(Now 80K) Capital One Venture Card Improved Offer: 100,000 miles after $5k spend


Update 6/29/23: It appears as though this kiosk offer from Capital One is now “only” 80,000 miles. While that’s still 5K above the public 75,000 mile offer, it’s much less exciting.

Miles to Memories has published a link to a greatly increased welcome offer on the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. The number of bonus Capital One “miles” is an eye-popping 100,000 (25,000 better than the current offer) and it only requires $5,000 in purchases within the first three months (as opposed to $4k on the public offer).

This link comes from a QR code at airport kiosks and the terms state that the “offer can only be accessed through the Venture airport kiosk and is not available elsewhere.” So, if you use it, make sure to take screenshots of the offer screen (and make sure it shows 100,000 miles).

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The Offer

  • Earn 100,000 Capital One miles after spending $5,000 on a new Capital One Venture Rewards card within the first 3 months using the link below.
  • This link comes from a QR code at airport kiosks and the terms state that “this offer can only be accessed through the Venture airport kiosk and is not available elsewhere.” So, if you use the link, make sure to take screenshots of the offer screen (and make sure it shows 100,000 miles)
  • It might show you a quiz, but you can skip it. It doesn’t affect the offer.
  • You may get a location error when applying on a mobile device. Try desktop instead.

Direct Link to Offer (h/t: Miles to Memories)

Terms and Conditions

  • Credit approval required. Card and benefits not available for immediate use.
  • This tool may show you cards that have terms, features, and eligibility requirements that differ from the cards available on our site or in other offers.
  • This offer can only be accessed through the Venture airport kiosk and is not available elsewhere.
  • Quiz is for entertainment purposes only and responses do not impact the offer received.
  • Existing or previous account holders may not be eligible for this one-time bonus.
  • Offer subject to change. Bonus amounts and terms may differ in future visits to the kiosk.

Key Card Details and Current Public Offer

Card Offer and Details
75K Miles + up to $250 in statement credits ⓘ Affiliate
Limited-time offer: For a limited time, earn 75,000 Miles once you spend $4,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening, plus receive a one-time $250 Capital One Travel credit in your first cardholder year - that's equal to $1,000 in travel. Also, earn unlimited 2 miles per dollar on every purchase, every day.
$95 Annual Fee
Alternate Offer: Airport Kiosk offer of 80K miles after $4K spend in the first 3 months See this post for details.
FM Mini Review: This card earns 2 "miles" per dollar, which are worth exactly 1 cent each toward travel. This makes the return on spend similar to a 2% cash back card (though in this case you must redeem your miles to offset travel in order to get 1 cent per mile). One big advantage over cash back: Capital One allows transfering their "miles" to airline miles & hotel points. Click here for our complete card review
Earning rate: 2X miles everywhere ✦ 5X miles on hotels and rental cars booked via Capital One Travel
Base: 2X (2.9%)
Other: 5X (7.25%)
Card Info: Mastercard issued by CapOne. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Noteworthy perks: Receive up to $100 application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® ✦ Redeem miles for travel at value of 1 cent per mile ✦ Convert "miles" to airline miles & hotel points ✦ No foreign transaction fees

Quick Thoughts

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card makes for a unique one-card solution in that it offers the best of both worlds: earn 2x “miles” on all purchases and then redeem those “miles” for paid travel at a reasonable rate of return or transfer those “miles” to airline partners. While there are credit card combinations from other issuers that can offer greater returns, the Capital One Venture card likely appeals the most to those looking for one card to keep on hand for all purchases. In fact, the simplicity of being able to use one card to earn rewards and travel any time is why this card (along with its business twin: Spark Miles for Business) topped the list in our post answering the question: What is the best credit card?.

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Got denied for this card. Credit score was 790, but I have opened a few cards recently (Bilt and others). It just seems like a total crap shoot with Capital One.


Now we know their real bid is 100k, would anyone accept 80k? I’d sort of rather get the no-fee venture instead and hope 100k comes back in 6+ months.


Via QR code on my phone and by tweaking the URL on desktop, it now shows only 80k SUB. Anyone seeing the 100k offer still?


Supposedly inquiries don’t matter. But I think they do. Chase does an Experian inquiry for business cards and credit limit increase requests. I think many denials are based on volume of inquiries . Count how many inquiries there are. I’ve got several denial inquiries on my Experian list so I’m trying to hold off on anything to clear them off. I think I only have 2 new personal cards in last 2 years but denial from Citi. I figure no point in trying until the list clears somewhat.




Instant Approval. Over 800 Credit Score, 2/24, no previous Capital One card.


FYI, the link isn’t working for me anymore. I removed the “mobile” from the end of the URL and added on “/?location=msp-s1” and it worked again.


Got approved instantly and I also have the Venture X


Denied instantly. Anyone has experience dealing with C1 recon hotline? Any luck to get it approved after giving them a buzz?


This is what has worked for my wife and myself the last few times we applied for 2 Venture X’s and this Venture signup. Go to Capital One prequalification page and if their cards come up with a cash or point signup bonus especially the Venture, chances are good that you will be approved for this. If the secured cards come up or no signup bonus offers, I’d avoid. We both got cash or point signup offers when we did the prequalification page then both applied for the X and were approved 1 month apart. This time I got secured cards for my prequalification but my wife got signup bonus offers including the 75000 Venture offer. She applied and was approved for this higher offer. No guarantee it’ll work for you but it has worked so far for us. I won’t waste any more Capital One pulls unless I get cash or point signup offers through their prequalification site.


this *sounds* reasonable. we need more DPs. the tool isn’t showing any offers for me, but it is for P2/P3.


So do you go as far as filling out all your information (name, SSN, address, etc) and see what offers C1 has and if it shows you qualify for the Venture Card with the 75k offer, you close that browser (don’t apply) and then apply using the link above to get the 100k offer?

won’t “checking” to see if you’re eligible for the card/SUB by going through and putting in your personal information and then *not* applying through the C1 webpage make you ineligible? I know it doesn’t do a hardpull until you actually apply but I always thought “checking” to see if you qualify and then don’t apply hurts your chances.

Last edited 1 year ago by kayexalate

That’s what we have done. Not applying through the page won’t hurt your chances in our experience.


Instant denial for P2. +800 credit score. 4/24. No existing Cap1 cards for her. Tried 4-5 months ago for venture X for her and it was the same instant denial. Cap1 is a crapshoot. With no apparent rhyme/reason into approvals/denials, makes it questionable to take a hard pull with such an unknown.


Same. Instant denial. Excellent credit (800+), 30+ years credit history, no C1 cards currently. VX denied 6 months ago. 4/24. High income and low debt.

Mr. Seg

My wife has been denied too, very good credit and a few cards only

Mr. Seg

And she also has a checking with Capital One already


Datapoint: scanned QR code from Miles 2 Memories pic, instantly approved, received email confirmation immediately after submitting app with correct 100K terms/$5K spend. Already have Venture X card. Thank you FM for sharing this excellent deal!


Applied today using QR code and was instantly approved for 100k.


Instantly declined. Don’t hold either V or V+. >800 credit score, never denied a credit card before.