Chase Ink Business In-Branch Offers: 120,000 Ultimate Rewards points or $1,500


We’ve seen a number of reports over the past few days about increased offers that are available in-branch for the Chase Ink Business Unlimited and Ink Business Premier cards. The Business Unlimited is giving 120k Ultimate Rewards points (advertised as $1,200 cash back) after spending $6,000 within the first three months, while the Ink Business Premier has an offer for $1,500 cash back after $10,000 spend within the first 3 months. Note that, while both of these bonuses are awarded as Ultimate Rewards points, those that are earned via the Ink Business Premier cannot be combined with other Chase cards that allow for points transfers to partners. The points earned from the Ink Business Unlimited, on the other hand, can be combined with other cards.

We first got news of this earlier in the week from reader Kirsten via Instagram and now Doctor of Credit has published an internal Chase memo which shows the increased bonuses and their start date of 10/15. Our assumption is that this will be available at all Chase locations. However, as always with these in-branch offers, it can pay to call and confirm before going.

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The Offer and Key Card Details

  • There are in-branch offers available for the following two Chase business cards:
    • Ink Business Unlimited: Earn $1,200 cash back (120k Ultimate Rewards) after spending $6k within the first 3 months of account opening.
    • Ink Business Premier: Earn $1,500 cash back (150k Ultimate Rewards that are non-combinable) after spending $10k within the first 3 months of account opening.

Card details are below. Note that if you click the card names below, you’ll be taken to our card-specific page, which has the current public online offer information. These are NOT the 90K in-branch offer that will be starting soon.

Card Name w Details No Review (no offer)
No Annual Fee
Earning rate: 1.5X on all purchases ✦ 5X Lyft through through March 2025
Base: 1.5X (2.25%)
Other: 5X (7.5%)
Card Info: Visa Signature Business issued by Chase. This card imposes foreign transaction fees.
Card Name w Details No Review (no offer)
$195 Annual Fee
Earning rate: 2.5% cash back on purchases of $5,000 or more ✦ 5% back on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards ✦ 2% cash back on all other spend
Base: 2%
Other: 5%
Card Info: Visa Signature Business Charge Card issued by Chase. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Noteworthy perks: Purchase protections ✦ Cell phone protection (up to $1K per claim) ✦ Travel protections

Quick Thoughts

It’s worth emphasizing that the Ink Business Premier, although sharing the “Ink” moniker, is a very different product from the rest of the Ink cards. First off, it’s a charge card, not a credit card.  That means that there’s no explicit credit limit and that you must pay the bill in full each month.  This card is a reasonable choice for those with large business spend who are looking for a single business card with decent cash back rewards for all spend.  The card earns 2.5% cash back for purchases of $5K or more, and 2% back everywhere else.  Unfortunately, unlike other Chase Ink cards, you can’t move rewards to other cards in order to make them more valuable, nor can you product change it to an Ink credit card (since this is a charge card).  Think of this card as being exclusively good for cash back.

We see better in-branch offers for many Chase cards now and again — sometimes the online offer eventually increases as well, but not always. Both of these current in-branch offers would be the best that we’ve seen for each card.

Currently, referral links go to the 90K Business Unlimited offer. However, a household referral would add another 40,000 points to the total haul. So, if you’re in 2-player mode and have the Business Unlimited, a referral could actually be a better option than the in-branch offer.

Chase Application Tips

  • 5/24 Rule: You most likely will not get approved for a new card if you have opened 5 or more cards (with any bank) within the past 24 months. Most business cards do not count towards that five card total.
  • 24 Month Rule: If you’ve previously had a card before, you can only get a welcome offer on that card again if you no longer have the card AND if it has been more than 24 months since you last received a welcome offer for that card. This rule does not apply to the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards (see below). There can be exceptions with some business cards.
  • 48 Month Rule: If you’ve previously had either the Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve cards, you can get the welcome offer for another Sapphire card only if you no longer have either card AND if it has been more than 48 months since you last received a welcome offer for the card.
  • "Family" Rules: In addition to Sapphire cards' 48-month rule, Chase applies additional "family" rules to the Southwest cards. You're not eligible for the welcome offer on a personal Southwest card if you currently have one, or if you've received a welcome offer on any personal Southwest card within the last 24 months. This doesn't apply to business cards.
  • 2 per month Rule: Most applicants are limited to 2 new cards per month.
  • Marriott cards: Approval for any Marriott card is governed by a labyrinthine set of unintuitive rules. You can see the full eligibility chart here.
  • Card Limits: Chase doesn't have a strict limit on the amount of cards that you can have, but it does place limits on the total amount of credit that they will issue you across all cards. Because of this, reconsideration can sometimes be successful by moving credit from one existing card to the new card that you want.
  • Application Status: Call (888) 338-2586 to check your application status.
  • Reconsideration: If denied, call (888) 270-2127 for personal cards, or (800) 453-9719 for business cards, and ask for your application to be reconsidered.
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