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New point values, getting good value from ThankYou, RIP easy Amex points, and more

This week at Frequent Miler, we launched new Reasonable Redemption Values to help you determine a baseline for the value of your points that helps you decide what to do both on the redemption...
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Aeroplan: a great program for lap infant award tickets [Sweet-spot spotlight]

Today's sweet-spot spotlight shines on Air Canada's Aeroplan for infant award tickets. That's because they offer an easy and reasonably-priced way to use either money or miles to add a lap infant to an award ticket (this is...
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Why I love Kiva for earning rewards and doing good

Yesterday, a friend named Ariana published a negative post about Kiva "Why I’m No Longer Using Kiva To Earn Points And Miles."  In that post, Ariana complained about the "farce" of Kiva's peer to...
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New Hyatt properties: a reminder of an old trick

Last week, I saw that Miles to Memories reported that a couple of new Hyatt hotels recently became available for booking -- and while your travel plans might not take you to either of...
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A big change to Frequent Miler’s point values.

Over the weekend, a friend showed me her wallet full of carefully labelled credit cards.  One card was labelled "gas", another "rental cars", and another "grocery".  She had applied these labels to remind her...
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Last Chance Deals: Fee-Free VGCs At Staples, Meijer Gift Card Deal, Increased Dosh Cashback...

Welcome to our weekly list of what’s ending this week as well as a collection of some other deals that are due to end soon. Although there are only five deals ending this week, there are...
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7 nights driving for Uber, the latest way to be #Bonvoyed, award search resource,...

In this Frequent Miler week in review, we have one of my favorite posts to read of 2019 (the Milenerd post described below), a terrific resource you should bookmark for your award search needs,...
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Getting targeted, the status match bandwagon, what to write about next and more…

This week at Frequent Miler, read about how you can get on the status match bandwagon, analysis of a sweet spot award and a not-so-sweet-spot offer, the first few weeks of the upcoming Daily...
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My take on everything new as of early May 2019

There are tons of things going on right now in the points & miles space.  In this post, I'll touch on each one to let you know my one-liner: Is it good or bad? ...
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Free hotel breakfast & dinner at Nordic Choice Clarion Collection [Sweet-spot spotlight]

  Tonight's sweet-spot spotlight is on the Choice Privileges hotel loyalty program. Specifically, the standout value in the Choice Privileges program comes from Clarion Collection hotels within the  Nordic Choice subset of Choice Privileges. This is...
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My hacked Hilton account has finally been restored

More than a month ago I reported: My Hilton account was hacked… Twice.  My account hadn't initially been hacked the traditional way.  That is, no one had hacked into my online account.  Instead, someone...
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How much spend justifies that 25% ThankYou bonus?

Citi is out with what looks like an interesting targeted offer: bundle select Citi credit cards with a Citi Priority Banking Package and get a 25% bonus on ThankYou points or cash back earned...
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What should we write next?

When planning our posts, we often just write about whatever is top of mind.  But we'd like your suggestions too.  Do you have ideas for blog posts that you'd like to read?  If so,...
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Best business card offers that don’t add to 5/24

In my opinion, Chase offers many of the best credit cards and the best signup offers.  They have a fantastic lineup of cards that earn Ultimate Rewards points.  Through these cards one can easily...

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