New 125K + 15x Platinum live: Disappointing restrictions, monster bonus cap

Update: There is now a 125K + 15x offer available via Resy. See below for more details.

As has long been rumored, the annual fee on the American Express Platinum card increased today to $695. Along with the fee increase we have seen the addition of a number of new benefits, but they have turned out to be more disappointing than rumored. The card is probably still a win for many people, but the credits are more restrictive than we’d hoped. While the card now features a public offer worth 100K points after minimum purchases, that public offer comes with 10x when you Shop Small in the US and at restaurants worldwide on an even higher limit in purchases, which could mean up to 375,000 500,000 total points (update: the new Resy offer is even better!) for those who can max out the offer’s full potential (but those interested can still get the old 10x categories, perhaps for a limited time). Surprisingly, the 100K offer is also available on the Schwab and Morgan Stanley versions of the card, which marks the first time that I remember an elevated offer applying to those cards (and makes me feel silly for picking up the Schwab card just a couple of days too soon). Full details and information about alternatives in this post.

Platinum card

New Platinum card bonus: 125K + 15x, different categories & higher cap (updated)

Whereas you previously needed to use a special referral link to get the 100K + 10x offer, the public offer is now good for 100,000 points after spending $6K in the first 6 months — that’s an additional $1K in purchases over the previous offer — and the $695 annual fee is not waived in the first year. The new public offer includes a big bump in new categories: Earn 10x when you “Shop Small” in the US (presumably purchases at most small businesses) and at restaurants worldwide on up to $25K in purchases in the first 6 months.

However, once again there is an even better referral offer on some cards. Select Platinum cardholders can generate a referral link for 125,000 points after $6K in the first 6 months and the same bonus categories.

Update: The absolute best deal is via restaurant reservation website Resy, which is now offering 125,000 Membership Rewards points after minimum purchases as seen below and also 15x at restaurants worldwide and when you shop small in the US.  Note that the landing page for this offer says 15x on up to $25K spend in the eligible categories in the first 6 months, though somewhere in the application terms it says 15x on up to $6K spend. We are 99% sure that the second instance must be a typo since all of the other forms of this offer are good on up to $25K spend and the landing page includes that offer in large print. However, if you’re going to apply, we strongly recommend keeping screen shots just in case (which is always a best practice and and has saved me many headaches over the years). As has been the case since last year, we will keep our Best Offers page updated with this increased offer as long as it is available. See more bonus detail here (and click through to our dedicated card page for more information):

Card Offer
The Platinum Card® from American Express
150K Points
150K after $6K spend in 6 months. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)

$695 Annual Fee

Info about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.

Alternate offer: Resy Offer: 125K after $6K spend + 10x dining for 6 months on up to $25K spend

Recent better offer: 125K after $6K in the first 6 months + 15x when you Shop Small in the US and at restaurants worldwide on up to $25K in eligible purchases in the first 6 months [Expired 1/20/22]

That new spending bump could be massive for someone who spends a significant amount at small businesses as it brings the potential to earn as much as 250,000 points on top of the 125K welcome offer points. That’s incredible for someone who spends a lot at the right types of businesses. I assume that the Shop Small offer will work at most small businesses in the US, though it might be worth making a test purchase and waiting a few days to be sure before making big purchases. You could use the Shop Small Map, but I find that it isn’t always accurate or inclusive.

You can no longer get the old 10x categories

Update: While old referral links initially showed the old categories, those links are no longer active.

If you prefer the old 10x categories of the old offer, you’ll want to find a referral link that was generated before the offer changed. For example, we have an alternate offer on our Platinum Card page that comes with 100K points after $5K in purchases in the first 6 months plus 10x at US gas stations and US supermarkets on up to $15K in eligible purchases in the first 6 months. I don’t know how long those old links will work, so if you prefer the US gas station and US supermarkets as your 10x categories with the reduced $15K cap, you may want to make a move on that referral offer sooner rather than later. Note that the annual fee has increased to $695 even with those old referral links.

New Platinum card benefits disappointingly restrictive but still include airline credits

The new benefits are very close to what was rumored, but with some additional restrictions:

  • $200 Airline Fee Credit remains a benefit (many had speculated this would be discontinued, but it has not been). Note that this is a calendar year benefit.
  • $179 CLEAR credit: Up to $179 per year of CLEAR charges reimbursed. This is a calendar year benefit. [new benefit]
  • $300 Equinox credit: $25 per month. Can be used towards $39.99 monthly fee for Equinox+  fitness app (previously named Variis by Equinox) or toward monthly Equinox All Access, Destination, or E by Equinox membership fees. [new benefit]
  • $240 Entertainment credit: $20 per month.  Can only be used for one or more of the following: Peacock, Audible, SiriusXM and The New York Times. [new benefit]
  • $200 credit for prepaid hotel bookings with Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection only. This is a calendar year benefit. [new benefit]
  • $200 in Uber / Uber Eats Credits: $15 per month ($35 in December) of Uber Cash which is lost if not spent within the month. [continued benefit]
  • $100 in Saks Fifth Avenue Credits: Up to $50 in credits each year from January through June; and another $50 July through December. [continued benefit]
  • $100 Global Entry or $85 TSA-Precheck fee reimbursement: Get reimbursed once every 5 years. [continued benefit]

Truthfully, the new card comes with an amazing amount in annual credits if it’s all stuff that you would ordinarily use. However, I can’t help but think that the customer who would naturally pay for this exact suite of expenses every year is rare and I am personally disappointed by a few key details.

First, I am not interested in the Equinox credit. While it will be easy money for those who already subscribe, the monthly credit is neither enough to cover the monthly app subscription cost entirely (you’ll still pay $15 a month out of pocket to subscribe to the fitness app) and you otherwise need to live near Equinox gym locations and also be willing to pay $250 a month or more for a membership (minus $25 with this benefit). Again, if you’re already subscribing/a member, this is an easy win. Personally, I didn’t even bother syncing the offer when they ran this same deal as a 6-month Amex Offer last year. I find this to be a snoozer.

The Digital Entertainment credit turns out to be much more restrictive than I had imagined. I had expected that this would work broadly on your selection of digital entertainment apps, but it turns out that it is limited to just Peacock, Audible, SiriusXM and The New York Times. That’s a big bummer unless you happen to subscribe to a couple of those already. Peacock is five bucks a month and if I didn’t already find it compelling enough to drop a Lincoln on it monthly, I’m not particularly excited about getting it for five bucks less. Audible is eight bucks a month. SiruisXm costs either $5 or $8.25 per month for the first 12 months (then it’s more, though I’ve heard that you can get them to knock it down substantially by calling in each year). The New York Times is currently $4 a month for the first 12 months. So this credit would almost be enough to cover all four services for new users — but my perspective on Peacock is applicable to the rest. If I wasn’t already paying five or eight bucks a month for these things (and I’m not), I don’t find them particularly exciting. I am paying $14.99 a month for Spotify, so I would have liked to have gotten a credit for that. It’s frustrating that Amex made this one so narrow. Even if SiriusXM were all the same to me, I don’t want to re-build playlists and downloaded content somewhere else. Again, this will be great for those who were already subscribed but I suspect not very exciting for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, I imagine that many will also find the prepaid hotel credit disappointingly restrictive, though I’m still satisfied enough. This credit will only be valid on prepaid Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection bookings (The Hotel Collection is a set of hotels that offer enhanced benefits a notch below FHR with a minimum 2-night stay requirement). The bummer here is that not everyone books through one of these programs once a year. Unlike some, I typically do book through Fine Hotels & Resorts once or twice a year on average. However, I don’t like the prepaid requirement here: whereas I have found FHR bookings typically still qualify for hotel points, elite credit, and elite benefits when paid at the hotel, prepaid bookings are typically handled like any other 3rd party online travel agency booking, meaning no hotel elite credits or benefits. Saving $200 probably makes up for the hotel points you would have earned, but sacrificing nights toward elite status or other key elite benefits might not be appealing during those one or two times when I want to book an FHR stay. Personally, I find this annoying but not a deal-breaker. I’ll still probably book an FHR stay once or twice a year for one or two nights and let Amex pay for it. An added bonus: this is a calendar year benefit, meaning that it will be possible to take advantage of this one twice in the first calendar year before renewing. For those who recently opened the card with the previous $550 annual fee, using this benefit this year and sometime before renewal next year will make for a great deal.

The new CLEAR credit is great news for CLEAR fans and I am glad to see that service covered in its entirety, which makes it a terrific benefit for most travelers. I don’t think we’ve seen anyone but Amex offer a credit for CLEAR and I know that this service is popular with many travelers.

I am also glad to see the airline fee credits stick around. While some have found them frustratingly difficult to use, I am glad to keep them as a way to offset the expense of having a Platinum card.

Are these changes a net win or net loss?

I can concede that the changes probably make for a net win for some cardholders without considering the new increased offer (and the ability to earn up to 350K points with the welcome offer is downright monstrous). The value proposition gets close even for me despite my disappointment with some of the restrictions.

That’s because I don’t typically have any difficulty using the $200 in airline fee credits. The Uber credits aren’t useful for me at home, but as we have begun getting out more I’ve been able to use them (and they are more useful now that we have several Platinum / Gold card credits in the family to use each month since they can stack together in a single account), so I’ll get decent use out of that $200 in credits. As established above, we’ll surely find a situation every year where the $200 Fine Hotels & Resorts credit gets us a free night or two with breakfast and a $100 credit at the hotel, so it is very likely that we’ll use that up as well (and yes, I do occasionally find situations where $200 would cover two nights at an FHR property — it’s not common, but it can happen). We’ve come to enjoy the Saks credits and while we typically use them on something we wouldn’t have bought, we have actually been happy with what we’ve gotten — so while I don’t value that at face value, I don’t value it at zero either. We typically get some value out of other Platinum benefits each year whether that is rental car elite status, the Platinum concierge, purchase protection, etc. It’s far from a slam dunk — like shooting from the opposite base line far from a slam dunk — but we will could probably renew without feeling terrible about it (and all the better if we actually sign up for CLEAR). On the other hand, do you want to be searching for a reason to justify your $695 annual fee? That’s a steep price to pay with wishy-washy valuations.

Some people will obviously make out far better, particularly those who will find near-full value in the Equinox and Digital Entertainment benefits. Others will surely balk at the $695 fee and the bottom line is that it’s hard to argue with that reaction as it is a lot of money to spend for credits that you need to stretch out of your normal behavior zone to use.

Good news: Schwab and Morgan Stanley versions also increased, but…..

Platinum card

Surprisingly, both the Schwab and Morgan Stanley versions of the card are also seeing the new 100K + 10x offer. That is terrific news for those interested in those cards who held out hoping to see an increase with the new fee. I certainly feel disappointed to have opened the Schwab card within the past week only to see the offer increase by 67% without even accounting for the 10x categories. Ouch. I did chat with customer service to see if they would match and someone is going to investigate and get back to me, but I’m not very hopeful.

Still, if you are interested in these two co-branded Platinum cards, keep in mind that they are separate products from the vanilla Platinum and you can get the welcome bonus once on each of them. So if you aren’t eligible for the vanilla Platinum but still want to take advantage of the new offer, these are alternatives.

Update: As pointed out by Aaron in the commentsthe Schwab Platinum card has updated language that may restrict you from earning the bonus if you have had other versions of the Platinum card before. It has previously been possible to get the Schwab and Morgan Stanley versions even if you have or have had the vanilla Platinum, but this updated language with the Schwab offer indicates that this may no longer be true – at least for the Schwab flavor:

There is no such language appearing on the Morgan Stanley version yet at the time of writing this sentence. I recommend checking carefully and you may want to take screen shots of the language if you apply.

Note that you will need brokerage accounts with these institutions to apply for their version of the card, though it’s not too hard to gain access.

All of the other Platinum benefits noted above apply to these versions of the card as well as the new $695 annual fee. Click the card names here for more details:

Card Offer
Card Offer
The Platinum Card® from American Express Exclusively for Morgan Stanley
100K points
100K after $6K spend in first 6 months. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)

$695 Annual Fee

Info about this card has been collected independently by Frequent Miler. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy.

Recent better offer: 100K points + 10x when you Shop Small in the US & at restaurants worldwide [Expired 1/20/22]

Bottom line

It had long been rumored that the Platinum card would undergo some big changes this month and in the past few days we had gained a pretty good idea of what to expect. Unfortunately, some of the new Platinum card benefits are more restrictive than we would have hoped, but on the other hand it is good to see the airline credit stick around and many folks will find good value with more than $1300 in annual credits possible if you manage to use all of them. Most people probably won’t use all of them and I think many will find it hard to justify keeping the card long-term. Still, with what could be a monstrous welcome offer worth up to 350,000 total points and the increased offer also applying to the Morgan Stanley and Schwab versions of the card, there is plenty of good news still for those who waited to pick the card up at the new fee — and those who struck while the iron was hot and applied recently now pick up some additional benefits that make it an excellent value if you locked in the lower fee for a year before today’s increase. Ultimately, that crowd makes out pretty well if they can use the new credits even a bit.

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FYI, the 6 month period where you earn 10x or 15x is measured as 183 days from the application date. It’s not measured from the approval date or receipt of the card. In my case, I applied in January and my card took 18 days to arrive, but I learned from Amex those 18 days are just lost in terms of the promotion.


DP – I have a vanilla platinum (and previously had a biz platinum). I recently signed up for a new biz plat, no popup, approved, met the spend and received the points. I then signed up for the Blue Business Plus, after seeing the offer in the app, no popup, approved, still working on meeting the spend. I just signed up for the Schwab plat, no popup, approved, fingers crossed 🙂


A follow up to my previous post: I just received an email telling me that my new Schwab card had been delivered. Went to the front door and there was a large overnight envelope outside with my car inside. Clicked the link in the email to confirm receipt and after logging in to my Amex account, I discover that they’ve given me a Schwab appreciation bonus of $200. Did I miss this in the terms or do they just appreciate me more than others?


For anyone interested, it turns out that that bonus is based on the value of assets you have under management at Schwab. Nice little rebate and another reason I’ll keep this version going forward rather than my vanilla Platinum.


Just as a factual issue, my Equinox membership in DC is $160 a month. Not cheap but not $250 and not more expensive than a lot of other options to take classes that require you to pay by the class.


I think the website is letting you join all the clubs across the country but I don’t know anyone who’s doing that. However they have one of the lowest level computer systems I’ve ever seen. Nothing comes through as anything but Equinox. Which sometimes causes a bunch of issues for internal promotions. But I’d be shocked if they could figure out your membership type based on the charge given each club is a different amount. Someone will figure it out! It won’t be me. I have never had this card but I just can’t justify $695 when I’m still not traveling enough to spend the cash of MRs I have.


Don’t know your situation but cant imagine Uber Eats credits are hard to use… one meal a month free or close to free…. but agree on most of the rest.


Makes sense. I’m based in NYC but I get travel perks are always YMMV.

Jan W

Hi Nick. My local Uber Eats options are better than yours, but not by much! Is it possible for one order to apply multiple Amex credits (2 Plats, 2 Golds)? I thought I tried that before and it failed. Thanks!


The amex Uber credit is essentially just a type of Uber cash that gets used first by default. If you had $40/mo and placed an order > $40 it’d use the full credit. No need to do anything special other than link your cards by adding them as payment methods.


That said AFAIK cards need to be linked to an Uber account with the same name. If P1 & P2 you can’t combine credits.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’ve had no trouble adding P2 cards to my Uber account so that all of the credits are in one account.


This is exciting news! I’ll try linking my P1 & P2 cards to the same Uber account.

– any luck in your efforts to get AmEx to match your 60k schwab card to the newer offer?

[…] rumors were true, the new annual fee on the premium Platinum card is now up to $695! Catch up on all the latest with it in this post: New 125K + 10x Platinum live: Disappointing restric…. There are higher public offers too. Update: The changes and links and posts about the Platinum […]


Is there an ultra amex coming out?


Does anyone know if the CLEAR benefit will trigger if signing up through Delta SkyMiles at the $119 discounted price?


Thank you. I’ll probably give it a try and report back if I don’t see others posting about it first.


Nick, I applied and was approved for the Schwab version on the 30th. My terms had the old language, but I got the Amex popup. I’m cashing out a fair amount of MR, so I accepted anyway. Have you heard of anyone receiving a bonus after seeing the popup?

I hit things a bit harder in the past, but my last Amex was at the end of 2018 and I just dipped below 5/24 earlier this year. I do have recurring spend on at least one card with them monthly. I’m doubtful myself, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

B Minn

I was in the same situation when the rumors came out and went ahead. Shocknigly the bonus tracker showed up, I confirmed terms via chat, screenshoted, and went for it. Points awarded before statement close. YMMV of course. Very unexpected.


Delete this post

Last edited 11 months ago by Spike

Even though I opened this card two weeks ago with a 75k SUB, I’m not that mad about the 125k/100k SUBs being offered now; that’s just how the cookie crumbles some times. But that 15x multiplier on restaurants is insane. I asked the Amex chat if I could get that, and was shot down (unsurprisingly). I’m curious if anyone else can get it added on.

As to the rest of the changes, I’m not sure how to feel. CLEAR, Peacock, and NYT are all things I use anyway, so I guess it’s a push. We’ll see how I feel next year.

Captain Greg

For those of us who have multiple platinum cards but don’t plan on keeping them, I wonder if you can prepay for future years of CLEAR. Probably asking too much, but I might try exploring this.


Plats are now a joke – about 1% may get value from them now. Easy to finally cut the cord. Good riddance.


Ate existing cardholders getting the benefits?


Curious if anyone who signed up for Schwab version over the last few days will have any luck matching to the higher offer. Mixed thoughts elsewhere on internet regarding amex matching offers but obviously no data points on this specific issue yet. I will probably attempt it in a few days via a chat with amex, but at this point I will just consider myself lucky to get a bonus at all with the new restrictions on versions of the platinum. Any insight others have or data points would be useful. Will post my results when I attempt as well.


Any luck getting a match to the new schwab offer?


Anyone know how Cafe purchases at Equinox locations code ? I’m not a member, but they do sell food in the cafe at the gym entrance. Might be worth to to see if it triggers a credit.


FYI, Morgan Stanley CashPlus engagement bonus has increased to match. (

I’m disappointed in the changes and couldn’t justify the vanilla platinum, but can’t complain as a MS cardholder.


Cashplus fee has increased to $55 per month, but avoidance at $25k balance and $5k deposits has not changed.


Nobody ever mentions the cruise benefits. Is that continuing? Pre-pandemic we cruised 2-3 times a year so got about $1k per year value out of it.

Retired Gambler

Guess I lucked out on the entertainment credit. I have SiriusXM in 3 cars set up for monthly billing (no longer a material discount for multi-year commitment) so all I have to do is change billing to my Platinum card and $240 drops to my bottom line. More than makes up for increased AF

Jacob B

Nick, any sense of when existing personal Plat cardmembers will be rolled over to the higher AF? I’ve got my account anniversary coming up in late 2021 and I’m wondering which fee I’ll be asked to pay. Thanks!

Last edited 11 months ago by Jacob B
Jacob B

Sweet, thank you! Sounds like I’ll def keep for at least one more year given I get a final go-around w/ the $550 AF 🙂

Last edited 11 months ago by Jacob B
Ryan F

Nick – along those same lines, do these new benefits apply to CURRENT Platinum holders as well?

Ryan F

Good to know – doesn’t add much value for me personally, but better than a kick in the teeth (and was recently successful in getting an annual fee credit so I’m good for at least this year …. )

Thanks for the reply!


The 10X small business credit is downright cruel to small businesses. Amex is notorious for the high fees they charge businesses. I try to avoid using any Amex cards at small businesses. Not nice…especially after the drubbing small businesses went thru last year. Big thumbs down.


For the FHR/THC credit, how exactly do we know if the booking is prepaid or not?


There are a few parts of the FHR/THC benefit that are not clear:
1) Sounds like only THC is subject to the 2 nt min, not FHR.
“To receive the statement credits, an eligible Card Member must make a new booking using their eligible Platinum Card through American Express Travel on or after July 1st, 2021, that is prepaid (referred to as “Pay Now” on and the Amex App), for a qualifying stay at an available, participating Fine Hotels + Resorts or The Hotel Collection property. Bookings of The Hotel Collection require a minimum stay of two consecutive nights”

2) Not clear if you could use this benefit for each platinum card you have.
“No more than a total of $200 in statement credits for eligible hotel purchases will be applied across all Platinum Cards on the Account.”

3) Not clear if the booking has to be a min of $200 to qualify or if you would get a smaller credit for a cheaper booking. Also, if there are additional fees (resort, ect) charged at the hotel in addition to the prepaid amount, I would guess those would not qualify.


Those of us with multiple Platinums will need to plan out the rest of this year 🙂


How would the credit be handled if you made a prepaid FHR/THC booking, canceled and then later made a different FHR/THC booking. I assume when you cancel they will claw back the credit but if you make another booking will the credit still be available?


That’s what I mostly assumed, but I think that I’ve never come across an FHR/THC property that wasn’t prepaid in that case. If a property that I’m interested in staying at charges a resort fee to be paid at the property, I’m assuming that the booking itself would still be considered prepaid? And I suppose that this is a separate question entirely, but there’s no way to earn 5x on this resort fee, correct?


Hi Nick,

I’d just like to confirm with you that you CAN put your loyalty number in prepaid FHR bookings and receive credit, as I have done this in the past at Conrad properties with Hilton and have an upcoming prepaid trip with a Marriott property. I can send you screenshots privately to confirm


This did not work for me on a recent Kimpton stay; they said I couldn’t earn IHG points since I used the Amex FHR


I’ve never had any issue receiving credit for AmEx FHR bookings at Hyatt, Marriott and IHG hotels in the past. Maybe something changed?


sorry meant to respond to Nick regarding THR

Last edited 11 months ago by Andy

This card is just a hodge podge of fledgling businesses coming together to make a coupon book.

Ed C

I got my 1st Platinum card last year with the 100k SUB, 10X grocery and gas offer. Made good use of it up until now and have managed to accumulate 300,000+ MR points. These new benefits are of no use to me and with the increase in AF, I’ll be downgrading when my AF comes due. Going back to Chase.

Another Jeff

No mention of the best new benefit, private jet. smh That’s where it’s at


Call me an optimist, but I like these changes a lot. Amex just added over $900 in potential credits for an increase of $145 to the annual fee. They took nothing away. If you liked the Platinum Card before, chances are you’ll like it even more now. Each one of the new credits exceeds the increase in annual fee, so if you only use one in it’s entirety, you’re money ahead.

Retired Gambler

Agree completely- some just like to whine. IMHO they can drop the card and it would make the messages on here a lot better without their complaining. Member since 86 and not going anywhere



Wonder which “Small Businesses” sell gift cards? That’s a thought.

Or if a “Small Business” is a restaurant, do you get 20x?


Seems like thumbs down overall


To me that’s credits are for the mikes community rather then the average user. Amex Platinum markets the card to wealthy people. Do they really think wealthy people have time to keep track of these credit or is that the point?

Retired Gambler

@ssss the Platinum card is not marketed to “wealthy people” (although you and I may have different ideas of what is “wealthy”). It is a premium travel card.

The Centurion card (aka black card) is marketed to wealthy people

Just a Note

Though Clear is perhaps interesting, and there is certainly a privacy issue – namely handing that over to a private company (not sure if the government is any better, but whatever) – the larger issue is that there are significant gaps in coverage. I would hope it would get better, but just look at their map, and unless you are in certain areas, Clear just doesn’t fit the bill (much like Equinox). Still, if it’s free, it may be worth signing up, just in case.


The new credits are terrible and I say this as an Equinox member. A very small fraction of Equinox members actually have the All Access or Destination Access membership–it’s just not worth it.


The schwab offer terms have changed. It is no longer a separate product from the non-schwab plat for amex lifetime bonus eligibility purposes. So you aren’t eligible for the new 100k schwab offer if you’ve had any plat in AmEx’s “lifetime”.

Most people who applied for the schwab plat card this month before the offer terms changed are extremely lucky!

From the 100k schwab application page: “Welcome offer not available to applicants who have or have had this Card or previous versions of the Platinum Card. We may also consider the number of American Express Cards you have opened and closed as well as other factors in making a decision on your welcome offer eligibility.”

Last edited 11 months ago by Aaron

Wow I missed this. I tried to apply this morning and got the pop up so I figured I was in AMEX jail, but this is probably the reason.

Dave Hanson

Does this differ at all from the previous language?

It isn’t clear to me that this language excludes different versions of the Platinum card, just “previous versions” of “the [which could mean “the one described here”] Platinum Card.”


This is new language.

Captain Greg

Yes, someone on DoC reported this as well. It would be good to get confirmation from the FM staff, and a bummer if true. While we were expecting the AF and benefit changes to the platinum card, this is arguably the most impactful (and unexpected) change.


I didn’t get the popup when applying for the Schwab card just now even though I currently have the regular Platinum card. I do have a fraud alert on my account so I don’t get instant approvals though, so I’m not sure if that messes with how the popup works…. Also I applied for the old offer last night too, thinking if I just ignore the calls to approve it it’ll get denied and I can instead apply for the new offer if better…. Not sure what to do now though.


Is the CLEAR membership one for each account holder (like the PreCheck benefit it) or is it only for the main account holder?


Looks like I answered my own question in the terms: It’s one per account grouping.

“Purchases by both the Basic Card Member and any Additional Card Members on the Card Account are eligible for statement credits. However, the total amount of statement credits for eligible purchases will not exceed $179 on the Card Account per calendar year.”