Business Platinum gets $189 CLEAR credit too



This morning we learned that along with the new $695 fee, consumer Platinum cards gained a number of perks.  One of these perks is up to $189 in statement credits when paying for CLEAR.  It turns out that Business Platinum cards have gained this benefit too.

CLEAR is a service that uses your eyes or fingerprints to confirm your identity.  This is used at many airport and some stadiums to help you speed through security checks.  CLEAR isn’t yet available at all airports in the US, but thanks to partnerships with Delta and United, CLEAR is rapidly expanding.

At supported airports, CLEAR makes it possible to skip the sometimes very long ID check lines (just before security).  Instead, of waiting to show your ID, you can go to the CLEAR aisle (where available) and simply scan your eyes or fingerprints.

CLEAR’s public rate is $189 per year, but it’s very easy to get CLEAR for less.  For example, anyone with a Delta or United loyalty account can sign up for $119 per year.  Therefore, while this CLEAR credit is definitely useful for those who want CLEAR, it doesn’t make sense to value it at its full face value of $179Reader BB312 points out that a way to play this is to sign up one family member for $119 and then add another for $50.  You should then get your $169 reimbursed each year.

For more options for CLEAR membership rates, see: 5 ways to get CLEAR for less.

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Now I have too many Clear credits, lol.


Perfect, just in time before my 2nd year AF hits and subsequent cancellation


Following up on the discounted membership + family member question, are student accounts that only pay $50 a year (for 4 years) eligible to add “family members” for $50 each as well?


Do existing Biz Plat cardholders now gain this benefit or only new sign-ups?


I can see it on my existing account, it is listed under benefits


Great. Now the Clear line will be as long as Pre-check at LAX.
Time to fly my single- engine plane to Europe.
Does anyone know the landing conditions at Iqualit?


Same as @BB312. Using the Delta link and adding a spouse makes the total cost $169. Would both be covered with the “up to $179” credit by Amex?


Do we know if it’s good for one membership, up to $179, or can you get a discounted membership and a $50 second family member and have up to $179 credited?


when using the Delta link, the price comes right to $179 — 119 for primary, 60 for family member