Hyatt allows booking suites online with points!


book Hyatt suites online

Hyatt has long allowed booking standard suites with points, but only by calling or messaging with Hyatt.  More recently Hyatt expanded beyond just standard suites and added the ability to book premium suites with points.  In some cases, this can result in crazy high-end luxury at low cost.  See: Finding extreme luxury in Hyatt Premium Suites.  What’s new now is the ability to book Hyatt suite awards online.  Thanks goes to US Credit Card Guide for reporting this new feature.

When searching for hotels online, simply click the option to “view points” to see if any standard or premium suites are available.  Here, for example, is what I found when searching the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque:

book Hyatt suites online

As you can see above, it’s possible to book the presidential suite at the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque for only 10,000 points per night!

The all-inclusive Ventana Big Sur is so popular that it’s nearly impossible to find regular award nights, but suite nights are more readily available, especially next year (but you must search for 2 nights or longer).  I didn’t find any premium suite awards available online though.

Hyatt Suite online

Premium suite awards are available at two Park Hyatt hotels (New York and Mallorca) where Nick was previously upgraded to these suites:

Park Hyatt New York Premium Suite
Park Hyatt New York Premium Suite. Now available to book online for 60K points per night.
Park Hyatt Mallorca Park Suite Garden
Park Hyatt Mallorca Park Suite Garden. This enormous premium suite can now be booked online for 40K points per night.  Read Nick’s experience with this suite here.

Hyatt Award Prices

The downside of booking Hyatt suites online

One significant downside to the ability to book suite awards online is that they might not be as easy to find going forward.  In the past, suite awards were easy to find, even at very popular Hyatt hotels, because it was so difficult to find award availability.  Now, that is not the case, so I expect that many will fill up fast.

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Like many, my vacation plans are going to be road trips. I wish all major chains offer multi city booking online instead of separate bookings. Similar to airlines.


Does this allow you to add more guests to the reservation ? say 4 adults ?


ohhh noooo. bad news for those of us who’ve been booking suites on the down low…

Jo Vo

And less suites available for Globalist upgrades or suite awards 🙁


This has been possible for over a month now…


I booked Ventana 6.12 so musta just missed the online addition. I tried probably 20 different dates at that time, and no suites ever came up with point availability.

Andrew Clark

Thanks Jay for the incredibly not useful information.


Thank you SO MUCH, Greg! I was able to cancel my previous Ventana res in a standard room bumping up to Valentines Day and rebook in a standard suite to INCLUDE Valentines Day! Very glad Hyatt is offering this online ability and that you caught it.


Sweet (or should I say Suite?)!