(EXPIRED) Caesars Diamond members: Now get $50 UberEats credit or $100 Celebration dinner with 100 tier credits

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A reader recently pointed out that Caesars Diamond status appeared to have a new benefit option that some readers will find appealing: you now may get the choice between an annual $100 Celebration Dinner (on-property at a Caesars location) or a $50 UberEats credit, which is an option that I think many more readers would likely be able to use. However, there is a catch: terms indicate that the $50 UberEats option may only be available to those who have earned at least 100 Tier Credits. That can be done through the online sportsbook / casino in states where the sportsbook exists, but not without risk, so that option won’t appeal to everyone.

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The Deal

  • Caesars has added a new Diamond Celebration dinner option: if you have Diamond status and at least 100 tier credits, you can choose a $50 Uber Eats Gift Card in lieu of the on-property Celebration Dinner (note that this is half of the value of the on-property $100 Celebration Dinner)
  • No direct link, sent via email with subject line “[Name], Opt In To Receive A Feast!”

Key Terms

  • Benefit will begin 12:00AM local time on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, and end at 11:59PM local time on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.
  • Caesars Rewards members with Diamond or Seven Star Tier Status with at least 100 Tier Credits earned on the Caesars Sportsbook & Casino App during the Offer Period are eligible for the Benefit. If a qualifying Caesars Rewards member cumulatively earns the qualifying Tier Credits during the calendar year, they will have the option to choose a digital gift card for Uber Eats.
  • The value of the digital gift card is based on the Tier Status of the Participant ($50.00 for Diamond and $250.00 for Seven Stars) and will be in Uber Cash for use on orders with Uber Eats or rides with Uber (“Benefit”).
  • A Participant will receive only one (1) Offer based on their eligibility during the Benefit Period.
  • There are no order restrictions once a Participant is granted their digital gift card, however, the maximum credit for this Offer is $50.00 for Diamond members and $250.00 for Seven Stars members. Any amount beyond either $50.00 or $250.00 for the respective Tier members, will not be granted by Caesars nor Uber Eats, including fees, gratuity/tip, and/or tax.
  • Participant is responsible for any and all additional charges/balance.
  • Participants who met the Benefit requirements and opted in to receive the Uber Eats benefit will have their Uber Eats digital gift card code emailed to their Caesars Sportsbook registered email address within eight (8) days after Caesars Rewards processes the request and verifies the Participant’s eligibility.

Quick Thoughts

There was some amount of chatter earlier this year that Caesars was only offering the Diamond Celebration Dinner to members who had earned at least 100 Tier Credits.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is being enforced consistently. I matched back from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond in February. I went to Atlantic City in March of this year and at that point I did not have 100 tier credits earned via Caesars in 2023. I went to the desk to ask if they could check to see if my Diamond Celebration dinner was loaded to my account and they confirmed that it was even though I didn’t earn 100 tier credits this year (I did earn tier credits last year though). YMMV.

To be clear, Caesars has Rewards Credits (which can be used for comps at a rate of $0.01 per point) and Tier Credits (which are points used for qualifying for elite status). If you transfer points from Wyndham to Caesars, you get Rewards Credits, not Tier Credits.

You earn tier credits from gambling, paying for hotel stays, dining on-property, etc.

I have since earned more than 100 tier credits, which I am guessing is what eventually triggered this email about the Uber Eats option. I’ve earned my tier credits via the online sportsbook. The short story on tier credits via the sportsbook is that you earn 1 tier credit for every $5 in potential profit from your wagers (but up to a max of 2 tier credits per dollar wagered). In other words, let’s say that you bet $250 on a bet that had what would colloquially be called “2-to-1 odds….or +200 odds for sportsbettors). That wager would pay $500 in profit plus your $250 bet (for a total payout of $750). Take the $500 profit and divide by 5 and you would earn 100 Tier Credits.

Alternatively, if you bet $50 on something that pays 10-to-1 (+1000), you would also earn 500 tier credits ($500 in profit / 5 = 100 tier credits, which would be the maximum number of tier credits you could earn on a $50 bet). You could obviously alternatively earn tier credits over multiple smaller bets.

It obviously wouldn’t be worth it to place a bet just for the purposes of unlocking tier credits, I only explain because I know that some readers will be curious as to how one could earn the necessary tier credits.

You earn tier credits at a different rate in the casino and there have been some interesting recent promotions on that front. Listen to the most recent episodes of TravelZork’s ZorkCast podcast (number 133 and perhaps number 132) for information about why and how those who are interested in earning tier credits might want to keep an eye out for promotional offers. It was recently possible to earn enough tier credits for Caesars Diamond status in a single day with low theoretical loss and Michael Trager talks more about it in those episodes.

Another option is earning tier credits with a paid hotel room. If you’re going to Atlantic City for the matching shenanigans, you may be able to earn the necessary tier credits from your room rate.

Overall, I’m glad to see this new redemption benefit. Given the Hyatt Globalist fast track and the free nights I’ll be able to book thanks to the Atlantic City matches, I think that I’m actually going to make it to Las Vegas once or twice this year, so I imagine that my wife and I will use our Diamond Celebration Dinners at Caesars properties this year. We enjoyed a nice meal in Vegas a few years ago and look forward to something similar. But in future years we would probably jump on the Uber Eats credit if we’re able to pretty easily generate the necessary tier credits from home to qualify for the benefit.

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If you matched your Wyndham Rewards Diamond status to Caesars Diamond, the $100 dinner is automatically granted. The Wyndham Rewards Members match is a partnership so you can match your Wyndham Diamond status anytime from the status match page.

If you’ve matched your status from another casino like MGM, then you have to “earn your dinner.” This means you have to earn 100 tier credits before you unlock the benefit of your Diamond Celebration Dinner.


I have a question. I’ve got Diamond Status with 22,524 teir credit and 8,080 reward credits. A host stops by slots and says hello by name every trip as long as my card is put into the machine.What i want to know is…What are the tier credits good for? I get decent free slot play and was bumped up from 300 free play to 500 free play for May 2023. I also usally have cash for comp when i scan my card. But what are the tier credits good for? Is that free play?

Larry K

If you do it right, you can earn tier credits if you have the sportsbook by betting both sides of an event. Never do this on the same book, though — they do not like that. You bet one result on the book where you need credit, and you bet the other result on another book. The odds won’t match up perfectly so you’ll need to do some math and you’ll pay some vig to the house, but it might make sense if you are looking to get credits and don’t wish to gamble.

Dave Hanson

One way to handle the “not liking both sides” is to operate in 2-player mode. Your SO can bet one side, and you can do an offsetting bet on the other. Could be an easy way for you both to get sufficient tier credits.


Yes, I bet both sides all the times on 2 separate sportsbooks (ie. Caesars and MGM) when given free bonus bets. Guaranteed money! Can do same here to meet the 100 tier credits.

Dr. Moneybags

Hey Nick, I have 199 tier credits and Diamond status; is the UE gift card a targeted thing? Where would I look to find if I’m targeted?

Dr. Moneybags

Nevermind, I read more closely; no email for me yet.


Hi. At Caesars AC Saturday, I was unfriendly denied celebration dinner with Diamond status until i earn 100 tier credits. When I asked what that meant, rewards agent looked at me like I was an idiot for asking such a stupid question. I asked again and learned that I needed to gamble $500.


The same was told to me. You need 100 tier credits to get the celebration dinner.

Dave Hanson

I was just awarded the celebration dinner last month in Vegas without 100 tier credits. However, it had to be done manually by a rewards desk CSR, who seemed puzzled why it wasn’t there automatically.


How did you 3 earn Diamond? Thru Biz Earner credit card or thru the status match merry-go-round?