantage. It’s a bit of a gamble at the moment as to how easy it will be to travel to these properties, but if you’re able to get there these are likely going to be tempting for many readers, especially those who can plan a stay by October 8th. Hyatt is certainly garnering some big press today with this on the heels of the ability to book premium suites online.

H/T: One Mile at a Time

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is this adults only?

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[…] Both promotions run until January 4th 2021.  Both promotions additionally overlap with the Miraval Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer, Hyatt’s Work from Hyatt (WFH) offer, and the targeted offer to earn 3X American Airlines […]


Just spoke with two agents at Berkshires who insisted that you have to pay with points for a minimum 3 night stay, and then you’d get an additional 3 nights free. So the shortest BOGO reservation you can possibly make is 6 nights for 195k points. Anybody else run into this?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yep, I spoke with them too. I was told that they got slammed with BOGO bookings and so they decided to limit it to longer stays. AFAIK, this is only at the Berkshires property. I think that the guy I talked with said that shorter stays would be allowed later in the fall.


So disappointing! This doesn’t kill the deal for Berkshires but does make it much less attractive- 195k points is hard to swing, even for 6 nights. And by the time they’re allowing shorter stays, the 25% back will be gone.


Berkshires is dead until late fall. Spoke to them this morning and they’re not allowing any points reservations at all until 10/25, regardless of BOGO. Indeed yesterday there were points reservations available on the site, called to book BOGO and they didn’t call me back until this morning. Now all points options are gone from WOH as well. Is Miraval exempt from the standard rate availability rule for points? They have base rooms available.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I just pulled up Sep 14-17 online with points. The trick seems to be to have at least 3 nights in the stay. Sep 14-16 doesn’t work. And, online, make sure to have only 1 adult in the search box.


Ah right, forgot to change to 1 adult. And now all the dates I want are still available. I asked for 4 days on the call just to see if they would insist on 6, which I’m willing to do. Never got to that point since they came back with no awards period until 10/25. Going to try again tomorrow.


Update. Decided I wanted to stay 6 nights regardless and called back this morning. Had no problem making the reservation, no restrictions were mentioned. I should note that the confirmation came from “Miraval Arizona” even though it’s booked at Berkshires so perhaps it depends on who answers. Last time I got a voice mail and someone from the property called back, this time I was able to wait on hold for an agent.


Where were you able to search and see points online? I’m immediately redirected to the Miraval site. Thanks.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Only Miraval Berkshires currently allows booking online and only if you have just 1 adult. If you add a second adult it won’t allow it.


Just arrived. Couldn’t pass this up. Thanks for the recommendation it’s an amazing deal and the food is fantastic. Beautiful property.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Which property? Arizona?


Birkshires! Food and service is amazing

Greg The Frequent Miler

Glad to hear it! Early reviews of the property were mostly negative because it was hard to get through to the people who made reservations for activities and meals. Has that gotten better?


We didn’t have a problem at all with meals. The activities desk might need another person to help with all the calls. The food and activities were spectacular. I suggest doing a hike, bike, kayak, yoga on the deck and the bee class. The Chef classes were great as well. Cardio drumming is a must. The spa service was incredible. I suggest the deep tissue with Baker. Staff is over the top friendly and I couldn’t say enough about the servers. Loved our 5 night stay.

Lynn M Jordan

I have been to the Arizona property (using my Hyatt 2 free nights from cc bonus) and loved it. Just booked the Berkshires property because I can drive for early October, just before the 25% rebate ends. As others mentioned, only 65,000 points for 2 nights were deducted. If things get worse (could they possibly????) I may cancel, but otherwise look forward to a cautious, socially distant, safe break.


I live down the road from the Berkshire property. I haven’t seen what they did since the Miraval makeover but it was a stunning property before. Our corona numbers have been holding pretty low here as most people are being respectfully cautious. It will be interesting to see if the leaf peepers show up this year, and if it will effect the numbers. I hope it works out for you.


Very sane analysis of deal and covid risks. Perhaps the people who don’t want to wear masks or socially distance would be most comfortable going. That could make it more risky for the rest of us. Add having to fly to them for us, will pass. Probably going to see even more deals farther into the future as our country keeps the virus going. Everyone stay safe for everyone.


Would definitely go back to the Austin one. Bogafit (yoga on a board in the pool) was awesome. Food is mediocre, but the bar had EH. Taylor Barrel Proof and they served at retail cost to me. Secondary market is like $1000 a bottle now.


Per Hyatt, the 25% back doesnt apply to Miraval stays do you have confirmation otherwise?


The promotion page on the Hyatt website itself specifically says these deals can be stacked.


Another DP to add to others: just booked the Miraval Berkshires for early Aug. Was charged only 65K for two persons, and will be getting the 25% rebate. Thus, the total cost for 2 nights, 2 people with the Hyatt credit card is 48,750, not 63,750. That’s quite an incredible deal, good enough to tempt me to transfer points:)

Last edited 3 years ago by Tami